Serbia's new president, Aleksandar Vucic, will not change his current policy, which he implemented as Serbian prime minister.The manner of the formal inauguration of Aleksandar Vucic shows how he will rule. The fact that he had two inaugurations speaks enough.  The first inauguration was held in the National Assembly of Serbia and the second magnificent in the Palace of Serbia. At the ceremony in the Palace of Serbia, there were over 60 senior officials from the world and the Balkans, and the event was accompanied by 300 journalistic teams. In his inaugural speech, Vucic spoke about balance, that is, good relations with the West and the East. According to him, this will be a compromise policy. 
However, this is a euphemism for the sale of vital national interests. His rule will be the same as in the previous five years - dictatorial. Vucic's policy of issuing vital Serb interests is worse than former Serbian president Boris Tadic did. First of all, this refers to the Brussels Agreements, which are essentially an accelerated recognition of Kosovo's independence. Regarding the second "Serbian state" of Republika Srpska, Vucic openly supports the official Sarajevo under the pretext of "peace in the region". At the same time, officiall Sarajevo openly wants the abolition of Republika Srpska. Vucic was openly opposed to the referendum in Republic of Srpska, also he did not condemn sanctions against president of Republic of Srpska Milorad Dodik. What is especially terrible is Bryan Hoyt Ji (senior US State Department official) admission that the US had support of Vucic in the fight against the referendum in Republic of Srpska. Vucic also supported the entry of Montenegro into NATO, which was openly acknowledged by Montenegrin Prime Minister Dusko Markovic.
 Montenegro's entry into NATO is extremely dangerous for Serbia and the Serbian people in general.
There is a possibility of establishing a NATO base in Montenegro, which will mean a stronger pressure on Serbia. Vucic was greatly aware that Montenegro's entry into NATO for Serbia would be geopolitical isolation. 
The next step for the West will be to bring Macedonia into NATO, with which the rally around Serbia will be even more pressing. Already now Vucic's Serbia has a very strong cooperation with NATO, which includes regular military exercises, personnel training and purchoase of weapons. In addition,
Vucic continued the policy of former Serbian President Boris Tadic that "the European Union has no alternative". During this time, Serbia is collapsing. 
What reflects the reign of Alexander Vucic is political nepotism. In Serbia, in order for you to work, you must be a member of Vucic's Serbian Advanced Party. The system of political nepotism was not invented by Vucic, he was in Serbia since the arrival of the communists in 1945, but Vucic brought him to the ultimate measure. This is why there are large migrations from Serbia. About 58 000 Serbs left Serbia in 2014, while in 2007 this was done by half of that number.
However, what is fascinating about rule of Alexander Vucic is his economic policy. Since 2015, Serbian Government has given 860 million of euros to subsidies to foreign investors, which is only the money registered by the State Aid Control Commission, and these funds have been provided with insufficient public control. Vucic's Serbia is the only state in the Balkans that is paying foreign companies to operate in Serbia. In addition, Vucic boasts that “the most lucrative and cheapest workers in Europe are in Serbia. " And that's the true face of his reign. And the main employer in Vucic's Serbia are German companies. In German and other foreign companies workers are treated inhumanely. In these companies, wages are miserable, around 200 euros. Germany, along with US since the collapse of former Yugoslavia, is working directly on destroying Serbia. Those familiar with the situation in the Balkans know that Germany and US in fact destroyed former Yugoslavia. Vucic in power is held by US, Germany and United Kingdom, but for a certain price. The main reason why these three states had brought to power this manipulator is the change of the Constitution and the recognition of Kosovo. That's why Vucic decided to be the president of Serbia.
During Vucic's term, the collapse of education, science and culture are accelerated. With the manipulator like Aleksandar Vucic, Serbia is waiting for a dark future.