India An Opportunist Country

The Economic Times reported that India is seeking to lure U.S. businesses, including medical devices giant Abbott Laboratories, to relocate from China as President Donald Trump's administration steps up efforts to blame Beijing for its role in the coronavirus pandemic. Trump's move to blame China for its handling of the Covid-19 outbreak, which has killed more than a quarter-million people worldwide, is expected to worsen global trade ties as companies and governments move resources out of the world's second-largest economy to diversify supply chains. Japan has earmarked $2.2 billion to help shift factories from its neighbor, while European Union members plan to cut dependence on Chinese suppliers.

An Opportunist Country

India is always trying to avail of the opportunities in its own interest, while the whole world is struggling to survive from the outbreak of COVID-19, India is exploring opportunities. India always used the crisis as an opportunity. The Sino-US tensions gained momentum and predicted an adverse to come yet. To hide own failure to address the outbreak, the US administration is blaming China, whereas China was the first victim of the outbreak and suffered the loss of 3000 plus human lives and huge economic losses.  The US is building a narrative against China and convincing its allies to support him.
When the US launched a trade war against China, India was tried to attract more trade from America as well as from China but failed due to a lack of capacity. India cannot fulfill the trade demands of the US or China. 
India was a close ally with the former USSR during the cold war era, and getting technical, economic, political, and diplomatic support from the USSR. India availed the cold war in its benefits.  India was the biggest beneficiary of USSR assistance for almost 4 decades. But after the disintegration of the USSR in 1991, when Russia was fighting for its own survival, India turned its face. And struggled to establish close relations with the US. 
As a result of changing geopolitics, India attracted the US administration for a close alliance. India is getting hi-tech advanced technology, including lethal and sophisticated weapons and technologies from the US. The US extended trade concessions, market access, and economic assistance to India. On political front and diplomatic support, India was supported out of the way. India has become the largest beneficiary of US-aid and support, after Israel only.
Civil War and instability in Afghanistan are exploited by India to use against Pakistan for infiltration and terrorist activities. Arab-Iran differences were also exploited by India and were taping Arab-world as well as Iran separately and simultaneously. India has a track record of exploiting disputes or conflicts in other countries to its benefits. 
However, the fascist and extremist policies opted by PM Modi has damaged India a lot. The Economy is almost collapsed. The hate and terror promoted by the Modi Government have resulted in anarchy and violence in society. There is no environment for commercial activities in India. In fact, India is facing a civil war and insurgencies in the length and breadth of the country. 
Economic data of India witnessed a decline of foreign investment, the inflow of foreigners, and closure of Industry, out-flow of capital, and out-flow of qualified human resources. Foreign investors and multinational companies are shutting down their operations in India and leaving the country. Insecurity and deteriorated las and order situation have forced the halt of economic activities. Under this scenario, it is not possible to shift any new Industry into India. 

Comparison with China

Whereas, China has defeated the outbreak, and has resumed its normal life and routine activities. The industry has been opened and commercial activities gained full momentum. China is a stable country, with the best records of law and order situation. The Chinese economy has recovered almost and economic-data indicates an optimistic landscape. 
China has an abundance of raw material and a quality workforce, to support Industry. Foreign Investors entered into China to maximize their profits by availing a favorable environment, competitive labor, and cheaper raw materials. China has the highest purchasing capacity in the world, and the whole world has kept its eyes on the huge Chinese market. Investors are least bothered with politics and care for their profits only. While India cannot provide them equal opportunities and may not succeed in attracting them. The Indian dream may not turn true.