Looney Tunes – Limited Edition with Real Characters

Now, after ‘international community’ (consisting of three states), finished its almost Hollywood takes together with White Helmets and with Skripals case from earlier, it is maybe time to remember ‘Israel’ again - shall thing about ‘Israel’ go back to the UN Security Council on the subject of unstoppable slaughterhouse on a daily basis, which ‘Israel’ produces in Gaza and in both occupied Jerusalem and West Bank? UN asked for inquiry at the beginning of April. Suddenly, those obvious crimes are not important anymore, while the strike on Syria was conducted on the basis of false videos and ‘highly likely’ claims and unofficial gossips. It is almost famous pattern: when ‘Israel’ makes some atrocities, it also triggers some internationally important issue via ‘its people’ in foreign governments – or, in other words: when there is a local war, ‘Israel’ wants regional war, when there is a regional war, ‘Israel’ wants world war. By the way, ‘Israel’ is known for trashing human lives of non-Jews, although even some of its fellow Jews are not spared – nobody knows how many of them are not spared.
As accusations for the alleged poisoning of Skripals had begun before investigation and any evidence, the same came with the alleged chemical attack in Douma and strike on Syria. So, in ‘Israeli’ style, ‘international community’ (consisting of more than three states this time) conducted pre-emptive expulsion of Russian diplomats, British government pre-emptively hides Skripals and does not communicate with Russian authorities and ‘international community’ pre-emptively attacked Syria. Prevention is favourite ‘Israeli’ tool in many social, state and military activities, both at home (which they do not have, they stole it) and abroad (which they see as obliged to bow to Jews and be cautious, politically correct and not to hurt their tiny feelings). This is, of course, delusional, but it works in Looney Tunes. Now pre-emptive attacks became a tool of ‘international community’ varying from one to one dozen of states, depends on the subject.
If it is possible to tune in with all those lunatics - a few twits, several engineered photos and one obscure video are enough for a military attack on a sovereign country which for years successfully have been resisting various of atrocities done by the West – deranged lunatics did not plan at all or did not see the coming resistance. They relied on brainwashed people with no memory. On people who consume various pharmaceutical products which are everyday life of many Americans and other Westerners. They relied on their old pattern of fearmongering, which they set up in 1999, in Serbia (entire Serbia, including Kosovo and Metohija). Then, they had been conducting around 250 attacks daily and it has lasted for 78 days. Afterwards, everything was easier for them. With less bombs and with less attacks. After staging September 11th it became even more easy. So they got used on it to be easy to saber rattle wherever they were pleased to. Now it is not easy for Looney Tunes, real characters edition, to understand reality were not prepared for. 
After conducting the silly attack on early April 14th, which was presented as “tremendous success”, ‘international community’ (consisting of three states) has decided to go the the UN Security Council and submit another draft resolution. This time they invite Bashar al-Assad, legitimate Syrian president and Syrian government, legitimate as well, to accept negotiations in UN without any preconditions.
So, this is the new idiotic way to blackmail people and countries – rocket them (unsuccessfully) and then submit some paper to the SC UN (which, by the way, ‘international community’ - consisting of three states - did not bother to consult before rocketing Syria) and the new paper says that ‘international community’ makes condition to Syria that Syria can not have any conditions, but Syria has to accept, unconditionally, whatever generous ‘international community’ (consisting of three states) has to offer. Or they count on some more stooges and war mongers in Security Council. 
First of all, after rocketing Syria without the consent of UN Security Council, ‘international community’ (consisting of three states) should not be allowed to have any word at UN SC, since they bypassed this institution before rocketing Syria. If they bypassed before the rocketing, which part of their deranged minds decided to proceed as if nothing happened? Now, Security Council suddenly becomes a good place for peace negotiations, but only under the terms of ‘international community’ (consisting of three states). All the other options are out of negotiations they can offer. 
It is not even about colonial or neo-colonial style anymore. This goes beyond - this is the return to the roots of those so-called empires – their global power is mostly based on their pirates and outlaws looting places all over the world, killing and destroying – centuries ago. After so many disguises and so many political and diplomatic plays and theatrical or blockbuster productions, ‘international community’ (consisting of three states) came back to its original activities – looting, killing, destroying. Even the ancient pirates had been in line with the English royals then – now, they only disguise in the uniforms of SAS or British Army and everything goes much easier. And, as for the Yanks – was it ever that they did not kill people around the world, just like that? French, the third great representative of ‘international community’ (consisting of three states), headed by Emmanuel Macron, are simply ridiculous. 
In their world, everything is upside down. In Looney Tunes, there is a blue cat, a powerful mouse, a stupid hunter and even more stupid coyote, Tasmanian devil, Pepe Le Pew, Tweety, Daffy Duck...
Everything would be fine if Looney Tunes stayed tuned only as video programme, film, cartoon series. But Looney Tunes moved to White House, Downing Street, Élysée Palace (and to Tel Aviv, Riyadh, Berlin, Hague). In Saudi Arabia there is nothing except for Looney Tunes and in ‘Israel’ – they prefer killing in real time programme, twitting here and there, on a regular daily basis, without any responsibility. ‘International community’ (consisting of three states plus several more in case of defending or covering Israel’s atrocities) simply neglects or even worse, plays fool about ‘Israeli’ slaughters in question. They are all tuned in a very ill communications if they do not want to see obvious reality, both in Syria, but also in Gaza and in occupied Jerusalem, West Bank and in Golan Heights. They expect that ‘Israeli’s’ atrocities can be covered by framing Syria. And they are framing Syria in order to attack Iran, Russia and Hezbollah, hoping to finally overthrow Bashar al Assad and split Syria, loot Syrian Central Bank, dismantle Syrian Army. Then, both Russia and Iran are more near. The recent violations of Lebanese airspace by ‘Israel’ clearly showed that Lebanon needs air-defense system. Actually, Hezbollah needs it, since other Lebanese officials are not very straight and forward about what they are doing these days. Especially after Mohammed bin Salman’s globe-trotting right before entire circus. His stay in the capitals of the states of ‘international community’ (three of them) secured the nations in debt that their war will be lucrative. Which, of course, happened. Raytheon’s shares (the producer of Tomahawk cruise missile) are up now. 
All those people in Western governments and their stooges are obviously trained to replace real for unreal and by seeing several images, they see irrefutable evidence for war. It becomes perfectly fine for them to have casus belli based on a few twits, several engineered photos and one obscure video. 
But, luckily, this bad edition of Looney Tunes with real characters can be switched off for a while and there are some real things. A month ago, exactly on March 13th, General of the Army, Valeriy Gerassimov, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and First Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, during the Teleconference of the Ministry of Defence, said, among other things:
“...Today we have reliable information about militants preparing to falsify a government chemical attack against civilians. In several districts of Eastern Ghouta, a crowd was assembled with women, children and old people, brought from other regions, who were to represent the victims of the chemical incident. “White Helmets” activists and film crew are already in place at the scene with satellite video transmitters. This has been confirmed by the discovery of the laboratory for the production of chemical weapons in the village of Aftris, which was liberated from terrorists. According to the reports, after this provocation,  the US plans to accuse Syrian government troops of using chemical weapons, as well as provide the international community with so-called “evidence” of mass civilian casualties caused by Syrian government and the Russian government supporting it. In retaliation, Washington plans to launch an air strike on the government blocks of Damascus...”
It would be strategically and geopolitically wise for many countries worldwide to reassess their relations with ‘international community’ and everything it represents. All the recent activities in the Middle East show the functional development of multi polar world and decline of the leftovers of unipolar world, which hides behind euphemism ‘international community’.