The Ideological Platform of the Eurasian Movement


WHEREAS,  The entire historical record can be summed up as a giant geopolitical struggle and all major wars of international scope have always and forever been waged over conflicting geopolitical-cultural values – which is to say between telluric (land-based) powers and thalassocratic (sea-based) powers – and not over race, religion or creed, all of which have only served as “covers” or false fronts for the actual geopolitical/cultural goals of the combatants in order to effectively rouse the emotions of the docile masses and thus mobilize them for war; and

WHEREAS,  There are two main Civilizational rivals in this world: the land-based Eurasian countries (historically within the “great space” of the Russian Empire and former Soviet Union) and sea-based America (the undisputed champion of liberal Anglo-Saxon civilization); while the former represents everything which is Traditional and yet also Progressive, pre-modern and futurist, multipolar and just – the latter represents everything which is anti-Traditional, modern, Liberal, Capitalist, unipolar, exploitative, backward and decadent; and

WHEREAS,  Eurasianism fully endorses the concept of a multipolar world order composed of a diverse assortment of productive and self-sufficient regions which maintain their own unique ethno-cultural identities within their respective civilizational spheres of influence; and

WHEREAS,  Eurasianism is vehemently opposed to Liberalism and the perverted concept of a unipolar liberal world society composed of rootless individuals, i.e. the type of Globalist world society promoted by Atlanticist (Anglo-American) power elites; and

WHEREAS, We Eurasianists consider liberal unipolar Globalization to be the absolute worst evil and the greatest existential threat to every living person on the planet simply because the hyper-genocidal processes of Globalization deprive entire nations, peoples, and cultures of their inherent right to pursue their own traditional and unique ways of life independent of American control; in other words, we recognize Globalization to be a stealthy and highly specialized genocidal scheme which, unlike all other systems of genocide, deprives entire peoples of their true identities and thus cancels out – yes, exterminates! – the inherent ethno-cultural dignity of every precious and irreplaceable segment of humanity; Globalization is therefore an attack on true autonomy – since true autonomy can only exist within a multipolar context – and thus it is an affront to the collective dignity of all mankind; and

WHEREAS,  Eurasianism is an ideology not only for those peoples who have historically inhabited the Eurasian continent but for all the earth’s people because, in the most basic sense, Eurasianism is defined as a worldview which strives to create a multipolar world of maximum autonomy (not only politically and economically but also culturally, ethnically, spiritually, etc.) for all the many regions and civilizational spheres on the planet; therefore the fundamental Eurasianist mission in the 21st century is to destroy unipolar Atlanticist world hegemony and to coordinate and promote all the many forces which are opposed to the unipolar Atlanticist mission of Globalization – i.e. the total liberalization of the entire planet; and

WHEREAS,  In order to coordinate and promote the anti-Atlanticist forces the Eurasian Movement must work toward the creation of a Global Revolutionary Alliance of diverse individuals, groups, and states – i.e. an international coalition of political forces – which are nevertheless totally united in their conviction that American liberal hegemony (i.e. Atlanticism) is the greatest Evil in the world today; and

WHEREAS, We Eurasianists are Nationalists in so far as we believe in the Idea of self-determination for all peoples and races in the organic/collective ethno-cultural-historical sense – which views the individual as an organic part of the entire Civilization to which he/she is attached – as opposed to the inorganic liberal/individualistic concept of national self-determination via the “nation-state,” which does not take into account the Civilizational dimension to history and therefore considers nations and peoples to be nothing more than continually changing collections of disparate and totally atomized individuals; and

WHEREAS, We are not a National Bolshevik party, as National Bolshevism is an entirely different philosophy which developed out of twentieth century Third Position ideology along with similar strains of leftist nationalism (such as Strasserism); this is not to say that Eurasianism does not share certain beliefs in common with National Bolshevism, only that the two are not identical and that they have different origins; and

WHEREAS,  It is true that 20th century Eurasianist thought developed parallel to the Third Position and was indeed influenced by various Third Position strains, the spiritual origin or essence of Eurasianism is nevertheless much older – conceived as Idea in the remote past; born of the perennial geopolitical struggle between the telluric peoples of the steppes and northern forests on one side, and the peoples of the sea on the other side; and coming into full ethno-cultural maturity with the birth of the Russian Civilization itself (marked by the historical union between the peoples of the steppes and the northern forests); one half mythical, one half historical, Eurasianism is at least as old as the very first conflict arising between a telluric (land-based) power and a thalassocratic (sea-based) power; and

WHEREAS, We are not Hitlerites and furthermore it is impossible for true Russian Nationalists to be petty national chauvinists or Hitlerites simply because ours is a Eurasian Motherland and Civilization which has always been multinational, multicultural and multi-confessional; therefore, we celebrate the fact that the Red Army single-handedly defeated Hitler, thereby delivering the great Russian People from the twin evils of Hitlerian national chauvinism and Finance Capitalist Trotskyism (or, as the latter is now known, “Globalization”); we further acknowledge that both sides of this fundamentally anti-Eurasian Hegelian dialectic were – and continue to be –  backed by the same Atlanticist (Anglo-American) moneyed Power and thus, together, caused the greatest amount of deaths to befall a single people (i.e. Russians) at any time in the historical record; and

WHEREAS,  The neo-Eurasianist works of Aleksandr Dugin embody the entirety of our Eurasianist worldview, which is to say our ideology – one which is neither liberal nor conservative, neither left nor right, neither Fascist nor Communist; an ideology which is none of these things and yet all of these things; indeed, Eurasianism is an ideology which supersedes and transcends the political spectrum entirely; Eurasianism is the “Alpha,” having existed from the very beginning of humanity’s primordial past, and yet it is also the “Omega,” i.e. the Fourth Political Theory, a far better alternative to the first three political ideologies of the modern age (outlined thus): (1) Liberalism, which promotes the ideas of individual rights, minority rights, and the rule of money (and thus denies the collective worth of humanity on these bases), (2) Marxism, which makes sense of the world only in terms of class (and denies the inherent worth of all humanity on this basis alone), and (3) Fascism, which frames its argument only in terms of race or the nation (thus overtly denying the collective worth of humanity); needless to say, Eurasianism is based on a much more critical and indeed metaphysical approach to understanding the world; Eurasianism respects the whole of humanity and its diverse manifestations – a philosophy based above all else on the concept of deep identity or “people as existence” (in Heideggerian terminology), which can be summed up in the following word: Dasein; thus Eurasianism constitutes a spiritual, ethnic, cultural, political, social, historical, economic, ethical Weltanschauung which encompasses every aspect of human existence and which, alongside Russian Orthodoxy (the natural heir to Rodnovery), illuminates the entirety (i.e. both halves) of the Russian/Eurasian soul – a soul which is at the same time masculine-solar-traditionalist and feminine-lunar-communistic; and

WHEREAS,   We acknowledge the fact that the second and third political theories (Marxism and Fascism) are dead ideologies and have been dead for many decades – that they were killed not only politically or on the battlefield but also in the minds of all intelligent, rational human beings simply because both Marxism and Fascism are equally incapable of solving the complex and multifaceted problems affecting people’s lives in both the modern and postmodern eras; and

WHEREAS,   We acknowledge the fact that Liberalism (or the first political theory) is today the last remaining modernist ideology of international consequence – the sole vanquisher of the second and third theories – and that, via its aggressive tendency toward the political, economic and cultural homogenization of all human societies, Liberalism constitutes the greatest threat to the ethno-cultural survival of all the earth’s people; and

WHEREAS,   We acknowledge the additional fact that Liberalism is an inorganic philosophy totally out of touch with Nature and the natural order of things – an ideology totally obsessed with three primary inorganic/anti-traditional principles: (1) the rights of the individual, (2) the protection of the minority from the majority to the point where the minority becomes a favored ruling class overriding the collective interests of the majority (i.e. the total antithesis of true democracy), and (3) capitalist exploitation of all the earth’s resources and peoples to the point of global destruction; and

WHEREAS,   The Russian/Eurasian Civilization constitutes the strongest bastion of traditionalism in today’s world, as the world’s premier Anti-Atlantica or Anti-America, and is therefore the greatest countermeasure to offset the unipolar world hegemony of the liberal Atlanticist power; and  

WHEREAS,   We believe that the Russian People have, collectively, played a unique and positive role throughout history as the cultural-historical-military Vanguard of the great Eurasian Civilization, whose borders roughly correspond to those of the former Russian Empire and USSR; as competent students of history and politics we understand that only the Russian People have been able to defend the many diverse peoples of Eurasia from their gravest external threats; only the Russian People have been virile enough to liberate all Eurasians from the countless genocidal schemes of both East and West – of both the telluric (land-based) powers and the thalassocratic (sea-based) powers, of non-Aryan and Aryan national chauvinists alike; thus we seek to foster and augment the dominant role of Russia in world affairs by any means possible; and

WHEREAS,  History has deliberately been falsified through the centuries by Western liberal elites in order to falsely associate the Russian People and their Civilization with abject barbarism and brutality – when in reality it is the so-called Western (i.e. Romano-Germanic) Civilization which has consistently displayed these negative attributes throughout history, from the time of the Crusades through the colonial era of genocide and mass enslavement, to the time of the two world wars conducted in the name of liberal nationalism, and finally to our own postmodern era of Western imposed neocolonialism and endless warfare all in the name of “Globalization”; and

WHEREAS,  Eurasianism supports the Traditional concept of cyclical history as elucidated by the great scholar Nikolai Danilevsky (1822-1885) – that there is an organic, rhythmical cycle to the Cosmos (i.e. Time and Space) – and therefore fundamentally disagrees with the linear Western concept of time; and

WHEREAS,  An entire generation of Russian scholars from a wide variety of disciplines are now finding the truth pertaining to the earliest origins of the Russian People – particularly that the Russian People share an arctic/polar Hyperborean origin, or what could rightly be considered a primordial Eurasian (i.e. “Uranian”) origin, dating far back beyond the founding of the first Aryan city on Russian soil (Arkaim) in approximately 2000 BC; in fact, a number of scholars have even posited that the Great Russian People predate the ancient Aryans, and that it is from the ancient Russians that all other Aryan (i.e. Indo-European) ethno-cultural-linguistic groups are derived; it is therefore a complete absurdity to believe (as chauvinistic Western historians do) that the ancient Slavic peoples suddenly and spontaneously emerged from eastern European bogs sometime after the fall of the Western Roman Empire; and

WHEREAS,  The West and the East have differing cultural values in so far as they are both removed from the original Russian-Hyperborean-Eurasian (non-dipolar) root culture; and

WHEREAS,  It is the West which is willfully more distant from the Eurasian Traditionalist center, having totally rebelled against its very origin – and so it is the West which is experiencing the greatest amount of socio-cultural decadence in today’s world; and

WHEREAS,  A direct result of the West’s total rebellion against the Eurasian Traditionalist center is the unbridled racism and capitalist exploitation which the West has exhibited for at least the past few hundred years – from the start of its sea-based colonial exploitation of non-Europeans to its ongoing exploitation of non-European immigrants; and 

WHEREAS,  The long march of history, from our earliest Hyperborean roots to the present day, confirms that it is only the Russian People who possess the spiritual and cultural purity, hence the collective virility required to produce a future binding Eurasian State and supra-national Union for those who have traditionally comprised the peoples of Eurasia – a State which will always have their best collective interests in mind; and

WHEREAS,  The official name of this supra-national Union shall forever be: the Eurasian Union, or simply “Eurasia”; and

WHEREAS,  The capital city of Eurasia shall forever be: Moscow; and

WHEREAS,  The official language of communication among all union member states shall forever be: Russian; all other Eurasian languages will be provided official minority status; and

WHEREAS,  The right of citizenship shall be reserved only for those who the Central Committee of the Eurasian Movement officially determines to be historical members of the great Eurasian Civilization; in other words, only members of traditionally recognized Eurasian ethno-cultural groupings can rightly be considered members of the great Eurasian Civilization, and only those of the Eurasian Civilization can become citizens of the state; and

WHEREAS,  The future Eurasian State will be founded – and eternally directed by the Central Committee of the Eurasian Movement – on the following ideological principles or “Six Pillars” fundamental to the protection and expansion of Eurasian interests as a whole: (1) Ethnic Preservation, (2) Patriarchy (i.e. Socio-Cultural Traditionalism), (3) Cultural Preservation, (4) Geopolitical High Politics, (5) Ecological Conservation, (6) Integralist Economics; and

WHEREAS,  The Six Pillars of Eurasian statehood are formulated on the federal level in order to protect and preserve the supranational integrity of the Eurasian Union; they are NOT devised to interfere in the lives of the diverse ethnic, cultural and social groups inhabiting the civilizational sphere or “great space” of Eurasia; and

WHEREAS,  The overwhelming majority of all domestic decisions will be conducted locally on a district or regional level via a flourishing system of Demotia, i.e. localized organic autonomies which will decide their own internal affairs with regard to civil and administrative law, the judicial system, cultural affairs, education, local economics, local politics, etc., etc.; and

WHEREAS, We acknowledge the fact that race/ethnicity is a biological reality and not a “social construct” as the liberals and Trotskyites so often claim; we believe that all ethnic and cultural groupings are unique and on this planet for a reason (divine or otherwise); we further believe that all ethnic and cultural groupings are worthy of being preserved, and so we neither advocate nor believe in the alleged superiority or inferiority of any human population; and

WHEREAS, We are opposed to any form of eugenics either state sponsored or initiated by the private sector; whether it disguises itself as “transhumanism” or biological engineering or genetic enhancement, etc. – it is all the same thing: the deliberate maniacal quest to institute a global cult of technology in order to destroy the human species as we know it; and

WHEREAS,  Patriarchy is the only natural structure of authority for the Eurasian Civilization and the traditional heterosexual family unit is the natural foundation of Eurasian society reflecting the higher laws of Nature and based upon the sacrosanct union (i.e. marriage) which binds together a man and a woman (husband and wife) both spiritually and physically; and so we fully understand that without a patriarchal underpinning to human civilization there could be no such things as culture, politics, social organization, or civilization in general; and

WHEREAS,  The ideology of Eurasianism is Traditional in the socio-cultural sense and Progressive in the collective economic sense; we Eurasianists therefore despise Atlanticist-derived liberalism and finance capitalism; while liberalism homogenizes all peoples and cultures to fit an American anti-Traditional mold (politically, culturally and socially), finance capitalism, centered around the parasitical stock market, does just as much damage via economic exploitation; and

WHEREAS,  We are an environmentally conscious Movement dedicated to the ecological well-being of the earth and its people, therefore we support the further development and implementation of renewable “green” energy sources; the future expansion of Eurasian territory must be based on environmentally sound policies, while taking into account all possible ethno-cultural considerations as well; and   

WHEREAS, We are a People’s Movement in that we fully support the rights of workers all over the world and advocate on their behalf against the decadent and exploitative forces of Atlanticist-derived International Finance and Globalization; and

WHEREAS, We are a Movement which believes that an economy must form the basis of a society’s foundation (and not the capstone) if its people are to be happy and prosperous; we therefore promote an Integralist economic philosophy which is neither fanatically socialist nor capitalist but rather a class-cooperative Traditionalist approach which combines the best attributes of both systems and supports the view that each society’s economy should accurately reflect its unique cultural, social and economic traditions; therefore Integralism views all of the socio-economic classes from the standpoint of a unified organic (i.e. integral) whole – each just as important as the rest – and is thus totally at odds with exploitation Capitalism (which only values Big Business) and class-warfare Marxism (which only values the international proletariat); and

WHEREAS,  All industries, resources and utilities vital to the general health and welfare of the Eurasian people shall be nationalized immediately upon the founding of the Eurasian State; and

WHEREAS,  The Eurasian State shall oppose and eternally ban any kind of stock market system and all forms of Finance Capitalism (i.e. economic parasitism) from developing within the borders of the Eurasian Union; therefore be it

RESOLVED,  That the Eurasian Movement is hereby formed to bring hell to the existing Atlanticist world order by openly promoting all of the ideas specified in this Platform of revolutionary-traditionalist thought.