The Jonestown Solution


A mathematician friend of mine working in the UK turns me an article in The Telegraph where a technician from the Emergency Committee (SAGE) says: “The lockdown 'is not enough' to stop the virus"

Lockdown “not enough” to stop the virus says SAGE “expert”. What’s next? The Jonestown solution?

With the comment of a British colleague: “So what? The Jonestown solution?”.

Probably anyone under the age of 50 does not know what it is: in 1978, on November 18, 909 followers of the “People's Temple” [1] committed suicide with cyanide on the command of “Reverend Jones”, the founder of the sect that owned their minds and their hearts. Three hundred of them were children, poisoned by their mothers.

The massacre took place in the jungle settlement of Guyana, a South American state, where the reverend had brought over a thousand followers to set up a world of their own, an utopian paradise on earth with its own laws outside the US laws (which wanted the “reverend”). An all-natural, green agricultural colony modeled on the agricultural reform of Pol Pot in Cambodia (which was exterminating the population [2]). James Warren Jones, the reverend, had created his own ideology which he called “Pentecostal socialism”: which combined the methods of indoctrination and psychic subjection of evangelical sects with an integrally communist project.

A California lawmaker, Leo Ryan, tried to visit the village because relatives and parents of some followers had received alarming rumors about their family members. In short: Jones organized a party and dinner for the delegation, ordered his guards (he had called them “Red Brigades”) to kill the deputy and four of his mates. Then he decided on everyone's suicide.

The terrible point is that the decision was discussed by the community in the assembly and approved by a democratic majority. Jones told the adepts that the US government would come to take the children and raise them as fascists; that therefore suicide was the revolutionary act to defeat capitalism. In the recordings you may hear to an adept proposing an exodus to the Soviet Union and Jones rejecting the idea, supported by several other members.

What is chilling is the appearance of free “voluntariness” with which the followers adhere to the proposal to die – Jones did his statement over the camp speakers, immediately calling all the members to the pavilion used not only for harsh punishments in the presence of the community.

“Punishment has become normal”, former Peoples Temple member Yulanda Williams said. “You start going with the flow only out of fear. Fear of the fact that, if you leave the church, what you might experience, what danger it might bring you[3]. The reverend “started alienating you from your families... destroying that family unit… So that he could then become the predator, but also the one who was the supplier of every need you required in life.”

A few incidents from the frightening night before: “Al Simon, a temple member, attempted to bring two of his children to Congressman Ryan, asking him to provide the necessary documents for return to the United States. Al's wife Bonnie, summoned over the speakers by the Temple staff, loudly denounced her husband. Al pleaded with Bonnie to return to the United States, but Bonnie denied his requests. Two other Temple members, Vernon Gosney and Monica Bagby, passed one of Ryan's companions a note that read: “Dear Members, Please Help Us Escape Jonestown”. Two families, the Parks and the Bogues, along with their fathers in-law, stood up and asked to be escorted out of Jonestown by the Ryan delegation. When Jones' adopted son, Johnny, tried to get Jerry Parks not to leave, Parks told him, “absolutely not, this is nothing but a Communist prison camp”. Eventually Jones gave the two families, along with Gosney and Bagby, permission to leave.

But most of those present “quietly waited their turn to die”, testified Odell Rhodes, one of the survivors because he fled.

On the tape, supporters can be heard applauding as Jones orders families to kill the elderly first, then the younger ones.

Among the first to take the poison were Ruletta Paul and her one-year-old baby. A syringe was used to spray poison into the baby's mouth, after which Paul squirted another syringe into her mouth. The screams of dying children (it took five minutes for them to die) somehow woke the mothers; in the tapes they are heard crying and screaming hysterically and Jones urging them to “die with dignity” and hurry. Some adults, seeing the corpses, showed “reluctance to die”. Jones encouraged them to drink the mix of fruit juice and cyanide. Moreover, the beloved guards, on the instructions of the reverend, created a perimeter around the pavilion to discourage escapes; eventually, when the other members of the Temple were corpses, even the guards were called upon to poison themselves. And they did it.

Remembering the horrendous story, it becomes that that of the British is much more than a black humor joke. What else does the expert mean if he announces that “the lockdown is not enough to overcome the virus”, what Merkel and other announcers says of the “third wave” where they dream to close everyone more and longer - other months without work, without schools, without medical care - because “the virus is not won”? Only mass suicide, the voluntary death of all of us, will eradicate it.

It is noteworthy that they have closed us in an immense global Jonestown, where the designers of the Grand Reset impose their ideology of economic and technological palingenesis not without analogy with the "Pentecostal socialism" of the Reverend Jones, and of Lunacarskky "builders of God.”

Reasoning fools in delirium, full of billions and intoxicated by power, to the point that Bill Gates is already funding a mega project to sprinkle dust into the stratosphere to obscure sunlight, excessive in his opinion and true believers in global warming. Schwab wants to improve man by making him a cyborg: here one senses the Gnostic obsession of wanting to redo the creation, in their opinion defective.

Emanuele Severino [4] has well pointed out that this obsession of demiurges derives directly from the radical, fundamental atheism of the West:

 “The impossibility of every Eternal who dominates the becoming of the World, authorizes technology to plan the unlimited domination of the World. If God is dead, there can be no limit to the will to transform the world.”

But more chilling is that the victims of the plan, the “subordinates”, accept their own extermination, the destruction of their jobs, the loss of all property and projects and autonomy in the name of a struggle that is never enough for a totally curable virus, with so much voluntary passivity. Like the followers of the People's Temple, and for the same reason: they shared the insane ideology of Reverend Jones, our fellow men, the atheism of the bosses. Radical beyond every limit: that for those who have no power, the financial-technocratic power translates into a “voluntary” and “conformist” assent to the plan to fight the permanent virus, by dint of increasingly harsh lockdowns; with a vague hope - wisely nourished by the Masters - that if you accept more slavery, tomorrow you will be a little freer.

God’s absence makes us lack any dignity to resist and overcome conformity. They created the climate of Jonestown. They are the angry media armed guards, they are the demonizers of the “deniers” and they are the ones who put us back in line, scolding us as denial deserters, the few of us who do not want to die, putting us back in the perimeter of the poison tank, watched by their media guards and rulers.

Do they understand that tomorrow they will have no work at all and they will be among those hungry millions? They understand and they don't understand. They practice the double-thinking: they allow themselves to be incited to practice the 15 minutes of hatred, yesterday against Matteo Salvini [5], today against Trump, now against the deniers, the reluctant to die, that they voluntarily undertake to identify, find out, file and vaccinate everyone, as if it did any good.

The absence of God in the depths of their (our) souls makes them (us) without consistency and without backbone. After all, they want (we want) to die. Because life radically without God - where every Eternal is impossible - is devouring boredom equally radical, thirsty, burnt, of extinction through submission. Like the 900 followers of the socialist and green reverend, author of a limited Grand Reset.





[5] Italian leader of Northern League party


Original column by Maurizio Blondet:

Translation by Costantino Ceoldo