UK Referendum on EU Membership: An Orthodox Perspective


It might surprise readers of KATEHON that I (an Orthodox Christian of the Russian Church Abroad living in the UK) am slightly in two minds in regards to the upcoming EU elections. The EU is an anti-Christian, anti-traditional, satanic hydra whose ultimate objective is the homogenisation of Europe under the rainbow-flag of secularism, liberalism, modernity. The creation of one mass culture based on a moronic populism with no sense of, or feeling for, history. One only needs to speak to any young person from any EU state to realise that the mission has been 99% successful. There is less and less diversity amongst young people from the working classes and absolutely none at all amongst university students with their hyper-sensitive liberal evangelism and their copies of: Bourdieu, Deleuze, Foucault. It is tiresome in the extreme.

In 2013 a group of feminist EU MPs attempted once again to introduce a law with the intention of the destruction of the Holy Mount Athos. Recently there have been more calls for the Greek State to withdraw support for the Orthodox Church, and of course at the forefront of the battle is (as everywhere): the militant LGBT community.  Recently-joined countries from the ‘backward East’ such as Romania have been under great pressure from the EU to amend laws regarding marriage and homosexuality. Advertising campaigns, paid for by the EU, were set up in Romania and Bulgaria which promoted the ‘human rights’ of the LGBT community.  Behind the EU are diabolic forces and I am no doubt that what is good for the EU (one might also add NATO) is bad for Christianity, culture and human life. If there is even a tiny chance to stick the knife into the flatulent monster that it is the EU, it should surely be seized.

Why then might I vote to remain? For one reason only. As Prof Yannaras has pointed out, in these terrible times in which God has ordained us to live, one of the last remaining pre-modern centres of human life is the Church parish. In my Church we have many Romanians, Russians from the Baltic states, Orthodox from Poland. All of these people have come here under the relaxed border policy within the EU. If I could be convinced that this will not change after Brexit then with joy I would stick the knife into the monster.