Islamic Eschatology and Signs of the Apocalypse


 What is the purpose and mission of life in the modern world, and what is the wisdom of living? In the modern world, people can live in the best possible conditions. Satisfy their own instincts and desires, and this satisfaction of instincts and desires becomes a motivating tool for life. But at the end of life, it becomes clear that we have not taken anything from the world. If the essence of human life is only to eat, drink and satisfy his desires, then it is no different from an animal, because an animal has an advantage over a human being in eating and satisfying his instincts. It follows that the satisfaction of lust and hedonism in general cannot reflect the main purpose of life. A life that does not provide a basis for cognition has no value. Also, a life that does not follow any spiritual values ​​and is focused only on the development of the ego is worthless.

A life based on the worship of the world and worldly values ​​will certainly not have good consequences. Because people do not exist in the world permanently, they will leave the world in the near future. For a humanity that loves the world, leaving the world will be difficult. But there is no other option, the world of humanity is moving towards the end. Therefore, the question of the future is a requirement of modern conditions.

The most important issue in the field of futurology is to consider the development of the process in the future. Various future designs were considered by scientific schools or assisted in shaping the future through conspiracy theories. In general, what awaits humanity in the future and what will happen to humanity is the subject of special debate. Through various media, books and films, the future of the world has been described. They always reflect the future of mankind in misery, disaster and destruction. The question arises as to why thinking is so important and why the future of humanity is portrayed in a negative, pessimistic way. This is not without reason, but it has been facilitated by conditions and elements that, firstly, negative thinking and, secondly, its reflection in books and films.

From the point of view of modern futurology, in the future, humanity will face unfortunate events. This causes people to become frustrated and pessimistic. Satanism is the root of all mistrust. First, they try to destroy eschatological optimism through satanic teachings and make everyone a Satanist, and secondly, once everyone became a Satanist, after death, hell awaits everyone. A certain circle, which has all the means of life for itself, has secular optimism and makes life difficult for others, making them worldly and nihilistic Therefore, they do not believe in this world or doomsday.

The anatomy of the modern world is reflected in the injustice of the world. The circle of people who have monopolized all the means of subsistence, most of the world's resources are in their hands, keeping the world in need. The living conditions of the world's population have deteriorated to such an extent that living in the world has become a serious problem. There is a difference in development in the world, there are no equal opportunities to live in the world. The circle of people with better living conditions is naturally optimistic about the future. However, people in poor living conditions have a dark outlook on the future.

If it does not go beyond the modern system of education, nothing will be understood properly. The modern ruling doctrine is false. The circle of people who have the most resources in the world and do not apply justice should be a lesson to people, to be understood correctly and not to lead to a dark future. In modern conditions, humanity must think about world justice and build a vision based on this principle. One should not look to the future from the perspective of global oppression, because the consequences of global oppression are certainly unfortunate. While most people in the world live in difficult conditions, they should not be depressed. This is a difficult situation, but it must be inculcated in the minds of the people. It is important to know that the essence of the world system is injustice, and only if it is broken can a system of justice be built.

The foresight of the modern individual depends on the foresight of the ruling elites of the world, because by spreading information about the end of the world, accidents and the destruction of life on earth, they block the minds of the masses. By this logic, humanity treats the future of the world within the framework of the dominant doctrine. The destruction of life and people causes it to use life more and more for selfish and hedonistic purposes. Selfishness and hedonism are the dominant methods of life in the modern world. When life ceases, there is no evil world of death, because it is not material and life. This is the main mistake of modern secularism. The reason why humanity is mortal is that it must now be hedonistic, utilitarian and selfish. Liberal teachings also give such a program to the people. Liberalism is the ideology of secularism.

Liberalism, secularism and satanism show people the way, that nothing can be more important than the worship of the world. The pursuit of the values ​​of the human world becomes alien to its essence. So what is the main purpose of the creation of the world and man? When a person becomes alienated from his origin, he cannot know the consequences for himself. The result of man's work is definitely man's future. The future is the product of human activity.

Once the question of the future of the world is raised, now they are building the next world through conspiracy theories. If the Satanists are waiting for the Antichrist to come and support their actions, then in modern conditions this program is being implemented in the world. That is, before the coming of the Antichrist, humanity must be prepared in the framework of Satanism. In this regard, we cannot understand this situation if we do not leave the matrix of Satanism. The answer can be given only from the point of view of religious eschatology. Signs of Doomsday from the standpoint of religious (Islamic) eschatology show that the world process is moving in the direction of Doomsday.

First, lying is legal. Indeed, in modern conditions, lying is a means to an end. In modern politics, Machiavellianism is based on this principle. In the Protocols of the Zionist sages, lies and hypocrisy are legal. Lying is a means of covering up the truth and is considered disbelief.

Second, corruption is a common reality in any society. Indeed, a modern society rooted in economic liberalism cannot exist without corruption. Corruption is an important aspect of economic liberalism. Economic liberalism, the liberal economy, dominates the world. That is why everything that is fought against corruption does not give the desired result, because the fight against corruption is the fight against the system.

Third, forbidden eating and economic pollution. The economic crisis is in full swing, families are losing their economic prudence, and they are exposed to economic pollution, such as usury, bribery, and high prices.

Fourth, men are like women in both dress and appearance. The difference between them is broken. This is a violation of creation. Men turn their bodies into women and women turn their bodies into men. This is formalized through gender equality.

Fifth, the coldness of human emotions. Pity in society disappears among people. Dehumanism, anthrophobia becomes the essence of human relations. The slogan “human beings are members of a whole” is incompatible with social reality. Mutual mistrust disappears and the principle of “harming others for my own benefit” applies.

Sixth, the spread of moral corruption. Sin is exposed, shame is removed, and moral boundaries are washed away. Adultery, greed, and nudity are on the rise. Society cannot judge its own actions by the mind. Immorality is propagated through the media.

Seventh, lust and hedonism. Passion and pleasure become the essence of people's lives. The purity and chastity of men and women is destroyed by lust. Lust and sensuality prevail in the relationship between women and men. For this reason, the clothing industry and the film industry promote sexual goals.

Eighth, matriarchy. Feminism, which promotes gender equality, makes women idols. All work is permissible for women. Women appear in all scenes, although their dignity is violated.

Ninth, the spread of fear and insecurity. Security is not felt by the individual or the state. Threats and dangers increase to such an extent that everyone feels insecure and lives in a state of anxiety. Intimidation is used to control people because other approaches do not satisfy people. Phobocracy becomes an international regime. Mankind is subject to intimidation only in order not to increase its humidity. Poverty, hardships, and restlessness lead to insecurity.

In Islamic eschatology, there are special conditions that, from a conspiratorial point of view, the engineers of the new world order contributed to its formation. All the above-mentioned signs can be seen in the modern world. This is the condition of the modern world from the perspective of the past. Therefore, it proves that there is a special science beyond the modern worldview. Also, life in the modern world is governed by the laws of conspiracy, but doomsday is inevitable.

Islamic eschatology has shown that the teaching of religious teachings is banned and censored in order to keep people informed of the signs of the apocalypse. Individuals of the apocalyptic period should live in a state of abstinence from religious teachings. This situation leads to the prevalence of ignorance in society. Also, ignorant people have an advantage over scientists, and ignorant people are given the responsibility of managing societies. By mixing truth and falsehood, the distinction between what is lawful and what is unlawful disappears. Nothing else can be trusted, nihilism is practiced on all issues. People lose their self-worth and see life only in eating and sleeping, because there is no more motivation in life. Mankind will be powerless to realize its mission. He loses the ability to understand the purpose of his life, as modern conditions limit his ability to recognize. It is not able to change conditions. The systematization of disbelief in the world causes the signs of the apocalypse to become more and more visible. The modern world process tends towards the apocalypse. The future is the resurrection. Everything becomes clear. The truth will be revealed sooner or later, and the truth is the absolute ruler.