Kashmir Solidarity Day to be Observed on 5th of February

Since 1990, every year on the 5th of February is observed as Kashmir Day or Kashmir Solidarity Day. This Day is officially observed in Pakistan to show its solidarity with the People of Kashmir, who are in a struggle for their right to Self-Determination. 
In 1947, according to the agreed-partition formula for the sub-continent, the Muslim Majority Areas were supposed to be part of Pakistan and Hindu Majority Areas should be part of India. Kashmir was a state governed by Sikh Raja, but with 87% of its population as Muslims. As a matter of Principle, Kashmir should be part of Pakistan. But Indian troops entered into Kashmir and occupied part of Kashmir by force. When the Indian Army faced severe resistance from the local Muslim population, then the Indian Government approached the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). 
UNSC passed several resolutions giving the right of Self-determination to the people of Kashmir to decide by a plebiscite either to join Pakistan or India. India, due to its fear that the Muslim Majority Kashmir will opt to be part of Pakistan kept on delaying the implementation of UN Resolution. While trying to change the demography, by inhibiting Hindus from other parts of India to settle down in Kashmir.
Simultaneously, Indians used all types of dirty tricks to undermine the Kashmir struggle for Self-Determination. Even used excessive force to suppress Kashmir people. 
Since the Modi came into power in 2014, he wanted to take major steps to suppress the Kashmiri movement for self-determination. But during his first tenure 2014-2019, he was lacking absolute majority the legislative assembly to make constitutional changes.  Every time, he faced resistance from opposition parties. But after the April 2019 election, he gained an absolute majority in the legislative assembly. He revoked the Indian Constitution and changed the special autonomy of Kashmir and imposed curfew by deploying 900,000 troops, on the 5th of August 2019. 
It is an open violation of the Indian constitution and a clear violation of the UNSC. Kashmir is a recognized disputed territory among China, Pakistan, and India. Any unilateral action by the Indian Government regarding Kashmir is against the norms of the international community and the UN Charter. 
Since 5th August 2019, 8 million Kashmiris are under siege. 6 months long curfew has made the life of Kashmiris a misery. No food, no fuel, no electricity, no schooling, no medicines, life is halted completely. On the name of crack-down, Indian troops arrested, detained, killed, and raped out-numbered Kashmiris. Draconian Laws empowered the Indian Army to kill or arrest or detain anyone without giving any reason. They destroy crops, houses, and businesses, causing their life more difficult. Kidnapped many teenagers, humiliated female members of the family in from of male members of the family. 
Many collective graves were found, detention camps were found and the situation is almost close to genocide. India is following Hitler’s ideology and moving on to his footprints. Most of his actions are identical to that of Hitler. We are scared of a big holocaust. If India is following Hitler, the results may not be different than the Holocaust.
International Community is a good area of the situation in Kashmir but keeping criminal silence. Maybe they are waiting for holocaust and then they will rush for photography, making videos and report to show the next generation how the holocaust happened in Kashmir. History will not forgive their deliberate silence.
Arrangements are being made across Pakistan to observe Kashmir Solidarity Day on the 5th of February 2020 (Wednesday) to highlight the plight of oppressed Kashmiri people and remind the world community of its obligations towards the resolution of the outstanding dispute. Kashmiris living around the world are also prepared to stage protests, rallies, and agitations in big cities around the world like London, Toronto, New York, Washington, Brussel, Frankfurt, Madrid, etc. 
It is appealed to the international community to act swiftly to avert holocaust. Lifting of curfew, withdrawal of Indian Army from Occupied Kashmir, and implementation of UNSC resolution, which is legally binding. UN may deploy peace-keeping force immediately from friendly countries and exercise the right of self-determination. 
Respect Humanity! Respect UN Charter!  Free Kashmir!