Hybrid politics

How to defeat the aggression of liberal financial globalism

The liberal globalism is clinically dead. The west, the father of such hypocritical exploitation, has been given the life support. The recent European economic hardship and political chaos have opened up the killer wounds. Greek referendum on EU, Brexit, migration crisis, terrorism, rise of conservatives all are direct or indirect effect of such artificial identity practices. And that artificial identity is based on hypocritical western-secular-democratic ideology of exploitation. 

In the name of freedom and liberation, globalists are engaged into a perpetual war. People from the Middle East has been resisting it with her own blood from the very beginning of globalist's democracy aggression. Millions of ethnic Arab-muslims and other minor ethno-religious groups have been killed and numerous civilian infrastructures are destroyed by those freedom campaigners. The globalists are purposefully destroying the elegance of other civilizational practices to impose western exploitation techniques.

A civilization has its organic way of expressing its identity. It has a history of collective struggle against oddity as well. A civilization expands and shrinks like heart beat with the passages of time. To rule a particular civilization as an outsider, you must break the people's unity of that civilization with every possible ways. You must divide them by imposing new or old identities to foster clashes between the social groups.

Since the economic structural crisis of the world that appeared in 2008-2009, the West began to pave its ways of retreat from the center stage with an intention to control the whole world stage from a position behind the curtain.

The West introduced their so called Arab Spring.  The Arab spring was engineered and executed to form long lasting political divisions between various ideological groups in the Middle East. Those groups were armed and trained by the West and its Middle East allies to manufacture and export chaos throughout the Middle East and beyond. ISIL is one of them.

Divide and Rule is a historically efficient policy for a retreating empire. We saw it in Africa during its colonial and post-colonial period. We saw how Mongols retreated with that policy by installing Central Asian Muslims into China and brought Chinese into central Asia. Roman Empire in Europe divided Macedonia into four republics that were heavily restricted from relations with one another and other Hellenic states. British-French-Russia dealt The Sykes-Picot Agreement for the divisions of Middle East. We saw, British and French backed various Indian states in conflicts between each other, both as a means of undermining each other’s influence and consolidating their authority. Later the retreating British Empire divided the Indian peninsula into India and Pakistan based on religion and turned them into regional enemy.

The retreating capitalist globalism has updated the Divide and Rule doctrine into a policy of Chaos and Rule which is being executed from a safe distance. 

Since the world is more connected physically and through technological advancements, a power full economic system like the financial globalists can control and use regional and International clashes and disputes in favor of their interests. If the western liberal economic globalism can create disruption, chaos and divisions into far away civilization, the Anglo-Saxon hegemony led by those liberal globalists will be the sole beneficiary from every aspect for its long practice of imperialism.  More divisions into a society will bring more chaos into a region. A regional chaos will lead the regional leaders towards the dependency on the globalists. More dependency on financial globalism means more opportunity to exploit the world.  And very safely, an indirect but full control over a region will not bring any fruitful domestic rebellion against them. Since the head of state will not be bothered to show accountability to its citizens for it’s proxy actions, it will claim to its citizen that the Anglo-Saxon hegemony will remain as the master of the puppets. Therefore, the globalists appears successful in creating illusion of fake pride for Anglo-Saxon people. 

Hybrid politics 

We have been observing from the very beginning of the capitalist-globalist aggression that it is such a socio-economic revolutionary force that can be contained or barred temporarily by either communism or by nationalism or by  traditional conservatism. But neither of them is full proof concept. We saw communism could not sustain, nationalism was defeated during WW2. And we have been ovserving how the traditional conservatism has been fighting against the globalists in Ukraine, in the Middle-East, in South and South East Asia. Although, the traditional conservatism is highly compromised in those places since thr Anglo-Saxon capitalist globalism is very powerful in all aspects. 

Therefore, we must confront those globalist with a new-edge approach of 'Hybrid Politics'. As the world is ethnically, religiously, culturally, civilization-wise, ideologically divided, those divisions are being exploited by the globalists in the name of global unity, or a global identity.

Such superficial and artificial unified identity works as the eraser of ethnic,  religious, cultural, economic and political identities of a self-determining group so that the globalists can bind the world to follow their orders. In the present world, when there is an apparent conflict of interest appeared within the globalist system during the US election and as they are also engaged in a perpetual chaos world wide , the pragmatic leaderships of the opposing forces of globalism should seize the opportunity. All ethno-religious forces those believe in nationalism and conservative economic policy should be the allies of the globalist opposition. Ethnicity, religion, nationalism and conservative economy are four different forces which ideologically confront identity erasing liberal-capitalist-globalism. We must unified those positive forces of our society to confront the monster. We must remember that only ethnicity, religion, nationalism or conservative economic policy does not possess the necessary power to defeat the mighty globalism. Only an united approach can contain it. Iran is a good example of that.