International Community and Kashmir


United Nations (UN) was founded on October 24, 1945, just after World War II, in replacement of League of Nations, with the aim and objectives: maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations, achieving international cooperation and harmonizing the actions of nations. Its charter was drafted carefully and keeping the interest of all nations equally.  Pursuant to the Charter, the organization's objectives include maintaining international peace and security, protecting human rights, delivering humanitarian aid, promoting sustainable development, and upholding international law.

UN’s role during the cold war era was very much admired and there are many achievements in its credit. UN and its subordinate organizations were delivering in their own domain, quite well. Either it was the issue of South Sudan, Bosnia or East Timor, the UN role was very swift and precise. 

But after the disintegration of the former USSR, the world emerged as unipolar and the UN role was pushed into shadow. Some of the incidents, the UN was by-passed totally like the Iraq War, Libya War, Afghan War, Syria War, etc. UN also failed to resolve Palestine-Israel conflict, since 1948. Similarly, the UN also failed to implement its resolution on Kashmir. 

Kashmir is a disputed territory, UNSC resolutions need to be implemented. There was a bilateral agreement on Kashmir between India and Pakistan, known as the Simla Agreement. It is a disputed territory among China, Pakistan, and India. 

India keeping UN charter, UNSC resolution, Simla Agreement and all norms of a civilized world, deployed fresh troops and imposed curfew in Indian Occupied Kashmir, revoked its own constitution and changed the disputed territories status, on 5th of August 2019. 

There are approximately 1 million troops, imposing a curfew on 8 million people of Kashmir. While Kashmiris are unarmed and simple civilians, they cannot confront well trained, well equipped Indian army. Troops are empowered to shoot at the spot on suspicion, without any judicial procedures. The draconian laws empowered them to detain, arrest anyone on suspicion only. 

Troops are entering into homes of locals and harass them, arrest them, detain them, kill them and take away valuables from their houses. They are involved in rape also, In fact, they are using rape to humiliate their relatives. Rape is being used as a weapon of hate and humiliation. 

The army is damaging their properties, houses, destroying crops. Economically, they are killing them. RSS trained paramilitary youths are deployed to spread hate and harm the Kashmiris indiscriminately.  

India has crossed all records of human rights violations in Kashmir. 8 million people are under siege for almost two hand half months. Indian atrocities and brutalities are an act of war. India is engaged in ethnic cleansing and genocide. It is a crime under the Geneva Convention and Rome Convention. Human Right Organizations have already warned of the holocaust in Kashmir.

Worldwide protests, agitations, rallies, demonstrations are witnessed. Media is also covering the real situation of Kashmir and highlighting the sufferings of humanity in Kashmir. 

Although India is a big market and few countries have their economic interest with India, but their public is with the people of Kashmir and they have expressed their worries and anger on Indian atrocities in Kashmir. It is a humanitarian issue and it is appealed to all nations with conscious and all individuals with conscious to raise their voice in favor of Kashmir and rescue human lives in Kashmir.

Is the international community is waiting for the actual holocaust happened and then they come for photo sessions, and making documentaries and writing reports? And telling the future generations stories about Kashmir Holocaust???. There are visible signs of the Indian intention of ethnic cleansing and genocide. The international community must act, and act immediately to avert the holocaust. “Prevention is better than cure”. Indian Government, politicians, policymakers, military leadership, field commanders and civil & military officials, involved in war crimes must be trailed and punished accordingly.