Mateusz Piskorski is for the liberation of Poland and Europe


On May 18th, the Polish political activist and scholar, Mateusz Piskorski, and his team were searched by the Polish police. Mateusz Piskorski was arrested on the suspicion of “spying”, and put in prison.  Manuel Ochsenreiter, a German journalist, comments on the situation:

First of all, we have to say that Mateusz Piskorski was not just a politician and political scientist, but one of the leading organizers and masterminds of the idea of the de-Americanization of our European continent. I think this combination of high intellect and a high ability of organization certainly made him seen as a very dangerous person to the Polish government. The Polish government made up of seemingly “national conservatives” is in reality a neocon government which hates Muslims just as much as they hate Russians. And this purely neocon government perhaps secretly dreams about becoming the 52nd state of the US, given that they have invited US troops to their country. They are overly happy when the US builds rocket bases in Poland. Being a government inviting occupation forces, they want to be completely obedient towards these forces. Hence the attack on the work of Mateusz Piskorski, who was always for the liberation of Poland and Europe, one of the few intellectuals in Europe who saw the greater context…He always considered the whole of Europe in his concepts, and thus we can call him both a Polish and a European patriot. Today, we live in a Europe and in a time in which patriots are put in prison as spies. But if we consider a spy to be not only someone who delivers information to a foreign country, but also one who invites occupation forces and collaborates with them, then we can say that we are in fact governed by such people in Poland, Germany, Italy, and other EU countries.

Piskorski’s arrest on his 39th birthday on May 18th is not a coincidence. It was clear that the upcoming NATO summit planned for July in Warsaw would be a big event for the showcase of Piskorski’s opposition. Piskorski’s party is the only non-American party in Poland. If you are not pro-American, then they call you pro-Kremlin. But I want to say that he was not pro-Russian per say. He was a Polish and European patriot. Unfortunately, being critical of the US and the US occupation today means being called a pro-Kremlin agent, and this is exactly what happened to Mateusz Piskorski. Now he is being punished for expressing his opinion, his activism, and for the attractive way in which he presented his ideas. He was not a boring old scholar, but someone able to attract people and gather supporters. This made him dangerous for the government, and this is why he is in prison.

First of all, the accusations against him were nothing new. For many years, Mateusz Piskorski was under surveillance by the security authorities of Poland. The whole government in Poland, as in Germany, was and is pro-American. One is pro-American when he not only doesn’t reject US espionage and military presence, but outright invites them. It doesn’t matter what little vocal criticism there may be if you accept these things. In Poland, there is thus no difference between the conservatives, social-democrats, and liberals. They are all doing this. There is no genuinely Polish government capable of saying “we don’t want American troops.” As has happened historically, today’s Poland is in an alliance with the Anglo-Saxon powers only to be made into a front line of defense against big neighbors.

Piskorski was indeed the one who broke this “law.” He proposed a special, alternative path for Poland. This path was neither confrontation with Germany nor with Russia, but one of cooperating in a peaceful way. This is somewhat ironic because Piskorski has been portrayed as someone very aggressive who is looking for conflict. But his ideas were peaceful, albeit irreconcilable with the Anglo-Saxon powers and the USA.

This idea automatically implied the absence of the domination of these powers. Germany is already occupied, Poland is inviting its own occupation, and Russia has its own 5th column. These powers rule on a different scale, so the accusations against Mateusz Piskorski actually came from both the government and the liberal opposition parties who both agree on the so-called “necessity” of having American troops in the country.

The accusations against him are very blurry, and I can’t see where exactly is this “espionage.” The mass media wrote that he spoke to Russian TV about his ideas. I’m doing the same thing right now - I am speaking about his ideas on Russian TV, and also about my own. It is ridiculous to say that he is a spy. He was also accused for organizing something related to the referendum in Crimea. But where is the espionage there? Piskorski is not “guilty” for going to observe the referendum in Crimea after the OSCE refused to do so. After all, the Russian Federation invited them, but the OSCE refused. This is not Piskorski’s problem. It is ridiculous. To make up some case of espionage is completely ridiculous. If he were an agent, for sure he would not have appeared there. Mateusz Piskorski was always a man who stood for what he believed and presented himself for what he thinks. He never made a secret of this. Thus, he is not being punished for espionage, but for his own words and thoughts. This is happening right now in the same EU which loves to lecture the Russian Federation, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and all other countries in the world about their “lack” of freedom of speech. But right now the EU accepts putting European citizens in prison just because of what they think. The EU accepts that the government is utilizing false accusations.

We have witnessed some signs, especially in the last weeks, that show us that the atmosphere is becoming more and more aggressive for people like us. Several months ago, the Americans said that they would help the EU authorities to track down Russian agents. They said: “European institutions need our help because evil Vladimir Putin is trying to influence politics in the EU.” What does this mean? These words came at the time when Germany was saying that “sanctions against Russia are very good, but not enough. We should also go after all those journalists and people inside the EU who are cooperating with Russian media.” It’s an easy thing to put sanctions on an individual. Taking one’s passport and creating obstacles are some of the many ways in which a person can be harassed. We have seen these ideas in practice in several incidents.

For example, recently there was the case of professor Alexander Dugin who was denied entry into Greece even though he is not on any sanctions list. Professor Dugin is not a Russian official, nor a businessman. Yet he was denied entry into an EU country. What does this tell us? Besides the fact that this is a scandal, it shows that nobody in the EU was afraid of professor Dugin importing weapons or bringing briefcases full of dollars. No, they were afraid of his ideas.

The same thing happened with Piskorski. He is not someone building an army. He is just a person who expresses his thoughts, whose detention reveals to us the panic in Brussels. Moreover, this is not only about the EU, but also NATO. Such thoughts as those of Piskorski and Dugin cause panic because they are so attractive for a growing number of young Europeans. Thus, NATO and the EU have to increase their defense if they want to keep these out. The cases of Dr. Dugin and Piskorski are also complemented by cases of imprisonment in the Czech Republic. This all shows us that the water is slowly being spoiled, but we are not jumping out.

We do not know what they will do with Piskorski. He has many friends who are united by the idea of de-Americanizing Europe. Yet the situation is becoming more and more difficult. This is not a case of espionage, but a case against the freedom of speech, free thought, and free press, i.e., basic human rights and freedoms.

The authoritarian regime in Brussels has shown its teeth and is biting. Although they often seem to be the “nice guys,” they are the evil ones who have now shown their ugly face to intimidate those who might dare to join their opponents.