Make America Think (sometimes)

Photo: Wikimedia commons
Photo: Wikimedia commons

From the perspective of a small South East European country with more than dozen of centuries of tradition and culture, which has survived different kinds of sick and deranged perversions from the West (in the last couple of decades only, not to mention 19th and 20th century or earlier), it is not even possible to consider Donald Trump seriously. It is just not possible. After Obama, Bush 1 and 2, Clintons, Albright, Holbrooke, Wesley Clark, Warren Christopher, Eagleburger, now certain Wes Mitchell, Curtis Scapparotti, some guy Donald Trump… All of them profiting from Serbian natural resources, telecom infrastructure, human organs trade and narcotics dealing which they organized with Shqiptars terrorists, now renamed as politicians. There are many, many more others of the clowns of Western political schizophrenia, they even have Serbian names and surnames. From gambling to construction businesses and than to show business and, of course, logical development is: politics, which is only a front end of war machinery in the USA, which also gives insight how locals from any region benefit. If gambling business can be a good recommendation for running a country, then we might expect the next phase of circus in the 2020 – to see Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump running for a President with likes from Facebook and only if they obey the rules of porno industry (Stormy Daniels showed how important it is in US politics to be connected to porn stars). Or will liberal USA make them fight in the mud (because it would bring more clicks, more shares, more views…) to win US Presidency. No doubt they can go even lower than now. 

Whoever thinks, even in the craziest dreams, that Trump is going to be something extraordinary in USA politics, should think more. There is no American politics. There is no American political system, there is no society anymore (if it was one, ever – or was it just a TV networked society with its national TV dinners in front of TV set).

Hollywood is Dead and Circus HQ Moves North

Hollywood is now definitely in the White House. There are waxed figured left in Hollywood, CA to play actors and mega stars, but the real Hollywood has moved North. There is everything from Hollywood studios: action, war, comedy, reality show, political intrigues, comedy, tragedy, TV series, Twitter series, and so on.

President of the USA (Bankruptcy Manager, actually) plays both hero and anti-hero, for both parts of the so-called ‘deep state’, which disagree only about who will have bigger share in the arms, narcotics and people trade or how much money Israel will get today. He is an ex construction business mogul,  ex-gambling business star, reality show star (his own reality TV programme “Apprentice” is a masonic kind of show), a judge in the Miss World competitions, etc. And his present wife is an ex fashion model. And one of his previous wives was even well-known in ex-Yugoslavia, in pop ‘80s. It was possible to buy perfume named “Ivana Trump” (for those uninvolved - and, why not being uninvolved in Yankees’ stupidities production – Ivana Trump is one of Donald’s ex wives). The rest of his family is also in some kind of the spotlights. His children are in the spotlights from the moments they were born. TV family now inhabits White House. And the world is supposed to take them seriously? World is supposed to believe that US politics or policy is run from the White House – if it was not so clear earlier, now it is more than clear that the White House in Washington D.C. is just a Hollywood studio of US state apparatus (and Hollywood in LA, California is another studio of US state apparatus). 

Another media star president, Richard Nixon, said once that American people do not believe that something happened, if it had not been on TV. 

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Space ISIS

It was a big media show when US’ Bankruptcy Manager announced the forming of Space Forces. Whether media crucified him or praised him on that, it is not important, since propaganda now consists only in making people being aware of something – it is not important in what way the information will be distributed – as a good news or as a bad news – the goal is to be distributed. Media experience of more than a hundred years in mass media culture, makes Americans subjective and even used (by time) not to react bad on a bad info. The polarization between those crucifying and those praising Trump is even good for deeply divided US society – and not divided in some two big groups, but divided in as many groups as were engineered and projected for some reasons and purposes by, now divided, ‘deep state’. 

And it is not important at all whether some of them would like Space Forces and some others would not like them. It is not even important would those Space Forces start to exist in some near future. And, of course that it is not important what would be the mission of Space Forces. First of all, they should achieve the level of hypersonic crafts. And if they are able to do so, they may proceed. Or to produce themselves the engine for space crafts, for the beginning. 

It was very funny seeing Buzz Aldrin while US Bankruptcy Manager, Trump, was giving a speech and announcing re-establishing of National Space Council and forming Space Forces. As Twitter says, it was #priceless.

In the middle of hysteria about Trumps’ announcement of forming the Space Forces, it was another  very interesting unfolding, recorded among Trump’s supporters of Space Forces. And, there are some people in that video, ordinary Americans, who think “US Space Forces will fight space ISIS”. This kind of logic can match only with Hollywood. In real life, that is insane. But, Hollywood mediated reality, which left very deep derangement in the minds of ordinary people, can only go beyond insane. 

Is Twitter in Collusion with Trump Over Threats to Iran?

In Hollywood mediated reality of real Americans (being Trump’s supporters or not), Iran is now a country which is on the verge to destroy USA. It is not important that probably more than half of US’ citizens are not able to find United States of America on the world map, not to mention Iran. 

As the tentacles of the globalists’ monster supra-state are cut off or grown again, the arch-enemies of USA vary. From Russia to China, from China to DPRK, from DPRK to Pakistan, from Pakistan to Iran, and so on. And the only criteria by which one of those (or some other countries) will be daily arch-enemy is the numbers. Is trade war hurting money producers more or it is rather increasing US weaponry non-efficiency (compared to Iran, in example, not to mention China or Russia). If one takes a look to the history of Trump’s twitting saga, one might think that Twitter is not at all against Trump. Even though Trump himself was complaining about it. Trump’s twitting saga says that he strictly follows the war line – as a gambler and merchant, Trump will not wage war every time he can, but he will want to wage a big war. And Twitter say it is ok! Big Tech is in line. That is the only thing which makes Trump different from his predecessors, nothing else. They were waging a lot of small wars (which at the end is the same like a big war, in a matter of numbers), but Trump, the golden boy of several tentacles of globalists’ machinery, has to think big, in terms of big war and Iran seems like a perfect match for that business. And to “distract the world” - this is how stupid they are, if thinking that Trump can distract anyone.

Those who overtook media stage in propaganda sector appear to be those who are obsessed with Iran for many, many years. And, one might wonder how and why. How on Earth Iran can be a threat to USA if it is about national security, borders, even economy. It can not be an existential threat. But, it is a threat, from the perspective of global businesses, namely natural resources theft business – which is the only reason of the existence of certain tentacles of big capital apparatus. The only problem is that big capital (being American or not) uses international law, national or people’s laws, state structures in acquiring what it wants and the official armies of the countries or NATO members serve as the last resort if someone does not want to obey. 

The US’ Bankruptcy Manager, Donald Trump, is not there to be involved in re-establishing USA as a republic, because it was never a real republic, whatever they promote (since it is still UK’s colony, as Canada is). He is there to deploy “national narrative” in acquiring whatever it takes for the deranged system, which spread throughout the world, to survive. Since their usual agenda is in the decline, they opted for the opposite one. And it still needs people, because robots are still not good enough. But, since human beings worldwide are not brainwashed idiots (as majority are brought to be, willingly or not, in the epicentres of the deranged system, in UK, USA, BENELUX, Israel and quasi-Sunni quasi-monarchies in the Middle East), they perceive that something is very wrong with the Western world and they reject it in various ways.  

Threats to Iran are stupid and very deranged. Iran never started the war, but whenever it was brought to war, Iran won the war. Iran exists for centuries and centuries, and USA - not really. What is collective consciousness, if there is any, in “American mind”? Is there any American mind? As for the Iranian, it exists, very certainly and obviously, for thousands of years. Iran is very rich country in every sense – being estimated by the measurements of quality (culture, tradition, longevity, stable state, …) or by measurements of nowadays quantity (natural resources, developed military technologies, high class universities and experts in many fields, business people, Islamic banking which is an asset in the sense of humanity, compared to Western usury banking system, etc…).  And what is EXACTLY that deranged West can do against Iran? Nothing. Whatever they do, it will be nothing at the end of the day. 

Photo: Wikimedia commons

And what US’ Bankruptcy Manager, Donald Trump can really do for Americans? Is he going to make America great, again? No, he will not. Because America was never great. It is the other story with the land of the Indians, which existed before the progeny of European scum invaded it, renamed it and made a genocide of Indians. And, whatever is made on that soil, on the blood, bones and spirits of millions of Indians, has no chance to ever be great. So, there is no ‘again’, in something which never existed before, such as American “greatness”. American greatness and exceptionalism are fake news. 

As well as Great Britain was never great. It is a small group of small islands in the Atlantic, near Europe. So, neither Britain is great, nor America will be great ever. ‘Israel’ also belongs to that perverted club. These are the real axis of evil. And Iran will make them think, for once. That is what great cultures do. Help inferiors to develop. America was never thinking. Now it has to start or it will be America no more. Also, UK and Israel and deranges quasi-Sunni, quasi-monarchies in The Middle East. Btw, Middle East is great as it is. Who makes it great are ancient cultures of Persia, Palestine, Syria, Iraq... (not Israel). It can not be greater. As the Earth is not flat - whatever deranged Israelis and their pimps think.