Kiev starts war in Donbass – Horlivka is under attack


Kiev attacks Chigari, the area near Horlivka. The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) used the tanks. The divisions of the DPR (including special troops) are urgently thrown on this sector of the front not to allow break of the line of defense.

From Ukrainian side it is battalion called `Donbass` that attacks the region. They already have losses and generally failed.

But the situation is very serious if Kiev continues massive attacks - some experts compare this attempt of the attack to the Debaltsevo battles (2015). 

Eyewitnesses report that they saw the Donbass battalion which has begun the attack near the area Yujnoye (Южное), they published some pictures with smoke – presumably, the DPR have successfully responded to invasion attempt.

According to preliminary data, 4 civilians have already suffered. Under firing, according to the Donetsk medias, are residential quarters, buildings. The Horlivka school was damaged, children and teachers have been evacuated to the cellar.

According to still unconfirmed messages, the bridge on the route the Red beam – Luhansk was undermined by the Ukrainian forces, and of course AFU accused of it the People`s Republics.

The day before the Ukrainian fighters have captured three DPR fighters in the district of Horlivka. One of the military personnel was killed on the spot.