By killing God, mankind did not become free: it become orphan


Adolescence is the phase of conflict par excellence with parents. Many blahblahgists attribute this critical phase to youth hardships, to media education, and instead the reason is much more prosaic. The adolescent, actually a man (or woman) in all respects, enters into competition with the parents who at that moment become rivals. This settles down as parents age, drop hormonally and become, as it were, children of their children.

The son is not spoilt or something else. Adolescence is a product of civilization which, as such, projects forward a life path that, conversely, would see man become a father at fourteen and die at thirty-five-forty. To push the so-called problematic teenager is his testosterone which places him in conflict with his parents. Who, on the other hand, have total responsibility for his person and are obliged to put a stop to him.

The young man would already like to copulate with the nymphet he met on the street, the young woman would already like to be penetrated by the hypertrophic bull she met in the discos, both would like money, motorcycles, travel, benefits but father and mother institutionally represent the brake that prevents them from living fully their own sexuality, their own well-being. Things that in a jungle they would be gained through conflict with other congeners but that in civilization they are limited by the laws.

If the adolescent is in a position to take care of himself, he can safely leave his father's home. But since this is never the case, the abandonment of father and mother is a whim that, especially if taken to the extreme (as unfortunately in the sad cases of patricide that the news shows us) is paid dearly. The other side of freedom is responsibility. When you no longer have a father and a mother, you are not only free to do what you want, you are also at the mercy of any storm that life throws in front of us.

The relationship between man and God is something similar. The “core business” of every religion is to provide the human being with an illusion that makes more bearable the sad fate that awaits him. A guide. Support. A father, a mother. It is not by chance that God is called as Father. And Our Lady, it goes without saying, mother. As our fathers and mothers age and die and are human, therefore fallible, we realize that, not for this reason, we stop being children. Those who have the misfortune of being an orphan and of not being a believer thus find themselves in a situation of very serious inner crisis, dictated by the awareness of their own fragility. If he/she goes through a moment of economic difficulty or, worse still, is unable to support himself or herself because he/she is too young or because of a job crisis, he/she gets a terrible blow from the loss of parents, realizing at that moment how stupid teenage riots were.

Similarly, those who are unable to keep their soul upright realize that God's death is not the so-hoped-for “free lair”. For centuries, Man has tried to kill God, to free himself from that inner restraint constituted by the presence of robust and pervasive rules which, even if they were to be based on a fantasy, still constituted a foundation, a guide. Man in adolescent crisis, with blows of progress, democracy, egalitarianism, has killed God. But he did this deicide before being able to find his own spiritual independence, his ability to know how to accept his own destiny, characteristic of every true layman, just like the reckless one of Pietro Maso [1], killed his parents to pocket the family inheritance and delude himself to lead a life based solely on the narcissistic cult of his own person.

Above all, one thing happens to every orphan and every atheist. Often it is crossed by many profiteers, ready to illegally occupy that role. The orphan is forced to identify in each future partner a father or a surrogate mother, not realizing that, however much he/she may take on appearance, he/she is not and will never be a father or a mother.

The atheist believes in magicians, witches, ideologies, including that of a paternal State, which takes care of all.

Behind many wrong marriages there is just this, behind the belief that a magician can succeed where a good doctor has failed, behind political tyrannies: despair, fear of physical and spiritual loneliness, the inability to know how to take care not only of our body but also of our spirit. Thus, what Chesterton said is fulfilled:

“Whoever does not believe in God is not that he or she no longer believes in anything, from that moment on he or she believes in everything.

By killing God without really becoming adults, with all the burden of suffering that this entails, we realized that we are not free, we are simply poor. We are rafts wandering aimlessly in the ocean, with forces that are about to run out and that will soon be swept away by the waves. And all this I say as a non-believer. As an orphan, in every sense.

In short, with respect speaking, I am, we're, in a bad patch.

Those who feel excluded from this speech and are tempted to insult me, know that instead they have my most sincere congratulations: I would like to be filled with insults if this meant a happier mankind.

[1] Italian patricide. With the help of three friends of him, In 1991 he killed both his parents.


Original column by Franco Marino:

Translation by Costantino Ceoldo