Indian role in US-Iran tension

India was the beneficiary of Iran’s concessional oil and attractive market. As Iran was facing more isolation, India was getting closer to Iran and was enjoying the best out of this opportunity. India heavily dependent on Iranian oil and strengthening its political influence as well. 
India and Iran have close relations in many areas, despite India not welcoming the 1979 Revolution. There are significant trade ties, particularly in crude oil imports into India and diesel exports to Iran. On the political front, in spite of the fact, Iran is a Muslim state and first door neighbor of Pakistan, Iran frequently objected to Pakistan's attempts to draft anti-India resolutions at international organizations such as the OIC and the Human Rights Commission. Although the geographical location of Iran is out of the bond of SARC, yet India tried to Iran's inclusion as an observer state in the SAARC regional organization.
In an attempt to strengthen Indian culture and understanding, a growing number of Iranian students are enrolled at universities in India has been witnessed. There are approximately 40,000 Iranians visiting India for various purposes. The clerical government in Tehran sees itself as a leader of Shiites worldwide including India. Indian inhabitants a huge population of Shiites, who enjoy state support such as a recognized national holiday for Muharram. Lucknow continues to be a major center of Shiite culture and Persian study in the subcontinent. The Parsi community in India is very influential, which comes from Iran long ago.
Iran-India found a convergence of interests in Afghanistan, In the 1990s, India and Iran supported the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan against the Taliban regime. They continue to collaborate in supporting the broad-based anti-Taliban government led by Ashraf Ghani and backed by the United States. India-Iran signed a defense cooperation agreement in December 2002.
The leadership of both countries pay a mutual visit on a regular basis and strengthen ties. 
Iran's trade with India exceeded US$13 billion in 2007, an 80% increase in trade volume within a year. In third-party countries such as UAE, this figure reaches $30 billion. As Iran is facing isolation and sanctions, India kept on enhancing its economic activities, directly or indirectly.
India is engaged inside Iran in the development of Roads and Railway Network as well as Chahbahar Port. A highway between Zaranj and Delaram (Zaranj-Delaram Highway) is being built with financial support from India. The Chabahar port has also been jointly financed by Iran and India. India alone plans to invest 20 Billion US dollars towards the development of the Chabahar port.
Simply India was one of the most beneficiaries of Iran’s isolations and sanctions. Even, initially, the US has allowed or kept eyes close in the early days of US Sanctions on Iran, and India kept importing cheaper energy from Iran. 
But Indian nature must be understood, they worship anything stronger than them and make slaves if found someone weaker than them. During the cold war Era, they were a close ally with former USSR and got maximum benefits on defense, economic, education, S&T and political fronts. But after the disintegration of former USSR, India re-aligned itself with the USA, and today has become the second largest beneficiary of the US assistance after Israel. Whether it is economic assistance, transfer of technology, hi-tech, weapons or political front, India is beneficiary of the US generosity. India will keep on milking the USA as long as possible, but once found another country more beneficial may change its loyalties.
At this critical moment, when Iran needs Indian support, India changed its loyalty and openly joined the US club against Iran openly. Indian Navy is in front line position along with the US Navy in the Gulf, against Iran. The US Navy is behind the Indian Navy!
Indian agents are placed in the width and breadth of the country deep inside Iran under the cover of developing of roads and railway networks of Iran. They will provide ground intelligence to the US in case of any escalation of the situation between Iran and the USA. Iran should have studied the Indian character, culture, religion, and psychology, before trusting India blindly. India will stand with the winner and stronger or from where it can get more benefits. There does not exist “Principle” or “sincerity” in Indian genes. There is a need to promote education and character building in India.