India’s dual face policy – Kalbhushan Yadav case

Terrorism in Pakistan has been sponsored and backed by India and this is an evident fact. In this regard, Kalbhushan Yadav case is a huge example for causing destabilization activities in the country. Commander Yadav is an Indian national who belongs to Indian navy. He was captured from Balochistan by Pakistan army for doing illicit and immoral ventures including brutal terrorism activities which resulted in the killings of 1345 innocent Pakistani people, more than 7500 got injured, along with that a massive damage to the imports, exports, sports and tourism industry of the country has been done. The financial cost lost by this devastation is approximately 3 billion USD's and the indirect adverse consequences on the country in all aspects are infinite. Also, the emotional destruction brought by Kalbhushan Yadav enterprise is inevitable to console and compensate. It has hindered the progress of the country in many ways. Unfortunately after all these hard hearted things done by a criminal, India has presented him as an innocent and also called him "Son of the soil", which shocked everyone.
Yadav has confessed all of his crimes and Pakistan has uncovered some of the strategic directives which were given to him in his mission. Pakistan prepared the case very sensibly from the intelligence gathered by Yadav himself. He was sentenced to death by Pakistan military court. However, India presented the case before the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Last hearing of the case was supposed to be the final one and it was held in Feb 2019, where Pakistani lawyer Khawar Qureshi presented the case very logically and professionally. On the other hand India couldn't manage to answer any critical questions.
He was deployed there because there were anti state militias who were carrying out a separatist movement and he was there to assist those pockets like BLA etc. Ultimately, Balochistan is the hub of Pakistan's natural resources and destabilizing peace in the province and to inculcate the hate for the state in the hearts of Balochis is the easiest way out for RAW and all other anti Pakistan agendas. Sadly, they have partially succeeded in this by propagating anti state propaganda. Another crucial fact is the presence of CPEC and Gwadar port in the province which was always a source of disappointment for India.
Here it is worth mentioning that Indian relations with their neighbors have always been unpleasant. Pakistan is a huge victim of India's harsh and ruthless attitude. Indian leadership always thought that Pakistan would be an easy and soft target to achieve. These blatant operations of RAW in Pakistan have actually resulted from the county's defensive attitude towards RAW in the past. Indian obsession and frustration towards Pakistan can be credited to the fact that Indian Occupied Kashmir is no longer in their hands and Kashmiri people have already decided their fate of getting a separate Homeland. This is because of the false and inhumane policies of the state towards Kashmiri citizens. Also the state of Khalistan is next to the demand of Independence and this further escalates the worst situation in the country. To shift the attention of both the international and local media, India keeps on stopping to low tactics of blame games against Pakistan in different ways.
After all the heinous and hateful initiatives by India, Pakistan yet showed peace gestures and even after having an upper hand in the air combat, talked about table talks. But there is no positive response from the other side of the border. 
Rather, Indian agencies about Lt Col (R) Muhammad Habib, who went missing on April 6 after arriving in Nepal, said that Habib’s abduction was aimed at pressuring Pakistan to release Kulbhushan Jadhav, an Indian naval officer convicted of espionage who was sentenced to death on April 10 (The Hindustan Times).
This abduction has strained the ties between India and Pakistan which were already bitter. We should not forget that India does have an influence in the ICJ (Justice Dalveer Bhandari – serving in ICJ asa permanent judge). ICJ has asked Pakistan to delay Yadav's execution till the final verdict is out. At this time, the country is patiently waiting for the decision with a strong hope that justice would soon be served.