Jens Stoltenberg is a Disgrace for Entire Humanity


Jens Stoltenberg is a disgraceful creature, arrogant and ignorant. His ignorance is now confirmed, again. During his ongoing visit to Serbia, he dared to say that Serbian people have “poor memories” of NATO bombing. Actually, those “poor memories” which this brainless assassin mentions are memories which do not fit in into the occupational narrative and change of mind set of Serbs in accordance with the plans of the sick and deranged West.

Jens Stoltenberg, as Madelaine Albright, grew up in Belgrade, while his father was a diplomat in ex-Yugoslavia. His father was also involved in the process of war in ‘90s. Maybe Jens was given to some post WW2 Lebensborn in Norway (after leaving Belgrade) to learn the skills of genocide, assassinations, deceptions and other ways for producing atrocities around the world.

Jens Stoltenberg is an amoral creature which lost its common sense and reason, if ever had one. Only an idiot and reckless assassin with genocidal tendencies can come to Serbia and say that “NATO bombed Serbia to save Serbian people”. This is not even cognitive dissonance. This is the highest level of hypocrisy and deception. This is the logic of Nazi Germans, the logic of even bigger Nazis – English and their stooges, Quislings in Norway. If people of Norway welcomed Nazis in WW2, their sons and daughters are the perfect employees for today’s NATO Reich.

Jens Stoltenberg looks like a brainless man with no options in life. He is sent to Serbia to repeat the idiotic phrases in Goebbels’ manner hoping that Stockholm syndrome will prevail among Serbs. His appearance, empty look in the eyes and robotic speeches point to an empty human shell which wonders around with pre-written speeches and slogans produced by other sickos in the Western world that is imminently falling apart, but it would not like to and will use whatever it needs to stop the dismantling and decay of its own constructs.

Jens Stoltenberg is disgrace for human beings and Serbian officials who made reception for him are disgrace for Serbian people. It is worth mentioning that all those who bowed before Stoltenberg gain some finances or will be freed of charge of many crimes they committed toward Serbian state and fellow citizens of Serbia.

Jens Stoltenberg represents a lumpen-proleteriat parasitic class which occupied Europe. Jens Stoltenberg is a human disgrace. Jens Stoltenberg lies and deceives. Jens Stoltenberg suffers from delusional mind and many other mental disorders – mental disorders seem to be an asset for becoming NATO or EU official or an official in some of the occupied countries.

Jens Stoltenberg should be reminded of another beast, Wesley Clarke, and his statement in 1999. That cowardish soldier and pirate who, by help of NATO troops and Shqiptar terrorists, took away Serbian natural resources in Kosovo and Metohija, said in 1999: “Demolish, destroy, devastate, degrade and ultimately eliminate the essential infrastructure of Yugoslavia”. So, how Jens Stoltenberg’s statement that NATO bombed Serbs for their own good, fits in?

Jens Stoltenberg probably has some button in the back, as moving puppets have, for programming him in the morning and then he is let off the leash to go around to bark and deceive. There is no more doubts that NATO is the vanguard or helping hand in occupying and destroying the countries not ready to be slaves and the source of natural and other wealth for rotten Western lumpen-proleteriat.

Jens Stoltenberg should be sent to detailed psychiatric observation. He is a threat for people in many, many countries. Jens Stoltenberg should be supervised 24/7 since he have homicidal and genocidal ideas and plans – and apart of that, he has entire administrative and war mechanism to achieve his plans. That is a threat for general public around the world. Since he is a head of the biggest and the most robust terrorist army worldwide, those threats and his poor mental health should be taken seriously.