Iraq and Yemen under the onslaught of the zionists

After all the masks fell off, and the Ummah witnessed another "official" betrayal, this time by the tyrants of the Gulf, the Zionists began implementing colonization projects to capture new Islamic territories.

Now the focus of the occupiers is on Yemen and Iraq. While in Yemen, Zionism establishes its influence through support for southern separatists, in Iraq, the occupiers infiltrate under the guise of Saudi business.

Zionism is concerned about the results of the new Islamic awakening, which has created new Islamic forces in the region, Ansar Allah in Yemen and Hashad al-Shaabi in Iraq. Now the Palestinians have allies who can open a new front against the Zionist presence in Sham and the Arabian Peninsula.

Based on the emergence of new threats, Zionism is trying to harm the new ally of IRI through local enemies of the revolutionaries. Zionism has previously been seen in minor mischief against the Islamic Resistance of Iraq and in direct aggression against Yemen, but in its characteristic manner, Zionism does not recognize covert operations against the forces of the Islamic Revolution.

For their part, the newfound forces of the "Islamic awakening" openly report their readiness for a confrontation with the occupiers. The revolutionaries spoke about this back in 2017, Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba announced its readiness to liberate the Golan, and the Houthis expressed a desire to help the Resistance of Lebanon and Palestine.

Conclusion-war is inevitable and we are waiting for a series of conflicts, but each new clash will bring the hour of liberation of Palestine and other occupied lands closer.