The Living Dead


Social implosion

Le fil est maintenant cassé. Il n’y a plus d’hommes sur ce continent abandonné des dieux : il n’y a qu’une minorité surhumaine... et... une immense majorité de singes.

- Savitri Devi Mukherdji

The ‘Crisis of the Modern World’ is a central theme of the Traditional School, founded by René Guénon, Ananda Coomaraswamy and Frithjof Schuon. During the present postmodern époque this crisis - which can be more specifically characterized as the Crisis of the Modern West - can be subdivided into four concrete policy issues that can only be understood and resolved in terms of mutual interdependence. The essay Hellstorm described them as the ‘Four Political Realities’ of the Postmodern West: global climate change (industrial ecocide), technological transhumanism (technocatastrophe), ethnic replacement (demographic inundation) and social chaos (civil disintegration). The imminent convergence of these Four Political Realities points to a catastrophic end scenario: a true hell storm that has the power to permanently eliminate the remains of Western civilization. Within this complex scenario, the issue of social chaos takes centre stage: social implosion is the core mechanism driving all of the existential threats that confront the Modern West. The recent book The Sunset of Tradition and the Origin of the Great War traces the cultural-historical dynamics of the Crisis of the Modern World up to the outbreak of the First World War: it explains the mechanism of social implosion as an inevitable result of the ‘progress’ of Modernity. This present essay seeks to elucidate this thesis, which is one of the ten theses of Sunset.

The accumulating loss of social-psychological cohesion and social-cultural continuity in the Postmodern West results in a collective state of psychopathy, characterized by institutionalized cognitive dissonance and subrational hedonist-materialist conditioning. The silent acceptance of ‘politically correct’ totalitarianism in the public sphere and of antisocial hyperindividualism in the private sphere is a clear symptom of this development. Only the ‘normalization’ of collective cognitive dissonance and individual subrational conditioning can explain how life-threatening developments such as global climate change, technological transhumanism and ethnic replacement can continue without meeting serious resistance. The fundamental lack of an elementary sense of responsibility – and even of an elementary survival instinct – is only possible in a society that lives in a cultural historical void. The vacuum life world of the baby boom generation – now permanently structured as a hostile elite that regenerates itself from vindictive ‘minorities’ - no longer has space for authentic identity or a historical sense of responsibility. The ideological counterpart to this cultural-historical vacuum is Culture Nihilism, i.e. the baby boomer doctrine of militant secularism, social-Darwinist neoliberalism, narcissist hyperindividualism and totalitarian cultural relativism.

Armed with Culture Nihilism, the baby boomers have eradicated the lifework of generations of ancestors and the civilization heritage of centuries within one single generation. More than that, they have permanently mortgaged the future of their children by doing irreparable damage to the natural and cultural biotope of the Western peoples. The consistently ruthless manner in which the baby boomers and their Social Justice Warrior successors are pursuing this process to its extreme consequences – the utterly unscrupulous manner in which ecological disaster, transhumanist technology and ethnic replacement are poured out over Western humanity – bears the unmistakable stamp of true inhumanity. But is precisely the inhumanity of the deeds of the baby boomer hostile elite that provides the key to a correct understanding of its ideas. It allows the totalitarian Culture Nihilist worldview to be understood as subhuman: it is subrational, subintellectual, psychologically regressive and emotionally atavistic in nature. Thus, it forms a system that is closed in all regards: politically, economically, socially and culturally. It is not primarily a view of the world, but rather an experience of the world: Culture Nihilism is not primarily a rationally-tangible and logically-reversible ideology, but rather a pathological psychosocial condition.

From a Modern scientific perspective it is easy to explain this condition in terms of rational categories: at an individual level, it can be explained by the psychoanalytic method and at a collective level it can be explained by the psychohistorical method. But such scientific descriptions of the Culture Nihilist condition offer no more than rational understanding - they fail to address the metahistorical meaning of the phenomenon. Rational explanations of Culture Nihilism can reconstruct objective historical realities - the Hellstorm essay pointed to relevant bio-evolutionary feedback loops and psychohistorical adaptation mechanisms - but they cannot remedy its consequences. The Culture Nihilist ‘key values’ of militant secularism, shock doctrine neoliberalism, hyper-democratic consumerism and totalitarian cultural relativism have disastrous effects on the natural environment and human society that cannot be remedied through mere scientific analyses. Scientific treatises concerning the realities that are created by these ‘key values’ – industrial ecocide, economic cannibalism, ethnic replacement, social anomie, anti-intellectual ‘idiocracy’ – are futile as long as they are not framed by metahistorical meaning and metapolitical ethics. A full head is useless with an empty heart.

In this respect, Traditionalist thought can offer a remedy: it offers a metahistorical framework of meaning with an anagogic - holistically pedagogic – functionality. The book Sunset is relevant in this respect: it describes the historical background and genealogy of the Postmodern phenomenon of social implosion. The applicable thesis of Sunset retraces this phenomenon to a regressive ontological modality, i.e. to the reduced ‘experiential capacity’ of ‘modernized’ humanity. From a Traditionalist perspective, the cultural-historical background of the Postmodern social implosion can be understood as a ‘Regression of the Castes’ (Julius Evola). For the reader that is unfamiliar with the Traditionalist concepts on which Sunset is based, a short introduction to this term will be given here.

The Regression of the Castes

The two main problems of the modern world, demographic expansion and genetic degeneracy, cannot be solved. Liberal principles prevent the solution of the first and egalitarian principles prevent the solution of the second. – Nicolás Gómez Dávila

Proceeding from the basic notion of Sophia Perennis, ‘Perennial Wisdom’ in relation to transcendental reality and capital letter Truth, there are various ways by which the concept of ‘Tradition’ may be approached – most of these are esoteric in nature and therefore irrelevant to the substance of this essay. But there also three, slightly overlapping exoteric definitions: (1) the scientific definition (a hermeneutic system that achieves meaning through symbolic structure), (2) the ideological definition (a socio-political system founded on charismatic authority, holistic community and anagogic direction) and (3) the cultural anthropological definition (a worldview that coincides with an optimal ontological modality).

(1) Scientific Tradition is ‘canonized’ in the ‘Traditional School’ that was started, as mentioned earlier, by René Guénon, Ananda Coomaraswamy and Frithjof Schuon. It thus represents a minor but coherent scientific discipline that retains marginal relevance within religious studies, art history and cultural history. It involves a structuralist approach to functionality and symbolism, aimed at the epistemological context of cosmological, religious, artistic and cultural-historical phenomena. Given its research focus on metaphysical issues and ethical philosophy, scientific Tradition may be considered the last remaining link between pre-modern and Modern knowledge.

(2) Ideological Tradition maintains a concrete presence in the contemporary world only in the geopolitical margin: the downfall of all Traditional Imperia during the World Wars of the 20th Century has eliminated Tradition as a coherently articulated political presence. All that remains are a few symbolic forms (the nominal Japanese Imperium, the sovereign Holy See) and a handful of historical miniature curiosities (Swaziland, Brunei). Strictly formally, there still exists a single larger ‘absolute monarchy’: Saudi Arabia, but that state is a highly artificial creation, historically constructed around Anglosaxon oil interests and presently maintained by an American military protectorate. Considering the fact that even hybrid Modern-Traditional experiments such as the Third Reich are merely degenerate reflections of authentically Traditional Imperia such as the Assyrian Empire, such Traditional Imperia constitute socio-political constructs that must be now considered entirely incompatible - because unbearable - for ‘Modern men’. On the other hand, ideological Tradition as an abstract concept has recently been making an unexpected comeback: the recent phenomenal rise of Archaeo-Futurism (Guillaume Faye, Jason Jorjani) is largely due to a revolutionary re-incorporation of Traditionalist thought in Western metapolitical discourse.

(3) Cultural anthropological Tradition has also been reduced to a marginal phenomenon in the human-life world: it only continues to exist in the farthest (physical-geographic and psychological-sociological) recesses of the Modern world. On the one hand, authentic Tradition continues to be represented by a handful of ‘primitive nature peoples’ hiding in isolated locations (the tropical jungles of Amazonia, the mountain valleys of New Guinea, the Andaman Islands). On the other hand, it also continues to be represented by a handful of societal ‘drop outs’: marginalized thinkers, seers, artists, hermits and other Aussteiger. In terms of functionality and symbolism, these include – the hidden and unrecognizable ‘antipodes’ of Modernity – the ‘guardians of the hidden flame’ and the ‘watchers of the world’: the Tsadikim Nistarim of Judaism, the ‘Latter Day Saints’ of Christianity and the Qalandars of Islam. It is this cultural anthropological marginalization of Tradition that renders the Traditionalist thesis of the Regression of the Castes tangible – scientifically quantifiable – a reality in Modern sociology. The book Sunset develops the cultural-historical development of the Regression of the Castes in more detail. Here it suffices to say that early industrial Modern mankind was already living according to a suboptimal ontological modality, viz. the qualitatively reduced, materialized, damaged and devalued world of repressed nature, metastasizing industry, monetary slavery and lost faith. Late industrial Modern mankind is now living in an ontological modality that is located much farther below even this early industrial level: it is living in a hallucinatory world of demonic possession in which the anagogic ideals of Tradition – goodness, wisdom, power and beauty – are systematically reversed into the direction of their perverse antipodes.

The marginal position of Tradition according to all three preceding definitions can be logically explained through the near-total historical defeat of Tradition by triumphant Modernity. Sunset specifies the point of no return: it dates the ‘sunset’ of Tradition in the year 1914 and thus confirms a newly emergent historiographical consensus. The outbreak of the conflict that contemporary observers simply called the ‘Great War’ is now increasingly taking centre stage in the historical conscience of present-day Western thinkers. Long before the outbreak of the First World War the Bible Students – the predecessors of the present-day Jehovah’s Witnesses – had published a count-down system that assumed the year 1914 to be an important milestone in the Biblical plan of salvation. On August 3rd, 1914, on the eve of the British declaration of war against Germany, Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey – who was slowly losing his own eyesight – expressed his forebodings in these famous words: The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime. It is only now, over a century later, that Western thinkers are starting the true significance of ‘turning point 1914’ (a recent Dutch publication relevant in this regard is Tom Zwitzer’s book Permafrost).

The experiential reality of Modernity

What made it special, made it dangerous. So I bury it, and forget. - Kate Bush

Modernity, defined as the phased inversion and ultimate negation of Tradition, has meanwhile advanced to the point that all forms of authentic identity – religion, ethnicity, caste, gender, vocation – are now in an advanced stage of decay. This critical development, which is logically first reaching its extreme in the Western heartland of Modernity, is now affecting the material and institutional foundations (the bio-evolutionary incarnations and socio-political structures) of Tradition to such an extent that there is ever less space for its immaterial and cultural Traditional forms of civilization (religion and art). In this regard, the present critical state of all remaining forms of authentic identity is of decisive importance: in the final analysis, the failure of Tradition is an anthropological phenomenon – it re-defines what it means to be human. In the world of Tradition, the human experiential reality was of a fundamentally different nature than it is in the Modern world. The fundamentally different capabilities of perception and cognition of Traditional mankind may be considered as functions of a fundamentally different experiential reality. The natural world illustrates the principle of necessary adaption in perception and cognition to varying experiential modalities: the echolocation of the bat and the whiskers of the mole are examples of radically different, but functionally effective system of orientation adapted to radically different living environments. It is in this sense that the radically different experiential modalities of Traditional and Modern mankind can be most easily understood. On the one hand, Modern mankind is endowed with highly developed capacities for rational calculation and emotional immunity: these capacities are adjustments to the experiential realities of urban artificiality, rational abstraction, materialist competition and hedonist escapism. Compared to Traditional mankind, Modern mankind is a true Uebermensch in terms of abstract and social individualism (monetary profit, sexual experiment). On the other hand, Traditional mankind is endowed with highly developed capacities for mystical insight and applied magic: these capacities are adjustments to the experiential realities of cosmic equilibrium, sublimated naturalism and holistic community. Compared to Modern mankind, Traditional mankind is a near-divine being in terms of spiritual perception and instinctive effectiveness – it is this archaic ontological quality that is referred to in ancient lore, including the deuterocanonical ‘Books of Adam’. Given the historical primacy of Traditional existential modes and given the increasing distance from the old ‘paradisiacal’ qualities of humanity, it is inevitable that the tension between Traditional nature of humanity and its Modern self-image is reaching a breaking point. The inevitable results are intellectual disorientation, cognitive dissonance and emotional instability. These symptoms are the psychohistorical price that must be paid for the forced devolution of the human condition, which is most dramatically illustrated in humanity’s enforced separation from the Transcendental sphere (through radical secularism) and from the natural environment (through ecocidal urbanization).

Under the aegis of Postmodernism, this denaturalizing devolution is taking on increasingly perverse and totalizing forms. Even the human body itself is now subject to purposeful transformative manipulation: the current epidemic of ‘cosmetic surgery’, the widespread ‘behavioural medication’ of children and the public promotion of invasive ‘transgenderism’ are reliable indicators of a collective loss of Traditional human identity and an accelerated tendency towards enforced physical and psychological ‘transformation’. Confronted with the undisputed historical primacy of Traditional human nature – the Traditional identities of religion, ethnicity, caste, gender and vocation – Modern humanity has embarked on a self-destructive Flucht nach Vorne, characterized by ideological dogmatism and ethical nihilism. Within the heartland of Modernity, the so-called ‘Western world’, this direction is now dictated to the masses by a radically anti-Traditional hostile elite – a true ‘anti-elite’ that may be characterized as truly ‘luciferian’ in the Traditional sense of the word.

The prime target of the Postmodern final offensive against all forms of authentic Traditional identity that is being waged by this ‘anti-elite’ is ethnicity, which is the strongest remaining form of collective identity and the historical vehicle of Traditional civilization. Economic ‘globalization’, political ‘hyper-democracy’, social ‘emancipation’ and cultural ‘deconstruction’ are the ‘conventional weapons’ of this ‘reverse crusade’ against Western civilization. Where necessary, these are now supplemented by ‘weapons of mass destruction’ such as demographic sui-genocide (subsidized ‘single-parent households’, ‘abortion’ facilities, liberalized ‘euthanasia’), ethnic replacement (‘labour migration’, ‘refugee settlement’, ‘family unification’) and ethnic cleansing (albanizacija in Kosovo, plaatsmoorde in South Africa, white flight in the United States). Outside the Western world, in the so-called ‘Third World’, the destruction of Traditional identities is hastened by a fatal combination of habitat destruction (deforestation, desertification, sea level rise), industrialization (destruction of Traditional economies), urbanization (destruction of Traditional communities) and acculturation (destruction of Traditional cultures through invasive monocultures, as in Americanization, Islamization and Sinification). The resulting combination of habitat collapse, demographic explosion, ethnic strife and political radicalism in the Third World are causing mass migrations that are directed towards the Western world by the hostile elite in a desperate bid to hasten its global vision of an anti-identitarian ‘melting pot’. This transforms the Western heartland into the global ‘ground zero’ of the Culture Nihilist Maelstrom.

The Cultural Nihilist Maelstrom

The earth is full of anger, the seas are dark with wrath; the nations in their harness go up against our path... - Rudyard Kipling

In the global melting pot, all forms of authentic Traditional identity are subjected to the ultimate test of Modernity. The present form and efficiency of this crucible are determined by the baby boomer ideology of Culture Nihilism: under the aegis of Culture Nihilism, the melting pot vision has reached its apotheosis in a moral-free ‘American Dream 2.0’. This is a hallucinatory state of urban-hedonist stasis combined with a total ethical vacuum: Hollywood versions of this vision can be found in Ang Lee’s The Ice Storm (1997) and Sam Mendes’ American Beauty (1999). But the actual practice of this ‘ideal form’ remains the exclusive preserve of the Western baby boomers: as a plague of locust they have devastated the outer as well as inner worlds of Modernity and they are leaving behind themselves nothing but a desert. For the globalized masses of rootless prospective consumers the practical implementation of the global melting pot project is an entirely different reality: their experiential reality is not that of the shaded suburb and the gilded shopping mall, but that of the Brazilian favela, the South African shanty town, the American inner city ghetto and the French HLM banlieue. It is there that the teeming billions of damnés de la terre, the masses of professional have-nots, are condemned to live under permanent conditions of ‘bio-industrial’ deprivation and moral degradation. This global reservoir of human misery is the ultimate driving force from which the global process of social implosion derives its impetus. Within the Western world this reservoir functions as a ‘labour reserve’ to decrease wages, a ‘consumer mass’ to increase profits and a ‘democratic electorate’ that is loyal to the regime. Outside the Western world, it functions as a major psychological catalyst for global subversion through religiously and ethnically inspired violence. Globally escalating demographic pressure, failing ecosystems, denaturalized living conditions, competitive consumer fetishism and structural social-economic marginalization are building up a global ‘anger capital’, i.e. a sum total of despair, resentment and anger that is deposited in a ‘world anger reservoir’ (Peter Sloterdijk 2006). This ‘global anger bank’ forms a permanent mortgage on all Traditional forms of authentic identity and social structure. From this perspective, the ultimate foreclosure of Western civilization is inevitable and must result in the final dispossession and permanent debt slavery of the Western peoples. What is truly at stake is nothing less than an anti-Western exercise in revenge: a final overflowing of this ‘world anger reservoir’ will finally sweep away Western civilization in an incoherent and all-consuming Last Wave of apocalyptic violence.

Until the collapse of the Soviet ‘Evil Empire’ in 1991 and the declaration of the American ‘New World Order’ in 1992 the ‘world anger reservoir’ was still largely contained within the Third World. Social implosion and societal atavism were phenomena that were limited to the post-colonial world of Latin America, Africa and Asia and their exponentially breeding populations of impoverished métèques. During the subsequent Postmodern Age the Third World still remains the most important stakeholder in the ‘global anger bank’, obtaining ever higher returns on the Western ‘investments’ of ‘intervention’ (Somalia 1992, Iraq 2003), ‘sexploitation’ (UN Mozambique 1992, Oxfam Haïti 2018) and ‘low cost outsourcing’ (Nike ‘sweatshops’ 2005, H&M/Zara child labour 2009). The difference is that the Postmodern Age is characterized by a purposeful ‘globalization’ of the ‘world anger reservoir’, which is deliberately being imported into the West itself. After the fall of Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union, the former eastern block countries were the first to be subjected to the neoliberal ‘shock doctrine’ (Naomi Klein 2007), with the entirely predictable results of de-industrialization, endemic poverty, brain drain and demographic implosion. With the introduction of the Euro and the start of the ‘credit crisis’, the Southern European countries are next in line. In the ex-Protestant economic heartland of the West – North-Western Europe and the overseas Anglosphere – the process is more gradual. To maintain the political stability of Western consumer society – still a vital part of the world economy – the demolition of labour laws and social services proceeds at a slower pace: the process of Verelendung is replicated in ‘slow motion’ fashion. It is reasonable to assume that the final abolition of the last borders of the ‘world anger reservoir’ will coincide with the biological end of the Western baby boom generation (somewhat arbitrarily defined as the cohorts 1940-65).

But finally, it will be in the Western heartland that the strongest ‘therapy’ will have to be prescribed to achieve the abolition of the last borders of the global melting pot. In the face of the highly sophisticated and politically emancipated indigenous population of the Western heartland, the hostile elite will have to resort to her ultimate weapon: ethnic replacement. To the extent that the indigenous peoples of the Western heartland are proving themselves unfit to the melting pot – demographically infertile under totalitarian dictatorship, economically unproductive in urban-hedonist stasis and politically unreliable in debt slavery – they are simply replaced by less intellectual, less demanding and less self-conscious slave peoples that are more easily manipulated. In this regard, the dominant Culture Nihilist discourse of anti-identity is essential, because it allows for a refined exploitation of the historical traumas and demoralization of the Western peoples. The psychohistorical burden of two world wars, four decades of decolonization and total post-ideological disenchantment makes them ripe for sadomasochistic self-annihilation. The Culture Nihilist program of ethnic replacement is based on a subtle combination of demographic ‘shrinkage’ (deconstruction of the family through ‘female emancipation’, self-sterilization through ‘anti-conception’, child sacrifices through ‘abortion’, senicide through ‘euthanasia’), genetic ‘outcrossing’ (exogamic role pattern with indigenous people as ‘wife-givers’ and immigrants as ‘wife-takers’) and evolutionary ‘cropping’ (genocidal role pattern with ‘weak’ indigenous peoples and ‘strong’ immigrants). The indigenous peoples of the West, including the progeny of the baby boomers, are sacrificed in a ritualistic ‘holocaust’: they are the necessary offering on the altar of the cult of Culture Nihilism. Once they are in the grip of the Culture Nihilistic Maelstrom they are doomed to disappear into the bottomless pit of the global melting pot, which is the final destination of all forms of authentic Traditional identity. Thus, in the early 21st Century the Western peoples are facing an ultimate choice: either they submit to sadomasochistic self-destruction, or they struggle free from the Culture Nihilist anti-identitarian agenda in a self-surpassing act of supreme willpower.

The anti-identitarian agenda

And now, open your eyes and see... What we have made is real: we are in Xanadu!

- Olivia Newton-John

The greatest inner power of Modernity resides in its powers of suggestion. The greatest fraud it has perpetrated on Modern mankind is arguably the historical materialist illusion of the infinite malleability of human nature: this illusion causes him to believe that identity is a ‘choice’. This illusion, as seductive as it is absurd, is a central tenet of the Enlightenment, which causes Modern mankind to indulge in a self-defeating and self-destructive battle against all forms of authentic identity. In Culture Nihilism, this tenet becomes doctrine and in the Postmodern melting pot, it becomes reality. This Culture Nihilist doctrine is implemented by means of an anti-identarian agenda. The crucial mechanism by which this agenda is realized is the mutual cancellation of all forms of authentic identity, according to old maxim divide et impera. Thus, authentic Christianity (supersession of fate, salvation through grace) is twisted, opposed and cancelled out against authentic Islam (acceptance of fate, salvation through submission). Thus, authentic Indo-European ethnicity (Bringer of Evangelion, Creator of Nomos, Master of Techne) is cancelled out against authentic Semitic ethnicity (Prophet of the Word, People of the Covenant, Servant of the Law). Thus, authentic femininity (private dedication, self-surpassing sacrifice) is cancelled out against authentic masculinity (public authority, self-surpassing responsibility).

This process of mutual cancellation is operational at all levels. At the lowest individual level, all authentic personal vocations are cancelled out against competing ‘lifestyle’ options. Women are made to believe that matrimony and motherhood are somehow ‘incomplete’ vocations and that somehow compatible with relationship and labour market experiments: this has reduced entire generations of women to eternally immature and eternally unhappy creatures. Men are made to believe that labour and family are merely random and temporary life choices and that public responsibility is an obsolete idea: this has reduced entire generations of men to money-grabbing weasels that strive to imitate the role model of The Wolf of Wallstreet. At the highest collective level, all authentic forms of religion, ethnicity and culture are cancelled out in a globalist ‘zero-sum’ fantasy of ‘international competition’. The inevitable geopolitical implication of the Culture Nihilist anti-identitarian agenda, aimed at realizing the ‘New World Order’ (George Bush 1990) and the ‘End of History’ (Francis Fukuyama 1992), is an apocalyptic ‘Clash of Civilizations’ (Samuel Huntington 1997). The anti-identitarian agenda dictates that to the extent that the authentic forms of religion, ethnicity and culture do not disappear of their own accord during the great fire sale of the Postmodern melting pot, they will be removed by force.

From this perspective, it is easy to understand why the globalist hostile elite is deliberately creating artificial conflicts: domestically against ‘Islam’ (the abstract representation of authentic religious life) and internationally against ‘Russia’ (the abstract representation of authentic national sovereignty). These conflicts are created on purpose: the resulting domestic and international ‘enemies’ function as lightning conductors for the new Culture Nihilist Tower of Babel. These ‘psy-op’ machinations, which effectively continue the successful psychological warfare strategies of the Cold War, represent intentional programs by which the globalist hostile elite means to win the domestic and international Clash of Civilizations. It realizes its anti-identitarian through a combination of ruthless suppression, perverse propaganda and refined psychological manipulation: Third World barbarity is systematically imported under the guise of ‘human rights’ (‘asylum’, ‘refugee status’), fundamentalist terror is systematically sponsored under the guise of ‘freedom fighters’ (Jabhat al-Nusra, Daʻesh) and authentic state authority is systematically undermined under the guise of ‘colour revolutions’ (Georgia 2003, Ukraine 2004). The increasing brinkmanship of the globalist hostile elite – which may lead to civil war in the Western heartland and nuclear war with Russia – indicates its increasing impatience. Knowing that its days are numbered, the old baby boomer elite is seduced by the Culture Nihilist mirage of the global melting pot and is losing its grip on geopolitical reality. This means that the risk of fatal miscalculation and va banque hubris is rising exponentially: the demonically possessed leaders of the West have nothing to lose – their souls are dead already.

Dead Souls’

Woe until them that call evil good and good evil; that put darkness for light and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!. - Isaiah 5:20

The global hostile elite represents a power complex that is ruled by a handful of literally dehumanized ‘dead souls’. These are the ‘Davos Men’ – the top business tycoons, top politicians, top economists and top ideologues that regularly meet in institutionalized settings such as the World Economic Forum (Samuel Huntington 2004). Occasionally, one of the éminences grises of this hostile elite is recognized by opponents of the globalization project, illustrating the ‘dead soul’ principle. These are a mere handful ‘rulers of the earth’ who are exploiting the triumph of Modernity – technically speaking the decay of the Nomos and the occultation of the Katechon – to unleash their megalomania on innocent nature and naive mankind. In their case ‘humanism’ is not a mere ideological slogan but a literal Totaler Krieg against God. In their case the Novo Ordo Seclorum not a mere fantasy between lodge ‘brethern’, but a literal Griff nach der Weltmacht. Compared to these dead souls chief vampires, the political ‘cartel creatures’ of Western ‘democracy’ (Thierry Baudet 2017), the Social Justice Warriors of the ‘Leftwing Subsidy Network’ (Martin Bosma 2011), the Gekaufte Journalisten of the Western ‘free press’ (Udo Ulfkotte 2014) and the ‘affirmative action’ appointees of the Western academia (Jordan Peterson 2017) are merely insignificant and disposable extras. The anti-identitarian agenda – including its ‘open borders’, its ‘open societies’ and its ‘open relations’ – is officially portrayed as a ‘democratic’ bottom-up project, but it is actually realized in an entirely top-down fashion.

The real strength of the anti-identitarian ‘New World Project’ resides in the intangible informality and judicial immunity of its largely anonymous leadership. The handful of new Godfathers and new Untouchables that is ultimately responsible for the monstrous network of ‘global governance’, ‘high finance’ and ‘multinational business’ always manages to stay out of public sight - and out of the reach of justice. The ontological ‘quality’ and the basic ‘motivation’ of these dead souls are determined by a (microcosmic) inner void – and by the (macrocosmic) ‘Outer Void’ that is its inevitable downward extension. Their quality and motivation can only be understood as quintessentially subhuman phenomena: only the ancient archetypes of Absolute Evil can shed light on them. It cannot be a coincidence that contemporary art forms are characterized by a massive resurfacing of the archetypes of ‘demons’, ‘vampires’ and ‘zombies’. The Lord of the Rings offers a poetic stereotype of such an archetype in ‘Shelob’: a monster living in underground hiding, ruthlessly fixed on the maximal sadistic inversion of all authentic power, beauty, goodness and innocence that lives in the world. Like the dead souls that lead the global hostile elite, Shelob ‘lives’ without any fixed allegiance and without any fixed affinities, patiently feeding off her eternal resentment and waiting for new victims. The only thing she truly fears is the Light: like the dead souls that lead the global hostile elite, she feels the best hiding in the shadows of her webs of deceit. It is only in the dark that the global hostile elite prospers and it can only maintain its power by clouding the judgment and intellect of the Western peoples, hoping to catch them in its webs and to devour them in darkness.

The poisoned cup of anti-identity

Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting. - Sun Tzu

A Traditionalist analysis clarifies the Culture Nihilist agenda of the globalist hostile elite. A central theme in Traditionalist thought is how all temporal power, beauty, goodness and innocence in the microcosm of the earthly sphere reflects eternal archetypes in the macrocosm of the heavenly sphere. For Traditional mankind, with its Traditional experiential capacities, these heavenly (transcendental) archetypes are therefore lived realities. For Modern mankind, they can only be rationally reconstructed as archetypal identities, i.e. ‘model identities’ of which the worldly identities of Traditional mankind were merely temporal and imperfect reflections. Modernity causes a fading and loss of these reflections: the downward – negative, inverse – movement of Modernity is gradually distancing mankind from all forms of authentic identity. From a Traditionalist perspective, it is the ‘cosmic task’ of the Culture Nihilist hostile elite to maximize this distance – and to finally abolish all authentic forms of identity. The highest priority of its anti-identitarian agenda is the eradication of the most powerful remnants of authentic identity that still exist in the world: if these remaining identities can be ‘tamed’, then the other remnants will fall into line soon enough. Thus, the highest priority target of the anti-identitarian agenda is Western ethnic identity, as structured around a sublimely transcendent Evangelion, a superlatively interiorized Nomos and a masterly command of Techne. Given the insurmountable material power of Western civilization, the success of the anti-identitarian assault depends on immaterial factors. Western civilization has proven its remarkable material resilience: even after the unprecedented sacrifices of two world wars, the total loss of four centuries of imperialist expansion during four decades of ‘dekolonization’ and the radical anti-Traditional tyrannies of Communism and Fascism, the West is still at the pinnacle of material development. Therefore, the only way in which Western civilization can be destroyed is through the psychological manipulation and intellectual disorientation of the Western peoples. In other words: the Western peoples have to be tricked into destroying themselves – this is the strategy behind the anti-identitarian agenda.

The globalist hostile elites have diagnosed the Western people as ‘terminally ill’ and they have prescribed a recipe in accordance with this diagnosis: it is offering the fatal cup of Culture Nihilist poison. Thus, the globalist hostile elite means to end Western civilization by self-medicated euthanasia, after a short respite of palliative care for the baby boomers, to who it owes its power. Here applies the maxim that greatest lie is most readily believed. The first political-philosophical draught that the Western peoples took from the poisoned cup of anti-identity included the greatest lie of human history since the Seduction of Eve, viz. the fundamental denial of Traditional identity in ‘The Communist Manifesto’: The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles. This lie is so patently absurd that even the authors of the Manifesto felt obliged to backtrack somewhat by immediately adding the most dramatic footnote of all times: That is, all written history. But even after discarding the 99% of human presence on Earth that is unwritten, this lie remains breathtakingly audacious. Decades of politically correct academic historiography has yet to unearth a single trace of ‘classes’ - let alone ‘class struggle’ - in Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Classical Greece or Medieval Europe. There have been forbidding hierarchies, hermetically closed castes, privileged estates and marginalized slave populations, but in the world of Tradition, all social groups were always holistically positioned in self- regulating communities and integrated within coherent ethnic structures. ‘Classes’ did not exist until they were programmatically ‘invented’ by the resentful nihilist ideologues of Historical Materialism. In Western public discourse, ‘classes’ did not exist before the so-called ‘Enlightenment’ and ‘class struggles’ did not exist before ‘The Communist Manifesto’. That is something entirely different than the ‘history of all hitherto existing society’.

Nevertheless, the grotesquely absurd lie of the history of ‘class struggle’ still remains effective in the Postmodern West: the Culture Nihilist hostile is inventing ever new ‘classes’ on whose behalf it ‘struggles’. After the social-economic ‘class struggle’ between ‘labour’ and ‘bourgeoisie’ was shipwrecked on the cold rocks of capitalist reality at the end of the Cold War, ‘Cultural Marxism’ shifted its agenda to the cultural-identitarian ‘class struggle’. The collective defeat of the European peoples in two world wars, multiple decolonization wars and the Cold War – and the historical settling of accounts with Imperialism, Communism and Fascism – created an appropriate mental climate for the new anti-identitarian agenda. Deep historical trauma, a twisted self-image and extreme cultural discontinuity resulted in a nihilistic ‘slave discourse’ of hedonistic escapism, sublimated self-hatred and pathological sadomasochism: an ideal climate for an anti-identitarian ‘class struggle’ aimed at the mutual cancellation of ‘repressive’ identities. New ‘classes’ with repressive ‘privileges’ and ‘reactionary’ worldviews were quickly identified with the last outer symbols of power and identity: ethnicity, gender and vocation. The top priorities listed on the Cultural Marxist agenda are obviously the white race and the male gender – especially in their fatal combination of the ‘white male’, on whom the Cultural Marxists consistently project their anger complexes. This is the new spectre of the cultural-identitarian ‘class struggle’ that is now haunting the Western world – it is the spectre of anti-identitarian resentment.

This new spectre is much more effective than the old spectre of ‘The Communist Manifesto’: it works on a subtly subrational level and it exploits immaterial (psychohistorical) instead of material (social-economic) realities. The anti-identitarian spectre literally possesses Postmodern mankind and changes it from the inside out: it accurately reflects the outer Postmodern existential reality of Entfremdung, anomie and disenchantment in an inner experiential modality of soulless possession. The poisoned cup of anti-identity works in stages: the pleasurable sensation of hedonist exhilaration extends across the entire baby boom generation and only changes into spasmodic convulsions in their children – only their grandchildren will have to swallow the last bitter draught. Through hyper-individualism and hyper-democracy, the poison of anti-identity is gradually spreading through the whole of Western society and civilization. Individuals can arm themselves and bravely resist the resulting wave of collective hallucination, regression and atavism, but in the long term, every form of mere individual resistance is doomed. There is no individual psychoanalytic cure that can match the collective psychohistorical condition of anti-identity: even the elegant ‘antidotes’ of Jordan Peterson (12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos 2018) are doomed to fail. From a psychohistorical perspective, the such ‘antidotes’ can be no more than individual ‘palliatives’: they can lessen the social-psychological suffering of an individual, but they cannot combat the structural causes of that suffering.

Only a collective volte-face can still prevent der Untergang des Abendlandes. In the hour of their need, the Western peoples can still resort to the oldest and strongest weapon in the cultural-historical arsenal of the West: Traditionalist thought. The Western peoples will have to dislodge the Traditionalist Sword of Knowledge from the silent stone of history before they can hack a way through the deceptive webs of Culture Nihilist anti-identity. At an intellectual level, this requires in-depth epistemological archaeology to uncover the psychohistorical roots of the ‘anti-identitarian movement’. This epistemological-archaeological project will require nothing less than a macrohistorical diagnosis of the archetypal powers that direct Modernity itself. Here Traditionalist thought can offer solutions, but only if the Western mind is still strong enough to accept its last consequences and to reject some very comfortable Modernist illusions – the illusion of ‘equality’ above all. The first illusion of ‘equality’ that needs to be transferred to the curiosity department of history is at the same time the most comfortable of all: the ‘equality’ between man and woman.

Kali Yuga

A basic characteristic of the last [of the four Hindu Ages of the World], the so-called Dark Age, [or the] Kali Yuga, is that during this era Kâli is fully awake... [A]nd thus that entire era is under her power... in her basic role as goddess of destruction, lust and sexuality. - Julius Evola

A central tenet of Traditionalist thought is the cyclical concept of world history. Traditionalist consensus teaches that the Modern Age represents the last era of the present time cycle (Sunset places its commencement somewhat arbitrarily in the year 1488). In cosmological terms, the Modern Age is the ‘Dark Age’, i.e. the age during which the world is farthest removed from the Divine Light. Different Traditions have different expressions to deal with this concept: in Norse mythology, it is the Ragnarök (the Wagnerian Götterdämmerung), in Christian eschatology, it is the ‘Endtime’ and in Spenglerian historiography, it is the ‘Winter Time’. In the oldest historically preserved Indo-European Tradition, the Vedic Tradition, this era is termed the Kali Yuga, i.e. the reign of the demon Kali, the ‘Torturer’, incestuously born from the demons Anger and Violence, in their turn born from the demons Impropriety and Falsehood. In Traditional symbolic systems, the Dark Age is consistently characterized by the blind creative force of the female archetype: it is characterized as the gradual eclipse of the ‘heavenly’, ordering and legislating male principle by the ‘earthly’, irrepressibly-fertile female principle. In the world of Tradition the universal binary opposition male-female is consistently projected on cosmology: from an anthropologically structuralist perspective, the fundamental opposition between Tradition/Male and Modernity/Female is a fixed feature of Traditional cultures.

From a Traditionalist perspective, the final total eclipse of the heavenly male principle, symbolically associated with authority as representative of law and order, is an inevitable feature of the Dark Age. Its logical counterpart is the final supremacy of the earthly female principle, symbolically associated with irrepressible fecundity and unrestrained promiscuity. Under the aegis of Dark Age Matriarchy, the collapse of Traditional male authority will inevitably end with the removal of all restraints on materialism and hedonism, resulting in apocalyptic atavistic regression. Conforming to this principle the contemporary world is simultaneously witnessing an unprecedented combination of collective Narcissism, demographic catastrophe and unrestrained Ecocide. Matriarchy, which represents the hypertrophy of the female gift of protecting all life with unreasoning devotion, will inevitably destroy all higher forms of life–everything that is strong, intelligent and beautiful–by fostering all lower forms of life–everything that is weak, stupid and ugly. Sunset (p. 201).

There are a number of ancient literary texts that specify this terrifying prospect. The Mesopotamian Tradition preserves the threat spoken by the great goddess Ishtar, who is less the goddess of ‘love’ and ‘procreation’ than the goddess of elementary sex and war. In case she is hindered in fulfilling her ritual obligations, she pronounces the following warning: (Babylonian) Shumma la tapatta babu, la erruba anaku, amahhats daltum, sikkuru ashabbir, amahhats sippuma, ushabalakat dalati, ushella mituti, ikallu baltuti, eli baltuti imaʻidu mituti! ‘If you do not open the gate [and] I cannot enter, [then] I will force in the door, break the bolts, tear down the doorposts, throw down the doors, raise the dead [and] they will eat the living – the dead will outnumber the living!’ (Inanna’s Descent into the Underworld – K[uyuncuk – Nineveh] 162 Obv. 16-20). Here the ‘doorposts’ refer to the border between the world of men and the underworld: in the world of Tradition, this border was ritually and institutionally guarded by the Katechon provisions of Royalty, Nobility, Temple and Scholarship. The existential threat that emanates from the creative primordial chaos that underpins the archetypal female principle, always lurking as ‘primordial nature’ under and beyond the ‘doorposts’ of high culture, marks the entire ancient world of Tradition.

A faint reflection of this profound awareness, incorporates as a well-known Ancient Near Eastern poetic trope, may also be found in the Old Testament: (Hebrew) Mi-zot, hannishqafah kmo shachar, yafah chalwanah, barah kachamah, ajummah kanniedgalot? ‘Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners?’ (Solomon’s Song 6:10). In this context ‘she’ refers to the archetypal female principle, both abstractly and concretely. Abstractly it can refer to the terrifying ‘Great Goddess’, as it does in Robert Graves’ The White Goddess (1948). Concretely it can also refer to a dangerously seductive peasant girl, as it does in Umberto Eco’s Il nome della rosa (1980). At both levels, it unites the female blessing of stainless purity (the virgin theme of the hortus conclusus) and the female curse of the black death of the soul (the theme of Durga and Kāli as a destructive force of nature). This elementary duality is still explicitly expressed in contemporary cults such as the Roma cult of Sara-la-Kali, ‘Black Sarah’, in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. It is this negative – blind earthly and subrational downward – potential within the female principle which increasingly dominates Modernity as the balancing and the braking forces of the male principle fail. In this sense, Modernity can be understood as a combination of the deflation of the male principle to a state of ultimate degeneracy and the inflation of the female principle to a state of ultimate perversity. The extreme consequence of this double development is the perverse reign of the Great Whore: in the Bible, this reign is identified in the context of the Seven Plagues of the Endtime.

And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters: With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication. So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abomination and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration. – Revelation 17:1-6.


When the patriarchy that was founded by the warriors is finally eliminated, the individualist and martial society of the last millennia returns to its prenatal state of collectivist atavism. – Nicolás Gómez Dávila

The Biblical vision of the Great Whore is psychohistorically realized in the Matriarchy of the Modern West. This Matriarchy is not the literal exclusive exercise of power by hyper-emancipated women – although this fashionable aspect is increasingly visible – but rather the effective feminization of Western civilization. Who exactly exercises power is of secondary importance: ‘neutered’ males – preferably explicitly identifiable as gays, transgenders and docile affirmative action creatures – can direct a Matriarchy as effectively as ‘denatured’ women. The only thing that counts is the final destination of the journey towards total feminization: anti-identity.

Sunset dates the matriarchal Machtsübernahme to the aftermath of the First World War: the male population of the West has been decimated by four years of trench warfare and the female population of the West is forced to take over male societal functions. The remaining males of the West are – mostly subconsciously – suffering from collectively humiliating survivor guilt and find themselves bereft of the Traditional structures that used to explicitly represent the male principle of auctoritas. The Monarchy, the Nobility and the Church have lost their remaining world power after the total victory of Modernity and the total defeat of Tradition, as illustrated by the fall of the supranational Imperia of the Hohenzollerns, the Hapsburgs, the Ottomans and the Romanovs. Instead, the Western peoples are taking their final steps towards Matriarchy. The female electoral franchise combined with female economic emancipation results in totalitarian ‘social security’: the government takes on the function of abstract ‘super husband and father’ and forces the remaining concrete husbands and fathers into tributary payments in the form of ‘taxes’ and ‘alimonies’. Thus, the collectivist totalitarian super-state of 20th Century Matriarchy is born. ‘Social security’ combined with ‘judicial equality’ inevitably results in the breakdown of the traditional family as a societal norm: once they are economically and judicially covered, ‘emancipated’ women can indulge in relationship and labour experiments with impunity. In the course of a few decennia all traditional values and rules are dissolved in the historical acid of the Realmatriarchat, characterized by totalitarian doctrines such as ‘emotional experience’ (subrational communication), ‘equal opportunities’ (potency reduction) and ‘self development’ (narcissist role-playing): this is the start of The Century of the Self (Tony Curtis 2002). It is important to note that, from a Traditionalist perspective, there can be no question of assigning ‘blame’: from a Traditionalist perspective, Matriarchy is simply the logical societal projection of a cosmic process of feminization that is characterized by the dislocation and hypertrophy of the archetypal feminine principle and that finally ends in anti-identity.

This process accelerates after the Second World War and reaches full speed in the baby boomer counterculture of the ‘60s: it intensifies in a vicious cycle of mutually reinforcing social ‘deconstructions’: political hyper-democracy, social collectivism, hedonist materialism and cultural relativism. From a metahistorical perspective, the semi-reactionary counter movements of the 20th Century (Fascism, Corporatism, National Socialism) are nothing more than hopelessly doomed rearguard actions. The inevitable defeat of these movements merely served to strengthen and accelerate the historical development of the Modern Western Matriarchy. The end of the Second World War marks the final psychohistorical ‘castration’ of Western manhood: biological reproduction and cultural transmission soon start to falter. The ebbing of the last demographic boom – the baby boomers are the children of the great generation, the last authentically ‘Western’ generation – is followed by demographic sui-genocide. During the Postmodern Era (Sunset places its commencement somewhat arbitrarily in the year 1992) the Modern Western Matriarchy achieves a position of social-political and cultural-historical monopoly. But total Matriarchy is doomed to be short-lived: the imminent failure of biological reproduction and cultural transmission in the Western heartland are creating a fatal psychohistorical void: the stage of individual psychological implosion and collective malignant narcissism is at hand (Christopher Lasch 1979). Inevitably, every Matriarchy eventually abolishes itself by the absence of (viable) offspring. To the extent that indigenous Western biological procreation continues – a few non-matriarchal sects such as the Mormons and Amish aside – the remaining offspring is collectively and fatally marked by the social and psychological havoc of ‘single parent families’ and ‘liberal educational practices’. Many of these schrecklichen Kinder der Neuzeit (Peter Sloterdijk 2014) are illegitimate children, stepchildren, foster children and adopted children etc. In their case matriarchal jurisprudence of the baby boomers always prevails: baby boomer ‘privacy’ prevails over the right to know who are your parents, baby boomer ‘self-determination’ prevails over the right not to be maltreated, abused and neglected and baby boomer ‘property rights’ prevail over the right to a rightful inheritance. Thus, the ‘impulsive’ wish to become pregnant of ‘liberated’ women, where necessary facilitated by anonymous ‘donors’, always prevails over the existential need of every child: to have a (biological, real) father. Thus, the ‘second youth’ of ‘speed divorcing’ baby boomers, where necessary facilitated by ‘mail order brides’, always prevails over the inheritance rights of the ‘stepchild’. Thus, the numerically inferior post-babyboomer generations are legally, economically and psychologically doomed to societal marginalization. This marginalization - a de facto state of enforced Verelendung and anomie - is continuously affirmed and reinforced by the aggressive Culture Nihilist agenda of neoliberalism (demolition of social security), globalism (demolition of economic opportunity) and Umvolkung (demolition of ethnic cohesion).

Matriarchy degrades Western civilization to the status of the Great Whore of the world: the matriarchal ‘open society’ is a calculated invitation of boundless exploitation by unscrupulous bankers, political mercenaries, opportunistic criminals, ruthless colonists and resentful barbarians. Matriarchy cannot and does not want to defend itself: it represents unconditional surrender and blind submission. From a psychohistorical perspective, Matriarchy is a sadomasochistic mechanism that condemns the Western peoples to a perverse sacrificial death. Matriarchy is more than a mere emotional incapacity for self-defence: it is the blind impulse to self-annihilation. The matriarchal ideology of Culture Nihilism is nothing but a self-administered anaesthetic to allow this impulse to persist as long as possible. Meanwhile, the instruments of physical self-annihilation are put in place: the torture instruments of neoliberal economic exploitation, globalist political repression and ethnic replacement are ready to grind the remnant post-babyboomer population of the West into the dust of history.

Undoubtedly, ethnic replacement is the most stereotypically cruel instrument within the matriarchal torture machinery: it explicitly expresses the new ‘disposable’ status of the Western peoples and it simultaneously represents the ultimate sadomasochistic ‘punishment’ of Matriarchy. The culturally most highly advanced, the intellectually most refined and the physically most vulnerable peoples of the world are confronted, in their own homelands, with an invasion of the culturally least receptive, mentally least responsible and physically most hardened peoples of the world. The innocent children of the West, the exquisitely sensitive and vulnerable heirs to the most refined civilization of human history, are forced to fight a perversely unequal social-Darwinist struggle for survival against the most ruthless barbarians from the darkest corners of the Third World. The hostile elite of the Western Matriarchy has opened the gates of the sheep-fold so that the sheep can engage in ‘dialogue’ with the wolves for the sake of ‘diversity’.

Matriarchy is symbolized by an unspoken perversion which is realized in ever increasing numbers of ‘broken families’: self-hating ‘single moms’ are indulging in a sick impulse to open the doors of their children’s room to her ‘guests’. The cult of Matriarchy always depends on child sacrifice – in the Bible the punishment for this cult of ultimate sin is nothing less than the eternal damnation of the People of the Covenant: And they have built the high places of Tophet, which is in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire; which I commanded them not, neither came it into my heart. Therefore, behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that it shall no more be called Tophet, nor the valley of the son of Hinnom, but the valley of slaughter: for they shall bury in Tophet, till there be no place. And the carcases of this people shall be meat for the fowls of the heaven, and for the beasts of the earth; and none shall fray them away. Then will I cause to cease from the cities of Judah, and from the streets of Jerusalem, the voice of mirth, and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom, and the voice of the bride: for the land shall be desolate. – Jeremiah 7:31-34.

Ethnic replacement by means of mass immigration is a typical ‘feel good’ project of the matriarchal baby boomer Gutmensch: it reflects the typical matriarchal combination of run-away ‘maternal instinct’ (ruthless colonists as pitiful ‘refugees’) and sadomasochistic instinctual complexes (gynophobic polygamists as masculine heroes). It expresses the essentially oikophobic emotionality of Matriarchy: the essentially anti-identitarian orientation of Matriarchy finds its explicit expression in deliberate deterritorialization (‘open borders’) and xenophilia (‘multiculturalism’). But it will not be the baby boomers that have to empty the poisoned cup of ethnic replacement to its final bitter dregs: this fate is reserved for the post-babyboomers. It is the privilege of disinherited grandchildren of the baby boomers to be fully submerged in the poisoned pool of ‘cultural diversity’, including its intimate experiences of rapefugees, loverboys, grooming gangs, Sylvester Uebergriffe and tournantes. The terrifying combination of matriarchal social implosion and ethnic replacement, still largely hidden behind the (self-)censorship of the media cartel, are so unspeakable disgusting that are effectively indescribable. At most, a few hallucinating details occasionally emerge whenever social implosion claims some non-Western victims (Bellil 2002, Ilan Halimi 2006, Mireille Knoll 2018). But the collective price paid by the post-babyboomers is becoming increasingly visible in official statistics and the public sphere. The White Death has many faces: disturbing suicide rates, epidemic drug addiction, escalating psychopathology, massive youth unemployment, collective impoverishment and permanent social degradation.


To prolong the pink intoxication of Matriarchy for as long as possible, the reality of matriarchal social implosion remains a public and political taboo. (Self-)censorship, partially subconscious, is an intricate part of the totalitarian ‘political correctness’ that must characterize every Matriarchy. The dogma of social-cultural ‘progress’ – and its derivate, feminisation – is the last public idol of Modernity. Institutional cognitive dissonance is an absolute psychohistorical precondition for a prosperous Matriarchy. In the same way that Matriarchy is privately characterized by subrational (perverse, sadomasochistic) sexuality and nihilistic (anti-intellectual, morally-deconstructive) educational strategy, so it is publicly characterized by political indifference and judicial inefficiency. The male principles of Nomos and Katechon are eliminated from the public sphere. The elimination of Traditional male values such as honesty, courage and fairness means that the gatekeepers of civilization are eliminated. Thus, the dangers of feminization remain taboo until they are realized in their last consequences. The taboo on Matriarchy will only end when the power of the Matriarchy ends. Until that time, Western civilization is doomed to a true ‘harrowing of hell’.

The Zombie Apocalypse

Surely we have perished sleeping, and walk hell; but who these hellish?

- Wilfred Owen

The final scenes of Western civilization under the aegis of Matriarchy can be easily deducted from the eschatological visions of the world of Tradition. The ancient prophecy of Inanna’s Descent into the Underworld uses terminology that is strangely reminiscent of the ‘modern art’ theme of the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’. Even after it has lost its Transcendent experiential capacity, modern mankind is still haunted by strange nightmares and visions: presentiments and premonitions are plaguing modern artists and visionaries. The dark midnight of the modern world is occasionally lit up by lightning flashes of hierophany and cryptomnesia, showing the warning signs of the horrors that are awaiting mankind. Contemporary books, music, movies and games are increasingly occupied with enigmatic references to an impending catastrophe of ultimate horror: the take-over of the human world by the ‘living dead’. As the immense downward power of Matriarchy is pressing down Western humanity ever farther into radical secular nihilism and extreme malignant narcissism, it is inevitable that it is falling back on an archetypal sub-human substrate. It is in this prehistoric ‘hell’ that it finds demonic archetypes to animate its new anti-identities. The alternative to authentic Traditional identity is not the hyper-democratic and hyper-individualist dolce far niente promised by the false prophets of Modernity, but rather a return to what lies hidden under authentic Traditional identity. There is the hell of sub-human anti-identity: the identity of the ‘hardened sinner’, the ‘lost soul’, the ‘erring spirit’, the ‘hungry ghost’ and the ‘un-dead vampire’.

The hedonist-materialist nirvana of Modernity, lived by the baby boomers, is a short-lived fever dream which will shortly end in a horrendous Postmodern nightmare. The baby boom motto of après nous le déluge does not take account of the force that truly directs the impending ‘hell storm’. That force is the bodiless spirit of evil that is the counterpart of the Holy Spirit, Biblically personified as the ‘Prince of the Power of the Air’ (Ephesians 2:1-2). The emptying of all authentic forms of human identity – and the resultant vacuum in the human soul – at long last offers this evil spirit an opportunity to take shape in humanity itself. It is this force that will ultimately take possession of the ‘dead soul’ of Western man: It is the end of the world, hardly the end we imagined. Not so long ago, it was feared fire would rain from the sky, the earth would tremble and crack and the sea would swell over the land. But it is the unseen, the bodiless that holds humankind’s end, the end of all things: it ends with the wind. It came quietly, a breath, a breeze, a storm, a lie, a betrayal, a murder. Then it grew relentless and with its never-ending flow came its fever of friend against friend, brother against brother, child against parent and, finally, man against himself. Since then, time, death and chance have hurried by, drifting towards complete decay. - The Wind, Michael Mongillo 2001.

The cultural-historical prelude to the Zombie Apocalypse is slow-paced: the first subtle hints at the rise of the ‘living dead’ date back to the late-19th Century artistic genres of the revenant and the vampire, fully developed in literature by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu (Carmilla 1872) and Guy de Maupassant (Le Horla 1887) and in painting by John Collier (Lilith 1892) and Edvard Munch (Vampire 1895). The scientific discovery of the phenomenon of the ‘living dead’ follows in the psychoanalytic description of narcissism by Sigmund Freud (Einführung des Narzissmus 1914). But it is only in the late-20th Century cultural-historical analyses of Tom Wolfe (The ‘Me’ Decade 1976) and Christopher Lasch (The Culture of Narcissism 1979) that a direct psychohistorical link is first made between the old archetype of the classical vampire and the new stereotype of the modern narcissist. During the late 70’s cultural historians are starting to describe the first stages of a ‘narcissism epidemic’ in the Western heartland. In these same years, the Zombie Apocalypse becomes a standard element of the Western cinematic repertoire: George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead (1978) defines the new genre.

The subconscious fears that are projected on the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ are fed by the dissolution by all forms of social cohesion during the ‘narcissism epidemic’ that strikes Western society during the rise of the baby boomer generation. During the last part of the reign of the baby boomers this epidemic of atomised extreme hyper-individualism is further strengthened by digital technologies: the effective replacement of personal communication by ‘social media’ and of social activities by ‘virtual reality’ amplifies the narcissistic tendency of self-objectification and de-personification. The technological abstraction of social interaction (Facebook instead of face time) and the technological manipulation of social identity (‘profile’ instead of personality) also strengthen the societal tendency towards feminization: external presentation and social consensus are strengthened at the expense of substantive content and abstract ethnics. The masculine public sphere is increasingly replaced by the feminine private sphere: the obsessive fixation on ‘image’ in the ‘social media’ and in ‘smartphone’ ego-communication is literally changing the cityscape, the workplace and the political arena. Thus, the first phase of the Zombie Apocalypse is an invasion of the masculine public sphere by the feminine private sphere and a replacement of public affairs by private priorities: egoism and narcissism become the new standards of behaviour and interaction. In this regard, the rise of neoliberal nihilism in the Reagan/Thatcher years constitutes a watershed moment. The second phase of the Zombie Apocalypse is the loss of rudimentary public norms of behaviour and presentation: the abolition of the public sphere results in the abolition of all sense of shame. The narcissist motto ‘be yourself’ is increasingly dominating dress, speech and attitude. The third phase of the Zombie Apocalypse is unprovoked aggression (random violence, ‘school shootings’): the unrestrained dominance of egoism and narcissism in the former public sphere emboldens extremist elements and trigger a chain reaction of verbal and physical violence.

In the final analysis, the dynamics of the Zombie Apocalypse are determined by real existential fears: the cinematographic scenarios in which family members, neighbours and colleagues suddenly attack each other without provocation and without warning have a lot to teach about the society that dreams them up. In these scenarios the zombies, self-obsessed monsters with which sensible communication is no longer possible, live off the flesh and blood of ever fewer numbers of survivors – like narcissists, they feed off the energy and vitality of their victims. The few healthy individuals that remain ‘uninfected’ are forced to survive in a deadly landscape lacking any form of law, order and protection (as in The Walking Dead, Frank Darabont 2010) – in the same manner that the remaining non-narcissists are marginalized when their world is overtaken by the ‘narcissism epidemic’. These non-narcissists know that the real ‘zombies’ are not slowly moving dumb brutes: narcissists are smart, smooth and highly adapted to the Modern world – they feel good and do well in the Modern world. The non-narcissists are at a distinct disadvantage: they are ‘handicapped’ by obsolete characteristics such as a sense of responsibility, work ethics and professional talent and they are increasingly pushed into the margins of society – masculine behaviour is ‘diagnosed’ as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, scientific talent as Asperger Syndrome, artistic talent as Bipolar Disorder and spiritual inspiration as Paranoid Schizophrenia. Thus, the most talented members of Western society become the first victims of the narcissist Zombie Apocalypse: the first to disappear in the ‘great levelling’ of collective narcissism are the brave soldier, the top scientist, the genius artist and the spiritual guide. Their disappearance hastens the downward spiral of the Regression of the Castes – and the advance of the Zombie Apocalypse. What remains is a ‘fake elite’ of narcissist frauds (Martin Bosma 2011) that paves the way for even more extreme forms of narcissism, facilitated by ever lower standards of societal values and ever more dramatic forms of social atavism.

The all-consuming ‘World War Z’, the ultimate bellum omnium contra omnes which is contained in the ‘narcissism epidemic’, has already started: the artistic Zombie Apocalypse merely projects this new reality in more extreme forms into the near future. Often these artistic projections are marked by a sinister undertone of irresistibly returning eschatological mythology: thus, the remake of Dawn of the Dead (2004) is introduced by Johnny Cash’ artistic Bible exegesis The Man Comes Around. In this manner, the ‘successors’ of Western humanity are making their first appearance on the ‘event horizon’ of Western history. The ‘living dead’ can be sensed beyond the newly opened gates of hell: Every species can smell its own extinction. The last ones left won’t have a pretty time of it. And in ten years, maybe less, the human race will be just a bedtime story for their children – a myth, nothing more. - In the Mouth of Madness, John Carpenter 1994.

Perhaps some old-fashioned Westerners still have to get used to the idea that Hollywood’s New World ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ has anything to teach them - for them this essay concludes with ‘Raskolnikov’s Dream’, the astounding literary prophecy of one of the greatest writers of the Old World: He dreamt that the whole world was condemned to a terrible new strange plague that had come to Europe from the depths of Asia. All were to be destroyed except a very few chosen. Some new sorts of microbes were attacking the bodies of men, but these microbes were endowed with intelligence and will. Men attacked by them became at once mad and furious. But never had men considered themselves so intellectual and so completely in possession of the truth as these sufferers, never had they considered their decisions, their scientific conclusions, their moral convictions so infallible. Whole villages, whole towns and peoples went mad from the infection. All were excited and did not understand one another. Each thought that he alone had the truth and was wretched looking at the others, beat himself on the breast, wept, and wrung his hands. They did not know how to judge and could not agree what to consider evil and what good; they did not know whom to blame, whom to justify. Men killed each other in a sort of senseless spite. They gathered together in armies against one another, but even on the march the armies would begin attacking each other, the ranks would be broken and the soldiers would fall on each other, stabbing and cutting, biting and devouring each other. The alarm bell was ringing all day long in the towns; men rushed together, but why they were summoned and who was summoning them no one knew. The most ordinary trades were abandoned because everyone proposed his own ideas, his own improvements, and they could not agree. The land too was abandoned. Men met in groups, agreed on something, swore to keep together, but at once began on something quite different from what they had proposed. They accused one another, fought and killed each other. There were conflagrations and famine. All men and all things were involved in destruction. The plague spread and moved further and further. Only a few men could be saved in the whole world. They were a pure chosen people, destined to found a new race and a new life, to renew and purify the earth, but no one had seen these men, no one had heard their words and their voices.

- Fyodor Dostoevsky, Crime and Punishment (1866).

Postscript: ‘The Remains of the Day’

Modernity is not a final destiny: there still exist hidden antidotes.

- Nicolás Gómez Dávila

De preceding analysis of the Zombie Apocalypse phenomenon will inevitably raise the question what may be the use of foreknowledge of such a terrible ‘end of the world’. From a Traditionalist perspective, the answer to this question is simple: the catastrophic Crisis of the Modern World which will conclude the historical cycle of Western civilization is also the necessary precondition of the rebirth of Tradition.

Similar to its historical background, Matriarchy, the Zombie Apocalypse can only be short-lived. Similar to how Matriarchy dies out with failing demographic reproduction, the zombie population dies out with its food source. There are reliable indications that Matriarchy will, in fact, end before the physical extinction of the Western peoples. First, the ethnic replacement of the Western peoples means that Matriarchy has doomed itself to a premature demise: the primitive colonists that are settling in the Western heartland are reintroducing patriarchy in various forms, perhaps including the Islamic Caliphate. Second, there is a clear reaction - and mobilization - against Matriarchy among Western men of the post-babyboom generations: they are increasingly resorting to Traditional forms of family life and to Traditional worldviews. In this respect, it is significant to note high rates of marriage with feminine non-Western women and of ‘conversion’ to stable Traditional religious forms. Third, there is an increasing likelihood that a new inner immunity against Matriarchy will achieve critical mass in an outer revolution: the théâtre de l'absurde of Matriarchy and totalitarian repression of Western masculinity may very well become practically unbearable, triggering a sudden and dramatic reversal. It can be hoped that, before it is too late, these factors will converge in a scenario that is still compatible with the survival of Western civilization, including its relatively advantageous position of women, its relatively well-developed sense of social justice and its relatively large degree of personal freedom. But whether these refined achievements can survive the imminent Crisis of Western Modernity is far from certain: the extreme injustices of Matriarchy are bound to trigger equally extreme forms of neo-patriarchal reaction, a reaction that may leave preciously little space for such sophisticated niceties. Western women would, therefore, be well advised to leave the sinking Titanic of Matriarchy discretely – and in time.

It is entirely conceivable that Western civilization will fall together with Matriarchy during its Zombie Apocalypse end phase and that little more will be left than what was left of the drowned world of Atlantis: a handful of survivors – and a myth. From a Traditionalist perspective, the only thing that will count is that handful of survivors – and what survives in them. Even the destruction of 99% of Western mankind may be a necessary price to pay for the survival of a small remnant of ‘chosen people’. In this sense, Traditionalist thought also has a ‘prophetic’ functionality: it points to the possibility of ‘election’ and warns the ‘elect’ to distance them from the Great Whore of Matriarchy in a timely fashion. From a Traditionalist perspective, Matriarchy is nothing less than the ultimate personification of Modernity – in Traditionalist terms it is nothing less than the doomed city of the Great Whore: ...Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen... Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities. ...Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her. – Revelation 18:2, 4-8.

Such a ‘prophecy’ is not directed at all: it is only directed at those that still have ears to hear – at those that remember their authentic identity and vocation. In practical terms, these are the people that are ‘bio-evolutionarily’ immune to the anti-identitarian ‘zombie virus’ of Modernity – those people that still preserve (some part of) the authentic identities of ethnicity, caste, gender and vocation in themselves. The essential function of Traditionalist thought is the preservation of knowledge of such identities and such vocations: it is the Guardian of Tradition. Traditionalism stands guard over very precious knowledge – knowledge that has been bought with the blood, sweat and tears of countless generations of ancestors. This ‘Night Watch’ carries Tradition across the exile of Modernity. In this regard, the Western peoples have much to learn from the Jewish Tradition, which is the oldest surviving historical Tradition in the world. The Jewish Tradition puts its lesson thus: (Yiddish) Ir vet, kinder, elter vern, vet ir aleyn farshteyn, vifl in di oysyes lign trern, un vi fil geveyn. Az ir vet, kinder, dem goles shlepn, oysgemutshet zayn, zolt ir fun di oysyes koyekh shepn, kukt in zey arayn! ‘When you grow older, children, you will understand by yourselves, how many tears lie in these letters, and how much lament. When you, children, will bear the Exile, and will be exhausted, may you derive strength from these letters – [so] look to them!’ - Oyfn Priepetsjiek.

Only a new generation ‘faithful’ – the handful of young people that have built up immunity from the ‘zombie virus’ of Cultural Nihilist Matriarchy – can realize a self-surpassing rebirth of Western civilization. The promises of the Traditionalist Palingenesia, the Archaeo-Futurist Renaissance and the Identitarian Revolution are directed exclusively at them. They are standing before the ultimate test of Western civilization, but what does not kill them, will make them stronger. The early 21st Century will be the desperate midnight of the world. But it always is darkest before dawn. Let us raise our youth, even if they only a tiny minority, to be the New Nobility. - Guillaume Faye.


The theme of ‘social implosion’ in Alexander Wolfheze, The Sunset of Tradition and the Origin of the Great War (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018) - author’s translation of the article De levende doden published on the website of Dutch Alt-Right think tank ‘Erkenbrand’