India is a Threat to World Peace

There was a time in history when India was a Secular State. But today India is in the hands of extremists and terrorists. RSS is an ideology, which wants to turn India into a Hindu Extremist State. Unfortunately, the current Government is backed by RSS and in a majority, they can change the Constitution of India. 
History of extremism goes back to the 1920s, when there was a freedom movement against the colonialization. At the same time, Hindu extremists organized a political movement to turn India as a Hindu State. They were divided and working in isolation under various platforms. But they were not in the majority and were not so organized to have any significant impact on society, till the 1980s and 1990s.
Hindu extremist’s brainwashed the common people through education. They started to preach this ideology in Schools, Colleges, and Universities. Then they started to use Media to brainwash of masses. Gradually, they got organized and established roots in society. Then they were involved in politics. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has provided a collective platform for all extremist parties. As a result, extremists entered into power. But they were not in an absolute majority to change the constitution of India till this year’s elections.
As a result of this year’s June Elections, BJP secured Majority and this has given a chance to extremists to complete their long-awaited dream of Hindu State. Just after wing the Election, Prime Minister Modi changed his tone and language. From his behavior and action, his mentality was reflected as extremist and terrorist. Although, he was having a track record of terrorism, as he was involved in state-sponsored riots against Muslims in Gujrat in Gujrat in 2002 when Modi was Chief Minister of state of Gujrat. Based on his alleged involvement in terrorism, he was refused the US Visa and banned to travel to most European countries. But, as a result of elections, he was encouraged to take big steps toward extremists.
Hindu extremists are against all non-Hindus and believe that all Christians, Muslims, and other minorities either convert into Hinduism or leaver India go back to the Arab World or Western World. They were equally harming Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, and other Minorities. Even, they suppress low-caste Hindus (untouchables).
The recent provocation of the constitution and accession of Kashmir is due to their majority in the Parliament, where they can modify the legislations, and they have exercised this power practically. If there is no check at this stage, what will be next, one can imagine, the evil intention of these extremists.
Indian action in Kashmir is condemned worldwide and there are widespread protests in almost all big cities of the world. Most of the countries took a stand against the Indian unilateral move and stands with the people of Kashmir. United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has recognized Kashmir as a disputed territory and emphasized to resolve this issue as pert the UN resolution. UN has asked India to respect the UN charter. European Parliament, British Parliament, and world powers have rejected the Indian narrative on Kashmir. 12 Members of the Security Council are favoring an open debate on this issue and rejected the Indian claim over Kashmir. All 5 permanent members of the Security Council agreed to debate this issue and disagree with the Indian narrative of Kashmir as an internal Affair of India. 
There is a realization in the world that India is not in the safe hands, but has been hijacked into the hands of terrorists and extremists. Many of close ally with India has left India alone and are thinking seriously. Most of them are quite worried about the future of India and their relations with India. 
In fact, Indian extremists are a severe threat to World Peace. It must be handled delicately and tackled smartly. Pakistan stands with the UN, the International Community, and all peace-loving nations and individuals to face the challenges of Indian extremism. Pakistan has been a victim of terrorism and extremist due to the situation in Afghanistan for almost 4 decades and understands the danger of such threats. Pakistan is a peace-loving nation and a responsible state. Pakistan understands the social and global responsibility. The visionary leadership of Pakistan will stand with any initiative to suppress extremist in any form and any part of the world. Pakistan is willing to play its role along with the International Community to Fight against Terrorism and Extremism.