India’s Economy on its way to collapse

According to IMF “India's economic growth slowed to a six-year low in the first half of 2019, with both consumption and investment decelerating owing to weak, especially rural, income growth, stresses in the non-bank financial sector, and corporate and environmental regulatory uncertainty. On the external sector, following a rise in vulnerabilities in 2018, stability has returned, anchored by high foreign reserve buffers and a modest current account deficit”. 
But drastic set back witnessed during the second half-year 2019. Since the RSS dominated Government took power in April Elections, the downfall started. Before the 5 August of provocation of Indian constitution and removal of Article 370 and 35A, and the imposition of curfew in Occupied Kashmir, India Government asked all tourist to leave Kashmir. It transmitted a negative message to the rest of the world that India is not a safe country and the number of foreign tourists dropped drastically. While tourism was a major source of revenue in some parts of India, especially Jammu & Kashmir. After the imposition of Curfew, the atrocities and brutality of almost one million troops in Kashmir further deteriorated the Indian image. 
Although, India isolated Kashmir from the rest of the world by suspending the Internet, mobile and other connectivity. All media was banned to travel to Kashmir, but, somehow partial news was leaked and Indian ethnic cleansing and genocide were revealed to the rest of the world. Tourism Industry was totally damaged.
Maintaining one million troops in high mountains in winter is a too expensive and military operation against the innocent people of Kashmir was beyond the means of the Indian economy. It has damaged the Indian economy and image simultaneously.
Furthermore, the controversial amended citizenship act 2019 bill, has dived India into extremists RSS or BJP and rest of whole India, which includes Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, lower Hindu castes, moderate Hindus and other minorities. Countrywide peaceful protests started initially. But The Extremists rulers of India, instead of resolving the political issue by political means, opted for use of force and deployed troops to suppress the public sentiments. 
Excessive use of force turned into counterproductive ad the intensity of protests increased beyond control. It has suspended daily routine life and economic activities. Furthermore, foreign investors also are leaving India. Being an unsafe country, new foreign investors or businessmen are avoiding to deal with India. 
The deteriorating law and order situation in India has damaged the business and investment environment and harmed Indian irrecoverable loss. The stock exchange dropped, and other economic indicators have also shown negative trends. International Financial institutions are worried about the future of the Indian economy and some of them have already warned India. 
The on-going hardline stands on political issues, and no flexibility of BJP/RSS Government, the country is pushed toward severe crisis. There is no sign of reconciliation or retrieving back.  It seems the confrontation will go on or grow further. 
In fact, the Indian economy was never as good as propagated by Western Allies. Western Allies were projecting the Indian economy falsely to counter China and contain China. They were trying to use India against the rise of China and to keep their hegemony. 
But India neither has the capacity nor potential but kept on milking the US and its Western Alliances, as much as possible. Indian this approach is not rational nor sustainable, and may not succeed in longer run. Sooner or later the facts will speak and the truth will be releveled to the whole world.
Even to date, some of the countries in the West are trying to cover Indian failures, with the hope to gain access to the Indian market and sell their products. But this strategy may not survive for ever. One day, they have to accept the facts and truth. 
Economic collapse will make India's failure on the diplomatic and political front. Indian economy is going to collapse and the country is on the verge of break-up.