India is using Rape as a weapon in Kashmir

Rape is being used by the Indian Army as a weapon in Occupied Kashmir. As a state policy, the Army is encouraged, facilitated and protected in rape cases. Generally speaking, Indians are dark-skinned people, but Kashmiris are fair-skinned, one of the most beautiful races and Indians as an inferiority complex, may exploit this situation to full-fill their dreams. 
“A BJP MLA from Uttar Pradesh’s Vikram Saini stated that party workers were excited over the scrapping of Article 370 as it would now enable them to marry ‘Gori’ (fair) Kashmiri girls. He explained the benefits of the government’s move to end Jammu and Kashmir’s special status. He said bachelors in BJP were now welcome to go to Kashmir, buy plots of land and get married. He further clarified “Now anyone can get married to a Kashmiri girl without any issue.”
“Home Minister Amit Shah announced that Article 370, which granted special status to the state, would be revoked. To summarize, Jammu and Kashmir will no longer have a separate flag; Indians from around the country will now be able to buy property and land and marry with Kashmiri girl and permanently settle in J&K. We aren't kidding, Google trends have proof. Searching for Kashmir on Google will show that an increasing number of Indians have been searching for "Kashmir girl pic" in the past twenty-four hours. And Kerala seems to be topping the list. In case you don't believe, google yourself.”
“Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said people were claiming that Kashmiri women can be brought to the state for marriage now that Jammu and Kashmir’s special status was revoked. “We have brought so many schemes, like ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’,” Khattar said at an event in Fatehabad. He was speaking about the success of the campaign. “You know Haryana is infamous for its bad sex ratio and female foeticide, but we started a campaign that brought our sex ratio up from 850 to 933. This is a big work of social change.”
Rape may happen in any part of the world including the developed world, but the state takes action to prevent such crimes and punishes the raper and compensate the victim. But what is the difference in India that it is state policy and structured plan to use rape as a weapon to humiliate and torture Kashmiris. 
Indian Army kidnapped the girls young as the age of 7 years only and raped. India has a track record of raping women and even they do not spare foreign tourists. The worst thing is that the state not only sympathizes with the victims, contrarily protects the criminal raper. Human Rights organizations, International Amnesty, Women Rights organization, UN and European Union, and civilized world and civilized individuals must take serious notice of such severe state-sponsored crimes. Only condemnation may not serve the purpose, it needs to charge them with war-crimes and must be trialed at the International court of justice. Exemplary punishment must be awarded to avoid such crimes in the future. 
Kashmir is a Muslim majority region with its population up to 87% as Muslims. Muslims have their own culture, traditions, and values. Generally speaking, Muslims are rather conservatives’ and sex is not free and so open. Indian Army understands it very well and deliberately humiliate, torture and de-grade Muslims. 
Indian accession is not accepted by any civilized nation or individual, as it is a disputed territory as per the UN. India has violated the UN Charter and all civic norms of the civilized world. India has challenged the UN rule and challenged the whole world. Let the whole world come forward to pressurize India to restore the status of Kashmir and implement the resolution of the UN for the plebiscite, pending for 7 decades. It is time for actions and implementations. Pakistan will stand with any country or nation who so ever will struggle to implement the UN resolution. 
Pakistan is a peace-loving nation and respect humanity. Pakistan understands its social and global responsibilities and keeps on playing a pivotal role in maintaining peace and stability in the region. Pakistan may keep its moral and diplomatic support until the Kashmir issue is resolved according to UN charter.