The main goals of the action against Soviet monuments in Poland


The Polish Senate approved the creation of a legislative mechanism allowing the commencement of the demolition of more than 500 monuments to Soviet wars in the country. Amendments to the existing decommunization law "will remove from the public space the names and structures that propagate the totalitarian system: monuments, obelisks, busts, memorial plaques, inscriptions and signs. June 22 this bill was adopted by the lower house of the Polish parliament.

Polish political analyst Konrad Rekas commented the subject for

Action against Soviet monuments and streets names has two main goals. First of all Polish political elites know that somehow have to explain why transformation process in Poland after 28 years seems to be total disaster. Of course no one of them could admit the true reasons of Polish economical and geopolitical catastophy so if they don't want to say to the people: „we've just cheated you” - they are to point an enemy. After 28 years in Poland there has grown up a new generation which dosn't remeber what „socialism” or „communism” realy mean, how did Poland looked like in the 80's and of course in the 40's. It's easy to sell them another false „explanation” - that present crisis it's not a straight consequence of falling of the Eastern Block but that „communist” and „Soviets/Russians” are still guilty so it's needed another effort to overcome them. People are to destroy old monuments beliving that this is the very last step to promised land of happiness and wealth.

The second reason of this nonsense action come from the same source. Main political parties in Poland (apart of some small differences deviding them) are all strongly pro-Western and dependent from foreign centers of power. Attack on the monuments and graves is supposed to replace the real war with Russia. It's not an accident that this law was voted just before Donald Trump's visist in Warsaw. Polish government wants to show that is still first to fight against Russia and provoke Russian reaction, give the Americans any excuse to escalate Western-Russian realationships. These Soviet soldiers who died in the war for a liberation of Poland and whole Europe now again are victims of imperialistic agression.