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Be Nâme Khodâvandeh Jân-o Kherad [In the Name of the Lord of Life and Wisdom]  

Prologue: Wormtongue in Zürich

It is certainly no news that the west lies about Russia, and about Novorossiya - they lied about USSR all the time so they continue their lies now....

After the last general elections in Bangladesh, the Western media had started publishing aggressive reporting highlighting the lack of credibility of...

Arch globalist mastermind George Soros emerged to spout an ultimatum to all Europe. Every country must “accept responsibility” for the mass of...

Traditionalist and Identitarian Notes on Jason Reza Jorjani’s Prometheus and Atlas (London: Arktos, 2016)

Sufism (Tasawwuf) Somebody asked Abu Hafs: “Who is a Sufi?”   He answered: “A Sufi does not ask who a Sufi is.”

It is important that the pseudo-mentality of Western civilization must be unveiled, for us, in all its true evil dimensions. The Western world is...

The notion of civilization was introduced into broad scholarly circulation in the late 18th century by the Scottish philosopher Adam Ferguson, who...

Historical perspective

PART 1 – THE ONTOLOGY OF AN AUTHENTIC TRADITIONAL RESTORATION I. THE DECLINE OF THE WEST   To those of us who have been acquainted with Europe’s...

We live in a period of history in which intensifying gender, race and religious wars are leading to political disputes over nationalism versus...

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