Kabul Blasts: Serious Concerns


 Kabul blasts killed at least 110 people including 13 Americans. The number of injured is much more and some of them are in serious condition and may not survive. Everyone is saddened by the loss of precious lives. We have seen President Joe on the TV screen, very emotional and just crying. We understand his feelings and share grieves with the families of victims and pray for their forgiveness and may God keep their souls in eternal peace and rest.

The immediate reaction from the US was to take revenge. Usually, such incidents are investigated and concluded with concrete evidence. But it seems, either the US knowns in advance and was prepared to take revenge. More troops are planned to dispatch for Afghanistan. How smart is the US administration, and they have planned all steps to be taken well in advance.

Daesh is blamed for such attacks, it is worth mentioning that Daesh was brought to Afghanistan by Americans, trained and equipped with the latest sophisticated weapons, to fight against the Taliban. Daesh or ISIS-K has strong backing from India and especially, the women wing is mostly Indian nationals. India and America backing Daesh and ISIS-K to be used against Pakistan and Taliban, but it turned against them.

Some investigations lead that the script of these blasts was well written and well-executed. The objective was to destabilize Taliban rule and create an excuse to send more troops to Afghanistan. The US can not leave Afghanistan, due to its strategic location. The US was keeping close eyes on Iran, Central Asia, Russia, Pakistan, and China while sitting in Afghanistan. The complete withdrawal from Afghanistan may not be so good for America strategically. The US wanted to keep its presence and influence in this region.

Anyhow, President Joe is very good in scriptwriting, his involvement in the scriptwriting of “9/11” was acknowledged, which made it possible for the US to launch a crusade against the Muslim world. Consecutively, five presidents invaded several Muslim countries, killed millions, made homeless millions, looted billions and trillions of dollars and natural resources of the Muslim world. Iraq war, the Libyan war, Syrian war, Yemen War, Afghan War, Arab Spring in Tunisia, Egypt, Nigeria, etc.

The most precious thing in this universe is human life. Every human being has come to this world in exactly the same manner through an identical process. Each mother has suffered the same pains while giving birth to a baby. For each mother, the baby is equally sacred and precious. Irrespective of race, religion, or ethnicity, human life must be respected.

During the last two decades, millions of Muslims were killed ruthlessly, who should be held responsible? It is time to investigate the war crimes, it should be investigated who planned, who executed and who launched wars against Muslims? It is time to talk about war crimes and war compensations.

At the same time, it is to be emphasized that due to prolonged war, all the neighboring countries and regional countries were suffering. Afghanistan is situated at a major trade route, but due to instability and unrest, no trade was possible for almost four decades. With the recapturing of the Taliban, Afghanistan seems moving toward stability and peace. All neighboring and regional countries welcome a safe, peaceful, and stable Afghanistan, That is why all neighboring nations and regional countries were quite happy and welcomed the Taliban.

However, spoilers seem very active to destabilize Afghanistan again, such blasts are in the interest of the US and its allies. We must condemn it and strongly oppose any such dirty tricks in the future.

On the other hand, all regional countries may extend support to the Taliban, recognize their legitimate rule. Taliban should be removed from the terrorist list of the UN. Frozen assets of Afghanistan must be released to meet the needs of the newly established Taliban government. Afghanistan is in dire need of humanitarian assistance, food and medicines must be donated generously.

China and Russia may take lead to recognize the Taliban and initiate a case at UNSC to remove them from the list of the terrorist organization. Political and diplomatic support is urgently needed.

If Russia and China lead, many other countries will follow, the actions should be on the fast track, before the spoilers reverse the situation. Afghans are not the people of lesser God and deserve peace, stability, development, and prosperity.