Jerusalem and Trump


Psalm 122:6

President Trump's decision about recognising Jerusalem as “a capital of Israel” in some points reminds Bill Clinton’s activity in defence against accusations in Monica Lewinsky’s affair. But unfortunately it has much deeper roots and can be significant and breakthrough for the future of the World.

Real Capital of the USA

As we all remember result of the Zippergate was another war in the Balkans and creation of Kosovo puppet state. American public opinion in general is not interested in foreign affairs at all at has only a weak concept of World geography. That is why attention of so hard audience presidents can catch only using really big tricks. Nowadays even war and terrorism threat are too boring and routine, so Trump had to invent something stronger. Tump with all his “non-conformist” image is on a short leash of Zionist financiers and the military–industrial complex, and he has to remember, that is just a frontman, not a real leader of so called “Free World”. Affair of alleged “Russian connections” is a kind of reminder, that Trump is only a guy hired to selling American weapon and resources all over the World. He has to follow establishment instructions or disappear. But on the other hand, let’s see, that one from a few authentic things in Trump – that is his strongly pro-Zionist position. Presidential elections in the USA since some decades are just competitions about which candidate introduce himself as a greater “friend of Israel”. Trump even during last election pointed that position e.g. in interview for “Israel Hayom”, where he mentioned his Jewish son-in-law and strongly supported Netanyahu. It does not matter if these confessions are honest, because the results are the same. Move with Jerusalem lets Trump to push away “Russian accusations”, buys him conservative, pro-Zionist voters in the USA and meets expectations of sponsors and financial protectors. From that point of view that decision was almost perfect, worth the Global War. Of course, understanding all of this Europeans can only be surprised why Trump did not announced Jerusalem the capital town of the USA, but we have to understand, that this position is already occupied. By Tel Aviv…

Can Europe Be Independent Again?

But with all with obviousness we can also notice some quite interesting differences and division of positions between Washington and event its “allies”. I must confess that till now I have not believed in true and deep division between the USA and its European vassals. Too many ties, especially financial, business and… mafia ones, connect both continents and their elites. But problem of Jerusalem is so serious, that even closest American’s allies, Britons - expressed their scepticism and even upset about Trump’s decision. Western governments meet resistance of conscious, experienced and determined public opinion, made sure about rights of Palestinian people – and the rulers must take such position into account. Now it is not only a problem for groups traditionally involved in campaigns against Israeli policy, boycotts and so on. If we hear Ken Loach, Brian Eno or Roger Waters protesting – well, we could expect that. But important difference is that now lot of ordinary people, till now supporting “anti-terrorism policy” seem to be confused, repeating: “Wait, that came too far! Stop it!”. Of course, some part of European nations is directed by fear of revenge of the Islam World, they just do not want to be recognized as complicit – but that also could be a start.
Is this really the beginning of a lasting political discord between Europe and the USA? Probably not. But maybe we are witnesses of the first steps in that direction. Trans-Atlantic relations should be seen in context of economy, military strength, but also identity and tradition. Although now centre of the Western World seems to last in America – but in a few decades economic power can move e.g. to China, and demographic and spiritual potential is on the side of the Islam. Europe handed over the leadership to America, but even now in some aspects could let itself for broadening the sphere of independence. Will the question of Jerusalem prevail? Not alone, but together with another mentioned problems – yes, that is the future of our continent, if it want to has one. 
We also had to add ambition reasons. France betrayed the heritage of traditional friendship with Islamic, especially Arabian countries taking a part in invasion against Libya. UK has always considered itself as the most experience and specialized in problems of the Near East. But now Americans do not even try to pretend, that they count with the position of Paris or London. It is embarrassing and humiliating for Western European states, but it also could be a great opportunity for them to loosen the American chains. But without strong social pressure – corrupted governments would not do that.


As it was mentioned – Trump tries not only to escape from the “Russian Trace”, but also to hide obvious results of most controversial economic decisions in last few decades he has already made. In past several years Americans tried to find answers and solutions for their social and economic crisis in both main parties and facet to a candidate introducing himself as “non-conformist” and even “out of the system”. Of course, everyone who know Trump’s path of career could only smile over this another example of American naivety and credulity. For the truth, the problem is not in the pathologies of the capitalist system. Capitalism itself – that is a problem with some unsolved contradictions and Western societies, especially long imprinted Americans are unarmed and unprotected, believing in all that slogans that “a rising tide lifts all boats” or “there ain't no such thing as a free lunch”, which cover the lack of real economic program directed to counteracting social stratification, creating empty money by banks or limiting the public sector and quality of life. 
Americans had believed Obama when he promised them more justice and trusted Trump when he told them about success, employment and protection of the domestic market. Well, if so – Americans proved that they can believe even in Santa Claus, flat Earth and “the rags to riches” way of progress. Will they awake now? I sincerely doubt. America is the stage of the greatest experiment of social engineering connected with simultaneously brain washing. American society is affected not only by social, but first of all by intellectual exclusion. That is clear and obvious that Trump’s “reforms”, flattening taxes - only serves the richest and it will increase areas of poverty in America. And what will do Americans? The will re-elect him in 2020. Because he will promise him the same again – vote for me and be like me. And they are not able to see that is all just a financial and political pyramid, build by ordinary people as slaves in ancient Egypt. 

Where Will the First Shot Fall?

Some people really terrified by Trumps policy try to comfort themselves, believing that internal opposition can stop American president. Well, the US Congress knows exactly the same as present and previous presidents, that wars are favourable for American economy, understood as profits for global finance system and the military–industrial complex. If we observe Trump and Congress arguing, we can be sure that the only one thing which can reconcile them – that is war. Of course, separate thing is: against WHOM? Republicans War hawks would prefer probably Russia, supported even by some part of Democrats, preferable by Trump directions of attack that Iran, North Korea and China, but the principle remains the same. Does the Congress decide to take the power from the president or as a part internal fight and competition in the USA, or to decide about the target of the attack? First that is a question of the constitutional balance of power in the USA. Limiting the president's powers to push atomic button almost alone (with only theoretical authorization of secretary of defence) is one of the slogans in American debate, but the draft of such the new act got stuck in the committees – and not only because of known bureaucracy over the Potomac River. It is quite similar, like with threat of impeachment: it useful when Congressmen can frighten Trump with that, but if it happens, that would be only a shotgun that fired. 
So, answering this question straight – yes, theoretically Congress could stop Trump. But what for? Let's leave illusions. American establishment seems to be thoughtless and only greedy, but global strategists know classics and understand what is the Thucydides Trap. In this task of the classical game theory aspiring powers are not only China and Russia, but most of all – Islam. I do not think, that it makes any big difference, if you are attacked by the order of president or the US Congress… And it is also only a question of sequence in which they will take: Iranians, Koreans, Chinese, Russians etc.

We Will All Die in the American Fight for Peace

Trump promised officially to increase production and employment in the USA, and that we should understand as increasing of military public spending and profits of the military–industrial complex. Also, American “allies” are rushed to rise this position in their budgets. Establishment has a proven method how convince Western public opinion to acceptance of such a policy – danger and expensive. They have two propaganda tools: “terrorist threat” and fear against refugees (in Europe in the form of Islamophobia). Both together guarantee that any effective opposition cannot resist and stand against this road to global war. And if not, as well known in Europe sad joke said – “we will all die in American fight for peace”.
As we know, defence spending of the USA accounts almost 16% of its federal budget, which means around $611 billion, with a clear tendency to rise even more. In 2018 it will be at least $639 billion, and we can be sure that Trump will apply for increasing this amount. After voting over the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018 in July, when 60% of Democrats supported presidential draft – there is no certain limit when this new Arms Race can be stopped – and there is no one who could and want to do that.

Public (Im)morality 

”Public morality” is another popular method of keeping American voters interested more in internal affairs than in foreign. Some of them love scandals, some that are puritans, “protestant-Zionist”, and for them also such a question is much more imported, than public services or even taxes. Moral scandals are also typical weapon used in war of fractions and groups of interests in the USA. And now is really good atmosphere for such some topics – let’s see, that very similar scandals are recognized not only among politicians, but also in the Hollywood, in the World of showbusiness, where suddenly there was announced end of tolerance and acceptance for some kind of sexual permissiveness (what is of course only kind of some camouflage for the total immorality, pornography and moral corruption of the Western so called “culture and art”). All together it seems to be another parody, in Reagan’s way, with slogans of “making America great [so also moral] again”, but in the background, we are dealing with a ruthless fight for power and influence, especially in a very close back-up of the president. That is also a part of competition for majority in Congress – and inside both parties. Trump is to feel constantly endangered, and we have to remember, that for presidents of the United Stated is only one indisputable method of maintaining their position: to start a war. Even most opposition Congress would never vote for the impeachment of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States in the time of war.


When we know exactly, that the war is inevitable let’s think about possible detonators. Kurdish question is still one of the most important. So called “Kurdish State” is needed and supported by Israel, and that means that such is also a final goal of the American policy in this region. Although Americans left their Kurdish “allies”, provoking first to so ill-considered and unwise steps, as “independence referendum”, but whole this provocation only increased dependence this Kurdish groups on American and Israeli support. In September Masoud Barzani could try to convince the World, that Peshmerga are the strongest military power in Syria and Iraq. But since Kirkuk campaign all masks fall down, and all those adventurers have no choice, that publicly come under Israeli wings. But still open question is if Syrian Kurds learn anything from the Iraq example. Now it is time for them to choose: or their leaders really care about the people and they will prove responsibility and capability to a dialogue with Syrian government and Shia militia, or they will remain only a tool of Zionists, which will be thrown away when stop to be useful. 
Aggressive moves of Israeli against Syria, Trump decision about Jerusalem, Saudi state terrorism against Lebanon (and Yemen and others) – that all are proofs, that the Near East is still main front and future battlefield for all these forces of the Evil. Americans still control some parts of Syria and after the withdrawal of the main Russian forces we cannot be sure, that is really over. Just opposite. We know now, that Americans did not wanted to keep any agreements e.g. about Abu-Kamal, and only the speed of action of Shia forces rescued this region. 
I am really sorry, that I cannot give you any optimistic conclusions, but I am afraid, that it is not only over yet, but it could be just a beginning. And there is a terrifying possibility, that the Third World War will break out over the Euphrates. And if not – who knows, maybe in the Sea of Japan, or Makedonia, or Latvia. But it is just question of right place and right time. Look, our house is left to us desolate…