Iranian view on Multipolarity in the New World

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

In a time when many thinkers & political activists had lost hope for true change & revolution in the polarized cold war world of the 1970s, the Islamic revolution of Iran proved that the will of the people can overcome any tyranny & force.

Iran at that time suffered from both a dictatorial regime and by hegemonic powers that seeked to abuse it.

Since the historic Tsar wars against Iran in the 18th century and the British & USA conspiracies that followed, the tragic annexation & abuse of Iran under the pretext of deals & forced actions such as the Turkeman Chay, Herat accord & the United States' interference in oil nationalisation, imperialistic endeavours to control Iran & it's people have become a common part of Iran's history. 

Such a bitter history of imperialism has turned us into a nation with little trust in the political & ideological camps of the East & West, of the Left & Right. 

On the other side, rampant internal dictatorship, which would sometimes be presented with religious authority would alienate the population from religion. 

In midst of this, it was Imam Khomeini who presented an innovative and politically pro-active interpretation of religion that placed the people in its center of focus. He proved that Islamic revolution, could be the new form of revolution and political struggle. 

After the Islamic revolution, religion had a great resurgence in the lives of the Iranian people. This new form of religious political action never became dictatorial as its predessors. This was due to the pivotal role of people in the new system, which balanced authority & prevented the creation of an authoritarian regime. 

On the other hand, Iran after the revolution also set itself on a global endeavour. As we believe in a world in which its nations are free from outside imperialism and of internal tyranny, we set out to promote ideals of resistance & revolution. 
The way we promote our ideals, is much different from the globalist methods of the Liberals & the Communists. 
We do not embrace nor promote a global & exclusive culture to overtake the peoples of the world. We respect & believe in the intrinsic value of cultures, of different peoples, tribes & nations. 
We believe that justice & the pursuit for justice & truth is the mutual & central core cultural aspect all cultures have in common. All well minded people understand & persue such a cause. 
Dialogue & cooperation over justice & truth can bring our people closer & give us a common cause, having in mind that our cultures & people remain different.

We have two fundamental goals: 

1) To advocate a sort of critical awareness, that can resist the archetypical mindsets & traditions that subdue the free mind.

2) To build upon the mutual ground we share within our different cultures & traditions, so that we can incorporate it in our common struggle for truth & justice.

A bipolar world, is a world of different cultures, of different people, who rule upon themselves & this balance can lead to a sustainable justice, which is key for an enduring peace.