Make Al Qaeda Great Again

Why and how American intelligence services create terrorist networks

Today many people are convinced that the CIA and United States are the founding fathers of the terrorism that has engulfed the world. This conviction is well founded. Evidence abounds as to ties between American intelligence and terrorists. Indeed, it is precisely the US that has nurtured most of those groups that are blowing up the contemporary world, and this was done, as it turns out, in American interests for the sake of achieving concrete goals, whether it be for the acquisition of resources or inciting chaos on an opponent’s territory, but overall in order to maintain its hegemony. An increasing number of facts suggest that none other than the US is the main breeder of terrorism, the main customer and creator of terrorist networks. 

American intelligence agencies have more than once been caught aiding terror. They’ve even participated in organizing several terrorist strikes akin to to the Al-Qaeda attacks on September 11th, 2001 in order to, for example, justify full-scale intervention in Middle Eastern affairs. As many circumstances have proven, maybe not the CIA itself as an institution, but certain forces within the CIA and American intelligence as a whole were involved in the preparation of this terror attack, as well as numerous other terrorist sorties around the world. The fact that things do not add up in the official report on the investigation into the events of 9/11 has since the very beginning not bothered anyone in the US. What’s more, dozens of independent investigations have confirmed that it was not Bin Laden, but hundreds of well-prepared and specially trained people who organized this large-scale operation. Nothing else can be assumed given that a fly can’t fly without the knowledge of intelligence services. And all of this is done in order to provoke the beginning of the active phase of the US’ invasion of Eurasia’s South, an operation which a bit later came to be formulated as the Greater Middle East project.

If there’s oil, a pretext will be found

The United States has long since acquired the habit of invading Middle Eastern countries to seize gas, oil, and other natural resources under the pretext of fighting terrorism. This is the case with Iraq, Libya, Syria, and many other states. However, despite being among the most important motivations, oil and hydrocarbons are not the only nor the main factor. In reality, the Americans have always made use of a combination of factors. At the forefront of the pivot of any American adventure are, of course, geopolitical factors. In our case, this is the strategic entanglement of Eurasia by so-called “Anaconda rings,” i.e., strategic beachheads of the global West led by the US and reinforced by American or NATO military bases.

The presence of oil, gas, and other minerals is desirable, but not required. For example, there is nothing besides rocks and sand in Afghanistan, but the US nevertheless went in, using the country as a launch pad for the operation of redrawing the Middle East and Central Asia, for such is an important strategic node for establishing American control over the entire region. Therefore, the resource factor is indeed very important, but not the main and not the only factor.

Terrorist networks as the newest weapon

The CIA and other US security agencies created Al-Qaeda and a number of terrorist and “humanitarian” networks to strengthen America’s strategic domination in those corners of the planet that are most inaccessible to Western democracy. This is the main goal of network war. The techniques of so-called “sixth generation wars”, in which military successes are achieved without the use of one’s own troops and conventional weapons, but by means of establishing networks on the desired territory through which American foreign policy’s strategic tasks are resolved - this is the US’ main means of achieving global control today.

Al-Qaeda itself is literally nothing more than a “base,” “structure,” or “network.” In the global network environment that covers practically the entire planet, calling a network terrorist organization a “network” is the same as calling a newspaper a “newspaper” and a journal a “journal.” An “organization” is simply a kind of network matrix, an empty concept which is only then imbued with the needed contents depending on the situation. Its tasks are set depending on the US’ intended foreign policy goals, i.e., situationally determined. Like any “structure without a head,” an “organization” arises and can grow at any point on the planet because it is not hierarchical but represents a “rhizome,” a set of horizontal links, nodes, and intersecting points that are infinitely complementary and overlapping. The late Bin Laden was merely one of the main speakers of Al-Qaeda’s branched structure. Governing it while sitting in a cave is not only difficult - it is simply impossible. And is such even necessary at all? A network is untraceable, and it is impossible to destroy all of its followers through identifying its leadership. Such is a network. 

Wherever the ideas of Islamism arise, so do arise networks in the likes of Al-Qaeda, Daesh, Hizb ut-Tahrir, and similar specimens. It is absolutely impossible to bring down a network by destroying its main perpetrators or even an entire node, because there exists another, a second, and then third and fifth node at different points with the same number of links as the previously destroyed node. Networks are a new form of waging war officially adopted by the Pentagon and, by filling them with terrorist content, the US creates an effective weapon against its enemy. But only its enemies?

Bomb, don’t cooperate 

In early March 2017, Trump’s Administration announced that cooperation between the US and Russia on jointly fighting terrorism is indefinitely postponed. Why did the US suddenly not want to unite with us and ended up in no hurry to start a full-scale war on terror, as Donald Trump had proclaimed just recently in his election campaign? The secret is that the new American President was finally acquainted with all the secret documents. Trump was surprised to find that it turns out that terrorism is not a phenomenon in itself, but something created by American intelligence. He didn’t know about this when he was a presidential candidate, hence his talk of going to fight terrorism together with Russia and even together with Assad and official Damascus. Trump used to routinely repeat that “We’re going to finish this damned ISIS and waste them in the toilet.” [1]

And now there’s confusion. Upon becoming president and receiving classified documents, Trump impatiently opened them only to look with surprise and discouragement. Understanding what is at stake, he was bewildered and turned to his advisors: “How is this possible?” Nevertheless, the fact remains that terrorist networks are created by the CIA with the financial and diplomatic support of the US. “Oh, God!”, Trump cried, “What a nightmare!” And what is he supposed to do now? Destroy everything that has been created over the years by the back-breaking labor of hundreds of “men and women”, i.e., employees of American intelligence? He is simply compelled to postpone the fight against terrorism. Now he at least needs to think about how to get out of this situation. “Damn it! It’s we who’ve created this! Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” is met with “Excuse me, Mr. Trump, but who were you back then? You were nobody. And now you’re President.” 

The question arises: if terrorism is an American product, then why is Europe, the US’ main ally, suffering from terrorism? After all, it is no secret that in “their” Europe, terrorist attacks occur with surprising regularity, as in Belgium, Paris, and Berlin. The answer is simple. Europe is a hub, a node in the global American terrorist network, one of the main proxy-servers for preparing and dispatching terrorists across the whole Eurasian continent, the Middle East, North Africa, and the post-Soviet space. It is a site of terrorist activity. Terrorists vacation there, prepare there, raise funds there, and recruit a special type of Islamists with European phenotypes. 

Europe today is a very important node in the global terrorist network. But since Europe has been in a state of American occupation and crushed by NATO’s heel since the end of the Second World War, it does not dare open its mouth and utter a word. In fact, Europe itself no longer has a say. It’s as if Washington tells them: “Something was blown up there, nothing to worry about, just costs. We are realizing the great project of Western civilization’s global domination. Something was blown up, so what? It happens. Something went wrong, the wiring malfunctioned, something dropped out, shocked, well what do you do. Chips fly.” Yes, excesses indeed do happen in Europe, where some terrorist gets a little bit out of control and goes and kills someone, but this is supposed to be nothing in the scheme of US global dominance.

The fight against terror is for fun? Is Russia not in the loop?

Today, Russia is probably the only country that is fighting terrorism while the rest - the West, Europe, and the United States - only talk about doing so while giving no efforts to this anti-terrorist struggle. Russia is really fighting terrorism, apparently because no one in Russia is “up to speed” on the fact that the Americans themselves created terrorism. We, of course, suspect something, but since our leadership is made up of ordinary people, they cannot even believe that the Americans really did create terrorism. “These are all some conspiracy delights, probably,” members of the Security Council of the Russian Federation shrug, looking at the President, “Terrorists most likely exist on their own and the Americans are fighting them, but they’re just arrogant and not cooperating with us. Well, fine, we’ll fight without cooperation.”

If the question is asked whether the Americans are fighting terrorism, the answer is obvious. They are only fighting so that this terrorism created by them does not accidentally, somehow spill over into the US itself. They strictly monitor the bacteria of terrorism spread by the American Administration around the world, so that it in no case infects America. But this is a completely naive hope engendered by the adolescent consciousness of American statehood. Given the large scale of network coverage and the dynamics of globalization, sooner or later terrorism, released from the test tube by American strategists, will find its way to the US and, like everywhere, blow up everything, leaving no stone unturned.

For now only Russia is fighting terrorism, while the rest are merely looking at us puzzled, not understanding, as if wondering: “Are they simply out of the loop or do they in fact want to destroy American terrorism? What’s going on?” And Donald Trump, captured by the neocons is like all the rest trying to understand what’s going on. His question is, first of all, what to do with the terrorist networks created by Washington with the support of American intelligence; secondly, what to do with Russia, who is fighting terrorism, really destroying it, and not just for fun like all the “normal” civilized countries; and, thirdly, how to go on living and not go to hell, which is in fact inevitable when we are talking about the American elites, for the reason of their greatness in this vain world is from the prince of this world.  


[1] A reference to Putin’s 1999 remark on toughening anti-terrorism operations in Chechnya.

Translated by Jafe Arnold.