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“The United States of America is also one-party state, but with typical American extravagance, they have two of them”.   Julius Nyerere, President of...

Dedication   - to Dutch parliamentary newcomer ‘Forum for Democracy’, because another false dawn is too tiresome The Dutch election results – chart

The awesomeness of morality truly exists in an unfathomable region - Nishida Kitaro Prologue: the Western New Right as a Global Geopolitical...

If you want to exclude certain categories from society, in particular these categories of significance, you have to search for a substitute to fill...

So you still believe Bernie Sanders (the 2016 presidential candidate) is an anti-establishment/anti-war politician?   1. He voted in favor of use of...

Modern antifascism is a simulacrum, a copy without the original, it opposes the "fascism" it invented itself, which in reality is not there

Hi everybody. As you may know, I’m an American who was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, although I made a life decision four years ago to...

According to the report of the Anti-corruption Council of Serbia dated December 18th, 2015, “in Serbia the media are under powerful political...

That Could Potentially Be Nigeria’s and Africa’s Next Socio-Security Challenge.

In the recent months, people enchanting the slogans of Naya Pakistan have started showing severe concerns about the working of the government they...

Dear 5 Stars Parliamentarians and Senators,   I am writing you this Open Letter knowing that none of you will read it.   Within a short time, you...

Review: Alain de Benoist, View from the right. A Critical Anthology of Contemporary Ideas. Vol. I. Translated by Robert A. Lindgren. London 2017

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