Italians said "NO" to Renzi: What's next?



I think the reasons why Renzi lost this referendum are complicated.

From my impression, during the campaign before the referendum, too many resources were spent by the party of the former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in order to promote voting for changes of the constitution. We had a lot of advertisement on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, on the radio and television, in the streets - everywhere. It was stressful propaganda to force people to vote "yes".

I believe the Italian people understood that this referendum was completely useless.

Italian citizens have many other needs and other priorities. We have so many problems: immigrants, unemployment among young people, our industry complex is collapsing, the markets are not functioning properly. These are our priorities.

So, why invest all this money and energy in the campaign? The "no" vote was a sort of reaction from ordinary people.

The constitution is like the frame of a painting. If the painting is ugly, the frame will not change it. If the government does not serves its citizens in the proper way, the  changing the constitution will not make the situation better.

Therefore, I have the feeling that the people were very mad at Renzi and his government, especially for the media propaganda. It's like trying to convince someone that the reality is different - the reaction of the vast majority of the people will be the same: "you are losing your mind!".

Also, there is another reason why Italians voted against. This is the constitution itself. Italians are very well aware that we were going into a sort of a black hole. It was too unpredictable to say how the things could change in the case of voting "yes". Italians are very conservative people. The idea of changing the constitution and going into a new era was not so exciting for them.

Now it is a quite weird situation. In my opinion, the future of Italy is in the hands of the Five Star Movement. This is a real movement that is going across the whole Italy and gathering together patriots who are not satisfied with our traditional politics and have Eurosceptic views. Also, we have Matteo Salvini’s Northern League and many other small parties.

But I fear that we are moving towards the same situation like Greece. Yes, we voted against, but soon there might be a new prime minister who will not be elected by the people, but by some other forces and will act in the interests of the EU.

On the other hand, Euroscepticism in Europe is growing. I believe that European technocrats may try to cause some financial attacks on Italy. Now, without Renzi, we are going to be under financial and psychological pressure. So-called European democracy is completely sick.

Everything now depends on the Five Star Movement which itself is a chaotic mass of different programs and politicians.