India’s Unchangeable Agenda: Blaming Pakistan for Its Own Failures


“Indian courts issued non-bailable warrants of two Pak Army Officials Major Abdul Rehman and Major Iqbal in connection with Mumbai Attacks”, Times of India.

Such headlines popped up a few days ago on front pages of Indian newspapers and were emphasized as news highlights on Indian TV channels recently this month. In connection with 26/11 incident in Mumbai, the Indian court recently gave a verdict which strictly names Pak Army Personnel as being directly or indirectly involved in a terrorist attack that happened no less than 11 years ago. Using this official declaration as a base, the Indian media has persisted on how Pakistan authorities were involved in ‘victimizing’ India by sponsoring terrorism based on age-old enmity.

Despite the fact that many local and international investigators found evidence against Indian govt itself for being involved in Mumbai Attacks, India keeps on following its long-standing narrative of blaming Pakistan for whatever wrong happens with India. And therefore, issuing warrants of Pak Army officials which follows that very strategy will not only narrate the world that Pakistan was somehow involved in the subject terror attacks, but it will also help Indian govt to shift the blame which was going in their own direction before. As Elias Davidson, an independent investigator wrote in his book ‘Betrayal of India’ that:

 “It is highly plausible, that Major institutional actors in India, the United States and possibly Israel, were complicit in conceiving, planning, directing and executing the attacks of 26/11; evidence of a deceptive investigation is even stronger”.

While the actual culprit is not yet known and three perceptions including Pakistan, Indian and any other terrorist organization do exist, it is very negligent of Indian – authorities to just propagate against an army which itself is seen as the biggest fighter against terrorism since few years. This is undoubtedly another effort of Indian govt to keep the fire ablaze against Pakistan within their country and at the same time, internationally discredit Pakistan for its efforts against terrorism.

India’s baseless blame game is not a one – time incident, neither is it related to 26/11 incident only. Recent reaction of India on Pulwama Attack is also a considerable example of Indian false portrayal of Pakistani state authorities sponsoring terrorism. As soon as an incident took place which is apparently a reaction from Kashmiri freedom fighters towards Indian Army’s atrocities in Kashmir, nevertheless Indian Media and Govt started accusing Pakistan even before the initial investigation. Recent statements of PM Modi regarding the surgical strike against Pakistan show the level of irresponsibility and recklessness of India towards its neighbor country after such tragic incidents.