Iran needs such an Ambassador


Today, July 26 - 2017, Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a conference on '1st Concern of Islamic World : PALESTINE' . Many Iranian diplomats, academics , media commentators on Middle Eastern issues as well as Ambassadors and chargé d'affaires of Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mali, Ivory Coast, Pakistan, Indonesia ... etc. attended the conference.

His Excellency Mr. Sheybani, a high ranking Iranian diplomat and the former Iranian ambassador in Lebanon and Syria opened the conference and ask his Excellency Salah Zawawi the ambassador of Palestinian authority in Tehran to give a lecture on the current status of Jerusalem and Al Aqsa . This was followed by some comments from other participants and Ambassadors such as the Indonesian Ambassador and Mr. Khalid Qoddomi the representative of Hamas in Tehran who mentioned very valuable points as usual.

The event was somehow similar to different summits of Arab League or Islamic Cooperation Organization on Palestine and other issues of the Ummah where the ambiance is usually inactive and anti-dynamic while other governmental representatives speak.

The mood of today's meeting was a bit like this until Zeinab Mehanna's controversial and energetic intervention which woke ip the Arab and Foreign officials and caught their attention to the content of what she was saying .

Mrs Mehanna- Takebzadeh is a talented Lebanese human right activist and academic researcher who gave a wonderfully short lecture after which she received a standing ovation by everyone from the attendees unlike her predecessors .

As Mrs. Mehanna-Talebzadeh was speaking , I told to Mr. Montazami, a famous Iranian diplomat with more than 3 decades of diplomatic experiences, "what a great remark she made when she exposed the ongoing relation between Mahmoud Abbas and Maryam Rajavi".

Mr. Montazami and Mr Sheybani have both enjoyed Zeinab's participation in the discussion panel and during the break other attendees encouraged her to continue her work .

As an Iranian, I should say that we were really satisfied of her attendance and especially on the point that was raised about the 17,000 innocent Iranians whom have been killed , massacred , tortured and assassinated since 1979 by the M K .

During the break the Ambassador of Palestinian authority talked with Zeinab and asked her to stay in touch with him to collaborate on other matters pertaining Palestine and the struggle .

Another very interesting point that was raised by Mrs Mehanna was her remark on her recent trip to Ghana and how a group of 25 artists from the continent of Africa performed a concert called ' African voices for Palestine ' which supported the Palestinian cause by promoting anti-Zionist movements . She continued by asking other delegates about the role of media , arts , and social activities to defend the PALESTINIANS’ existential rights.

The third point mentioned by Mehanna was about the role of international law and in particularly the efforts made by Professor Francis A. Boyle where he made multiple requests to sue Israel at international courts for its crimes against humanity , however his pleas were not at all supported by any Arab or a Muslim State .

God bless sisters like her and as an Iranian I was really proud for taking a part in today's event.