Kashmir – Paradise of South Asia


Kashmir valley usually termed as ‘The Paradise’ of Asia is unfortunately turned into the worst place due to the brutalities of BJP government.   The region of Kashmir is bounded by the Uygur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang to the northeast, Tibet Autonomous Region to the east, the Indian states of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab to the south, Pakistan to the west and Afghanistan to the northwest. The region with a total area of 85,800 square miles (222,200 square km) has been the subject of dispute between India and Pakistan since the partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947. The northern and western portions of Kashmir are administered by Pakistan, whereas, the southern and southeastern portions i.e. Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh are administered by India. Both of these administered portions are divided by a “line of control” agreed in 1972.

The major reason of boosting unrest in the already tense region began after the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) swept elections across India in 2014. The party had won an outright majority in the national legislature and began pushing policies nationwide to promote Hindutva. The BJP, which strongly favored the union of Kashmir with India, had become the second largest party in the Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly and formed a unity government with the slightly larger People’s Democratic Party (PDP), whose platform centered on the implementation of self-rule in Kashmir. To implement the Hindutva and RSS ideology, Indian forces while ignoring the conventions of the region, are engaged in occupying the assets of Kashmiri people by shattering their norms, labelling it as “search operation”. Kashmiri youth, children and elders beg for their right of self-determination. Due to the increased torture and violence in the region, the entire valley reflects the scenario of a battle field.

According to Roman Martin Luther, everything that is done in the world is done by hope. It is a good sign for all those concerned and feel bad for innocent Kashmiris that the brutal face of BJP is now exposed to the world. And that’s the reason that not only Asian region but the entire international community started taking notice of the matter and support the comments of Pro-Kashmir countries. However, BJP once again while using its nasty thoughts as a propaganda weapon against Kashmir, planned to divide it into parts. After abrogation of special status of Kashmir, they varnished to split Kashmir into two central parts, and Modi after District Development Council’ election is making preparations for the upcoming Assembly elections in the region which is admitted by PDP’ leader Mehbooba Mufti. On one side, through these types of elections, they are making the world believe that Kashmir is in peace while on the other side, they are digging the ways to split Kashmir into parts.

BJP while continuously passing statements to the world that Kashmir is the internal matter of India and taking advantage of it since last 22 months, is making violence of rights of self-determination.  This chapter do not close here, BJP is issuing fake certificates to outsiders who do not belongs to Kashmir. This is to remind here that many political affiliates including three ex-CMs who were interned are now started releasing, which is also a chain of the same propaganda.   This is not the first time, India to hold its strong grip on the region always took help from puppet governments like in 1953, after the arrest of Sheikh Abdullah, Bakhshi Ghulam Mohammad ruled the government. Same happened in 1990, governor raj was implemented and Jagmohan Malhotra took the charge and the same kind of violence in the current scenario occurred at that time period.

The residents of Kashmir are now well aware of the fact that their region is occupied by foreign armed forces who are in support of fulling the propaganda efforts, are doing fake search operations, fake encounters, whereas, curfew, banning of internet service etc. are all those tactics which are part of the propaganda. According to the report of Amnesty International 1992, the paramilitary forces, border security forces and central reserve police since January 1990 had done immense violence of rights of self-determination in the cover of search operations.  One of the most frequent and most hilarious issue which the international community is well aware but till now, no much has been done so far are harassment issues.

Indian army has converted the entire Kashmir region into a torture cell where everyone is deprived of basic necessities and only bearing the pain of BJP government. After decades of violence, now this is known to everyone that on every single festival of Kashmir, the pitch of violence increases automatically. The use of pallet guns left thousands of people blind, the use of bombs damaged school buildings in huge number.

This is a fact that Kashmir issue can only be used through implementations on resolutions of UN, however, if India continued its one sided policies to implement Hindutva agenda, then, it would be an open breach to the resolutions of Security Council and 4th Geneva Convention, resultantly, UN had to take steps first.