Idols of Our Times


Facebook recently gave me a daily lesson in freedom of speech, probably to let me think about, among others what values are the demonstrators fighting for in Belarus and what are currently the only religion, philosophy, ideology and the current style of thinking (?) in the West. . And in fact, freed from the idle scrolling of the portal, which is like a refrigerator (you check it every 5 minutes, although you know that there was nothing interesting there) - I was able to make a quick overview of news from different sources. All of them, unfortunately, making up a continuous series of progress of the Progressivity

Polit- Correctness

Moreover, it is funny that the excuse for the ban was a text from six years ago, in which I described the famous in Poland story of two teenagers who escaped from a Polish home, falling in love with older men of refugee origin they had met in Germany. A particularly outrageous part of that case was the behaviour of the girls' school management. When the girls' friends asked for help from teachers before their escape, arguing that they were afraid of kidnapping and human trafficking, they were threatened with penalties for "racism" and "hate speech" expressed in this way.

That story ended relatively well (the girls were found), but already when I was describing it, it could be argued that the blame for it lies primarily on the side of the political correctness, paralyzing the education system, language, education, media, and politics. And here, after 6 years, the said Polit- Correctness remembered once again about itself and pointing fact, that Western freedom of speech means only the obligation to write only what is allowed and ideologically right (that means – liberally… left). This is the West that is trying to chase these stupid Belarusian youth ... Can they understand it at all? Probably not, 30 years ago we did not understand either.


Could we, for example, understand then that the recently re-enchanting scene from "Life of Brian" ("I want you to call me Loretta!”) was a prophecy? Could we have imagined an interesting role change awaiting us? At the time of their creation, films, sketches, jokes such as the Monty Pythons’ ones - were considered to undermine the existing, relatively conservative order and values, and thus allied to the forces of progress, willing at the time to use slogans of freedom of speech, freedom of artistic expression, opposition to censorship, etc. Years later, however, the situation was reversed. That is the forces of progress that have implemented censorship and purify the sphere of culture, consciousness, language - as well as ... sense of humour - on a scale that no one who once was shocked by the Python’s jokes has never dreamed of.

And not only them. Similarly iconoclastic (but more blunt) "Little Britain" has already been removed from Netflix and other platforms, mainly for "ethnic jokes", and its creators quickly shown repentance, among others especially for the plot of Daffyd - The Only Gay in the Village. There are beaten not only productions that at the time of their creation were considered "rather theirs" (because, as we all know, only the right wing and the conservatives have no sense of humour or distance to each other!), but also those completely innocent. Recently also... "Friends" have been recognized as sexist, in addition burdened with the gravest sin - jokes about genderism (in the figure of Chandler's father). Well, as it turns out in our times – the laugh is now the reactionary privilege… 

Of course, however - the escalation of civilization and ethical threats could and should have been expected, and even rightly warned against them 40 or 30 years ago. But…, well, that is it. The same progressive forces that today so zealously implement the new order - once unanimously ridiculed and distracted societies from the warnings clearly showing the path of the already ongoing degeneration of humanity. Already a few decades ago it was quite clear, for example, that as a result of the discussion, and then the acceptance and affirmation of homosexuality - there would be no widening of the scope of the sexual norm (as at some stage supposedly postulated), but the questioning of the EXISTENCE of any norms. And so it happened, and therefore, exactly as it was originally warned, the barrier to classifying, and therefore possibly excluding, some sexual behaviours has been removed. Accepting one deviation really turned out to be accepting ALL deviations, with GENDRISM as the current idol of this wave of progress.

And there is no way to question this, because the progressive-liberal system not only blocks the possibility of polemics and articulating a dissenting opinion but has smoothly moved to the position of the dominant ideology, which is not even allowed to joke about.


And that is a pity, because while it gets scarier and scarier, it also makes it funnier. British Marks and Spencer (a retailer by no means considered particularly ... racist) was forced to apologize, forced by a media campaign initiated by an outraged client, Mr. Kusi Kimani (from East Sussex, this is a popular English surname there). Mrs. Kimani discovered that while bras in lighter shades of brown sold in M&S have nice names with descriptions, such as "caramel" or "fudge" - dark brown is already called "tobacco", which is associated, as it is known, with "death and loss of health ", actively insulting people with a colour similar to the said brassiere.

M&S eventually capitulated and apologized for its lack of consideration and racial sensitivity. The bra will now probably be called "chocolate". Well, in the current atmosphere, underwear sellers should be glad that Mr. Kasim's ancestors were working on a tobacco plantation, not cotton one, otherwise their warehouses could be completely destroyed in the range of the ANTI-“RACISM”…


The grotesque breaks into other, otherwise tragic events. Here are three people in Scotland who died because of a case of a train. That means having a coexisting train crash near a city Stoneheaven. Quite by the way, it is actually impossible to understand why in this situation rail traffic was not banned at all? Or at least no Red Zone was introduced on the all railroad tracks... Well, somehow, surprisingly, no one had figured it out yet - but it turned out that it was not like that, an accident of a train, whose track had slipped after a violent downpour. - It was a derailment caused by the global climate crisis! - announced the local climate minister. In fact, it is an unbelievable climate change that it rains in Scotland... However, ECOLOGISM / CLIMATISM is another idol of our times and subsequent news must honour him, sacrificing completely innocent victims.


And finally, something probably the most up-to-date, the most common and with a meaning that goes far beyond the "minor inconveniences of everyday life", to which the absurd restrictions of COVIDIANISM are posed. Let’s think for a moment why the protests against the imposition of this bizarre psychosis are so weak, why is there such a high degree of acceptance for a phenomenon that is difficult to describe in terms other than collective paranoia? Sure, the dominant reason is fear. But most of all, Western societies today find themselves in the position of a slow-cooked frog.

Processes that have now rapidly accelerated have been prepared and dosed for decades. Since we have got used to the fact that, for example, we are not allowed to drive what we want under no less imaginary pretext or that white children cannot wear Indian plumes (because this is "cultural appropriation"), since we have been successfully trained on both Polit-Correctness and Climatism - in fact, all that remains is to lock us up and incapacitate us, using "pandemics" to accomplish the ideological and (as it turns out) civilization evolution of modernity.

Briefly: if a Negro cannot be called a Negro, but a man must be called a woman, if we are not allowed to choose what car we want to drive or what kind of light bulb to use - why are we surprised when someone regulates what we have on our faces and when we are allowed to go out from houses?

Polit-Correctness. Tolerancionism. Anti-‘Racism”. Genderism. Ecologism with Climatism. And at last COVIDianism. . This is the face of Baal today, a modern type of golden calf. Woe to those who do not worship idols. Doom to those who do.