Indian Brutalities in IOK and along LOC – Use of Cluster Bombs

This world is full of dark certainties and unfortunately human beings have suffered great miseries during the course of time whenever they were found submissive and suppressed. Even in the modern era of today the situation has not changed much. The most militarized zone in Asia, which is Kashmir, has witnessed the worst brutalities at the hands of Indian Army; those atrocities range from trivial to major crimes and no human right abuse are left to be done in Indian occupied Kashmir. 
Region of South Asia is very ill-starred because of the presence of two great volatile nuclear powers, Pakistan and India. These countries have been indulged in three main conventional wars because of which the overall region has got enormous adverse effects on peace making process and off course several precious lives were lost as well. These two countries are having much strained relations since the beginning of this year because of Pulwama attack in Indian administrated Kashmir. 
Currently, Indian government has issued and asked the tourist and Pilgrims to leave the J&K immediately due to the security threats.
Amarnath Yathara has been called off due to the possible threat of terror attack. Also, Indian government is sending large number of troops around 35000 in IOK, which is astonishing. These ambiguous and vague actions by Indian government have been concerned by the country’s opposition as well.
India, which declares itself the envoy of peace, has gone across all the limits of being inhumane and ruthless in IOK and along LOC. Keeping in view that the use of pellet guns and cluster bombs is against the Geneva Convention and International Humanitarian law; the country is still blatantly, not only doing these heinous crimes but also putting blame – as always – on Pakistan, that the country is sending infiltrators to IOK. This claim is extremely irresponsible and without any solid base and it has been clearly denied by the Pakistan Army. 
Indian Army used cluster ammunition along LOC purposely targeting Civilian population. This is violation of Geneva Convention and international humanitarian law. Indian Army on night 30th / 31st July targeted innocent citizens including women and children in Neelum Valley through Artillery using cluster ammunition. The attack left two civilians, including a 4-year-old boy, dead and 11 others were critically injured. (National Courier)
Modi led government in India wants to take full control of IOK which would resultantly increase their purpose oriented advantages from IOK. Indian Army has ignited this new issue to probably divert the international community's attention from crucial issues such as Afghan peace process which has been negotiated and rightly identified by President Trump of USA. This violent attitude in such a sensitive situation reveals plans of BJP to abrogate article 35-A of the Indian constitution also which gives powers to the state legislature to define permanent residents of the state and their privileges.
Article 370 has recently been scrapped off by a presidential order in India which is against the will of Kashmiri people. Subsequently, it can be concluded that the Modi government in India will never allow any internal or international body to intervene and resolve Kashmir issue because of its own interests.
It is the need of time that the international community and UN ought to arbitrate in the issue and charge India heavily for causing numerous lives to be lost and also for violating Geneva Convention. If this would have been done earlier, the situation in IOK would never turn out to be this much disastrous. The custom of India to portray Pakistan wrong cannot conceal its own pitiless and merciless attitude towards the citizens of IOK. India will play hard to divert the attention of international community from the actual Kashmir issue towards terrorism. But this umbrella of delusion can no longer work because its purpose is evident from the abrogation of article 370 of the Indian constitution which will serve lethal to the Kashmiri people.