The Importance of Language


The task that confronts thinking today is, in a way, unprecedented. An entirely new mode of thought is now called for. This new thinking is easier than conventional philosophy, but harder too, because it demands more careful use of language.

Martin Heidegger

When Martin Heidegger said that, it was the mid of XX century. In that period of time, the process of devaluation of language had been already started. He knew that, saw that coming, he warned. The process of replacing language by visual and audio representation was on the halfway and with the aim to overtake total control over human perception and communication by random images and attacking sounds – whether pleasant or not. Film industry centre, Hollywood, was the main tool in devaluation of language. It was also meant to train perception to divide senses and mind. Dismantling of human in humans had been started. Heidegger was put aside as Nazi – but in reality, Nazis were in power (and still are) and Heidegger was not a Nazi. What is revealed today shows that Nazis and Zionists labelled everyone Nazi who did not mould in in their shapes. Heidegger saw through them: 

The notion of language as an instrument of information urges nowadays to the extreme.

Following The Wiseman's insights, it may be observed: half a century after this Heidegger's precise presentation of what was going on with language, the Western world lives in the age of abandoning  logic, common sense, social contracts, dissolving of language based communication by devaluing its main basic connections and thinking-language human agency. The parallel developments go along; every devaluation is based on destruction of human's trustful sources in achieving any kind of knowledge, skills, crafts. Ethical and moral values vanished. Heidegger was right, again: 

The relation of human beings to language is undergoing transformation, the consequence of which we are not yet ready to face. The ongoing of this process can not be stopped by direct intervention. Besides, it is going on in the profoundest silence.

Today, there can be no philosophy without ethical background, rooted in the precise use of language, precisely defined categories and concepts, terms and principles of Being-toward-World – in accordance and correspondence with The Being. Unfortunately, English language is not so good for precise translation from German, especially of Heidegger's developed and very sophisticated philosophical terminology; English is good only for computer codes and Niggers' rapping. 

Analytical philosophy and formal logic (rooted more in English than in German language) have started the destruction of modern Western languages and they will not calm down. Their aim was to turn language into the binary code and to ease the computerization of the Western hemisphere and, why not, the entire world. This was supposed to form universal and scientifically comprehensible basis for the development of artificial intelligence. Even literature, poetry, arts, crafts, joined that path of sickness.

Scientific labs became heavens for self-centred, larpourlartistic scientific approach - and they claim they are not religious! What a scam – their religion is science and its achievements, which in reality do not have anything to do with spiritual. Science helped the banalization of spiritual. The scientists task was to develop and take part in scientific progress, benchmarked during the French Enlightenment and First Industrial Revolution in the UK. They were asking themselves, wanted to solve so-called scientific problems and dilemmas. But, the problem were not those “heavens” which scientists created and which were growing in front of their eyes – the problems were in the “heavens” of those providing scientists the conditions to create “heavens”. As time was passing by, the scientists asked less and less questions and only received commands what to develop. It was not a rare case that those money-men, providing scientists with the research institutes and labs, misinformed scientists on what they were working on. The only important was that scientists do not ask: Why? When? What for? Is it going to harm nature? Is it going to kill people?… But, as the institutes and the labs were fully equipped, the scientists and Western academia in general, abandoned ethical perspective of the things, abandoned spiritual values and abandoned humanity in general. Their were in their “heavens” it that was all which they were interested in.

The deception was made and complete by using the term “humanism” which should serve to show that whatever they do is human. But it was not, it is not and it will never be. Scientists gave their silent consent and the new era of colonialism was ready to begin: by advanced sciences (which every human on the Earth should start to be afraid of), by administration and bureaucracy (which no one should understand), by pop culture (which everyone should embrace), etc. The massive, but still constrained social metamorphoses have begun. 

The language was a tool to rename the basic concepts and phenomena – that made language a propaganda tool. It is commonly accepted that propaganda is connected to some kind of politics, but that kind of propaganda is only a consequence of a much deeper and much more destructive propaganda in society. That is why the language was the first victim and that is why the language is the main tool and servant of globalists' concept of 'post-humanity'. At the same time, pop culture and its strong visual culture aims toward total destruction of concepts, languages and aims to relativize language and destroy the natural human connection between thinking and expressing the thoughts through language. 

After billions of millions in various currencies, invested in measurable scientific development, the scientific absurdity reaches new levels. While science tends to decompose natural connections in one sense, it also tends to 'understand', 'research' and 'look through' some other natural, or let's say spiritual aspects of life where it wants to apply its measurements, instruments, talons, symbols. According to the various scientific sources, science heads up to: find God's particle in CERN, using colliders (which when active, endanger the entire Alps region); science want to investigate human consciousness, but mostly by moulding it first and placing it in its heavenly labs, where there is no any advancement or scientific and meaningful and not destructive breakthrough. Science wants to know what is the weight of human soul. 

It is only about the needs of Globalists' military industrial complex and its accompanying entities and organizations. It should not be forgotten that small packages of food, sold today everywhere, come from military labs. The small packages of pasteurized food was first made for the soldiers in the battle fields. And, that is general direction of scientific heavens in the Western world. It all starts in military-industrial complex labs, where scientists are nothing more than executers of certain plans of killing machineries. Which means they lack ethical perspective and moral discourse. And therefore, they lack humanity. The production of individuals who will be deprived from humanity is underway. Military-industrial complex and its scientific pawns realized that it is much cheaper to corrupt and dissolve human minds than to produce artificial humans. The hijacking of natural processes is underway, as well. The scientific heavens of mentally deranged people who control the world by deadly weapons, produced in the very same scientific heavens, is going against every and all reasonable human agency. The main goal of that sick system is to make walls between humans and to deprive them of direct communication – that is an easy way to corrupt the minds and to rule over them. 

There is an aim to produce total confusion in human minds, to destroy every human value and to turn people against each other – on the personal, family, social, national, international level. Divide and conquer in every cell of every society and on entire planet. The technology of producing chaos in human minds started with division between senses and mind, thinking and language. That induced schizophrenia brought us the present Western world, which hijacked the entire planet with its narrow-mindedness and sickness, which made people going to kill each other without any reason, but because of imposed and false reasons. 

Thinking is a hostage of propaganda and perception is hostage of falsehood and language. But the Wise man, Martin Heidegger, warned us and told us half a century ago – not so long ago to be so easily forgotten:

The task which is given to the Thinking nowadays, as I understand it, is new in the sense that it requires completely new method of thinking and this method can only be used in the direct dialogue between man and man, and can only be attained through a long exercise, as one might say 'seeing in thinking'. That means: this way of thinking can be performed, for present only by a few, but can be then mediated through the different educational spheres, communicated to others.

If anyone had any doubts in the accuracy of Heidegger's bright mind, timeless insights about humans, prophecies on thinking, science, religion… - maybe it is time to question one's doubts and redirect them to more meaningful doubts, like what it means “international community”, what it means to support killers who speak nicely, what it means to finance destruction of nations, while being “philanthropist”, what it means to mourn the victims of Paris, London, Brussels terror attack, but not those in Teheran, Aleppo, St. Petersburg, Benghazi, Mosul, Kabul? What does it mean to be human these days, with human mind? Is it possible to convert own thoughts into meaningful language expressions without noise and impediments from outside?