Huawei goes strong despite U.S. ban

Huawei is, perhaps, the only company in the world which is facing a US ban because it's latest technology has made it impossible for the [US]Security and Intelligence agencies to breach into its security and network, thus, declaring it a threat to America's national security.
Much has been discussed about Huawei, world’s leading telecommunication company which has come under attack by President Donald Trump who has accused the company as a ‘security risk’ for American National Security. 
Trump, however, didn’t come up with solid proof against the company which claims it was impossible to breach its security.
Background information and off the record conversation with well-informed officials privy to the latest development revealed it was Huawei’s latest technology and modern equipment which has made it impossible for US security agencies to bug on institutions and individuals who are using Huawei’s technology, thus prompted President Trump to unleash a ban on it.
It is indeed first time in World’s history that a company was banned just because of developing and using latest technology which made it impossible for security agencies to bug on or breach into its network.
Usually, companies with least security or fragile technology are considered security risk. However, what makes Huawei’s case unique, is the fact its latest technology has made it impossible for anyone to breach into its networ/system thus insuring safety of network and data . This is what has irked the US security and intelligence agencies, thus, terming it security risk,” Washington based expert on cyber security told. 
According to experts, many of the massive data breaches in the news these days are first revealed to the victims by law enforcement, the Secret Service and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Billion dollars question is; how do the agencies figure it out before the companies know they have been breached? It is because they easily manage to breach into system.
However, Huawei has just made it impossible for them to breach its security.
Alarmed by the Trump administration’s move to impose ban on Huawei, US’s leading companies took to American courts for grant of license to do business with Huawei. The US courts granted 90 days temporary license which came as a relief for both Huawei and its US partners.
Huawei’s owner appreciated the companies and spoke highly of courts.
“First of all, 90 days doesn't mean much to us, and we have prepared. To us, the most important thing is to do our job well. What the US will do is out of our control. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the US companies that we work with. Over these 30 years, they have helped us to grow into what we are today. They have made many contributions to us. They have taught us how to get on the right track and run the company. As you know, most of the companies that provide consulting services to Huawei are based in the US, including dozens of companies like IBM and Accenture,” Ren Zhengfei, Huawei’s owner told media this week in an interview. 
Speaking highly of Huawei’s partners in the US, Ren said his company has been receiving support from a large number of US component and part manufacturers over all these years. 
In the face of the recent crisis, I can feel these companies' sense of justice and sympathy towards us. I received a call from Eric Xu (one of Huawei's rotating chairs) who revealed how hard our US suppliers had been working to prepare goods for us. I was in tears. As a Chinese saying goes, a just cause attracts much support, while an unjust one finds little. Today, some US companies are communicating with the US government about the approval", - Ren added. 
He informed the press that the US has added Huawei to the Entity List. That is to say if a US company wants to sell something to Huawei, it needs to obtain approval from the US government.
Many in Europe, the USA and Latin America, believe it’s all about Huawei vs. Apple, the US telecom giant which still lags behind Huawei when it comes to 5G spectrum.  
Research done by this correspondent revealed, In terms of network capacity, 5G is 20 times larger than 4G and 10,000 times larger than 2G. The power consumption per bit of our 5G base station is ten times lower than 4G, and the size is 70% smaller. Huawei’s 5G base station is very small indeed, about the same size as a briefcase. It's also light – about 20 kilograms. 
Huawei’s don't have to build a cell phone tower for 5G base stations, because they can be installed anywhere – on poles or walls. They can work for decades because they are made of anti-corrosion materials. This means its 5G equipment can be installed even in underground sewage systems. It is especially suitable for European markets, where there are many areas with historical buildings and it's impossible to build giant cell phone towers like those in China. 
With our 5G base stations, Huawei’s customers in Europe can reduce their engineering costs by 10,000 euros per site. They won't need to use cranes for installation, and they won't need to build cell phone towers. 
The bandwidth of 5G is very high – so high that it can support a huge amount of high-definition content and easily transmit 8K video. 5G will reduce costs like 100-fold. This means that ordinary people can watch high-definition TV programs, and they can learn a lot from these programs. 
Apple or other telecom giants need three to five years to reach at a stage where Huawei’ is right now. This is what has irked Trump administration,” Zahid Manzoor, Islamabad based security experts believes.
“Therefore, 5G will change our society for the better. Latency on 5G networks is extremely low, so 5G will be rapidly adopted in many industries for all sorts of purposes. It will transform the way we live,” he added.