Modern Stone Age, The New Ignorance and Postmodern


Assessing the total of the relationship between people, life, values, and in particular the development perspective, is a very important issue. The location of the society in the stages of the development, ways to overcome the problems, which are located in front of the development, are considered as an actual issue. As development and progress are naturally important to the community and people are paying particular attention, it is important to understand the phenomenon of 'progress'.

Progress is a qualitative improvement in relationships and ways in life. Humanity has always taken a special interest in the phenomenon of progress and prosperity and wants to be in step in civilization and progress in the world. But not always being up to date with a community is a sign of prosperity and mature. Progress may have the opposite property and probably the humanity may not feel it.  Development or progress doesn’t always indicate prosperity; it may be the regress or digress as well.  Apparently, the image of community may seem to be improved, but the phenomenon shows the different situation. The truth is always behind the things that we see.

In modern conditions, there is no universally accepted criterion for measuring progress and regress, the scale, that can be used to measure the progress or regress is not accepted. At the average level they refer to high-rise buildings, the development of vehicles, the improvement of the food industry, the fashion industry, and the heavy and light industry in general as to the progress. But this all is the way to make the life of humanity better. That is, the goal is human. So, it is significant to see the progress and regress in human and human relationships since all the external progress is for the human.

The most difficult issue is the formation of human progress, human development. It takes just a few years to build one big facility, but it takes decades to build a developed human, but it probably won't work. Secondly, when the advanced infrastructure is built and handled over the regressed human, it makes all the relationships and tools as themselves. Therefore, the “human factor” is very important in recognizing the phenomenon of progress and regression.

The human who lives in 21st century is truly developed and does he really differ from the human from the past? If he really differs, by which properties and qualities he does it? Is the intellectual potential of the modern human equal to the intellectual potential of scientists, who lived before? If this comparison is not true, then what it the difference between the modern 21st century human and the human from the past? It is possible, that some differences in fashion, clothes, and lifestyle make the human to be count as a modern, but the modern human does not have some things, that the human from the past had.

During the Stone Age, if we rely on historical material, ninety percent of human life is behind it. It is obvious that such factors have affected the future of humanity. Depending on absence of industry the humanity was facing difficulties and it is natural that there was a lack of food and clothes and this issue was making humanity poor. As it was the initial stage of the human development, the human was the wolf of the human. But now in the postmodern period – the high progress rate, the human has a Stone Age lifestyle. In the postmodern period the issue of poverty and nakedness is not solved yet. If in the Stone Age the human was naked just because of poverty, nowadays the nakedness is called as a type of progress. Then modern human doesn’t differ from the Stone Age human, if the nakedness isn’t an issue. In the past centuries people were wearing the torn clothes because of life crisis, in the postmodern condition people wear torn clothes because of cultural crisis. If in the past the reason of immoral acts was the lack of intellect, but nowadays this kind of acts are getting done as requirement of the time.

The daily routine of prophets is an essential part of human history. What happened to them and how do we learn from it. In the days of Lot, the divine wrath was on them because of their departure from mankind' frames. The main point is that society was enjoying homosexualism and made it as a massive enjoyment and they all have disappeared. It was a period of people's ignorance. Homosexual enjoyment negates the natural reality between men and women. In the modern world, however, homosexuality as an element of civilized society is legally recognized and recognized as a civil right. This is a qualitatively new ignorance. It is well-known that in most European countries, homosexuality has become legal, and gay people have been identified as vulnerable. UNESCO Act 2030 also condemns same-sex violence and encourages the homosexual mariage. This “vulnerable group” is protected by human rights organizations, politicians and presidents of the most powerful countries. Countries that impose restrictions on homosexuals are considered unsafe. In fact, this is the image of a civilized postmodern civil society that encourages post-tribalism.

In our motherland context, although there is no separate law on the protection of the rights of homosexuals, the social reality does not deny this phenomenon. In social reality, they do not show anything in themselves, but present themselves in a virtual space. This phenomenon of postmodern society is deeply rooted in the domestic society and exists separately between men and women. Mass immorality, indifference to good and evil, legitimate and illegitimate, and dishonesty that infect society are new postmodern phenomena.

In postmodern conditions, which are considered to be a high degree of modernity, they turned to the phenomena of the barbaric era as a sign of progress. The historical cycle has presented elements of historical brutality as progress. When history is not well studied and lessons are not learned from it, we will repeat the old history for ourselves again in the future . Modern capitalism, in all its details, has made humanity like a zombie, which can think of no other value than its own selfish values. Psychologically, the problems of life make a person greedy for everything, which is sometimes called a “selfish animal”. Humanism is not unique to this society, and if it is, it is to manipulate and mislead the people. The new generation grows up in the same conditions and is the product of this relationship. Dehumanization and anti-human phobia are the essence of the relationship between humanity.

In modern conditions, as the modern world keeps itself away from the formation of slavery, there is a “qualitatively new slavery” in the world, which is slightly different from the classical slavery, but the essence is the same. Subjugation of the masses by new methods of capitalism, exploitation of the people, inhumane treatment of the population, between the rich and the poor, keeping the population in poverty, political cannibalism are among the elements of “qualitatively new slavery”. Neo-feudalism (new feudalism) as a new formation has opened a new window for humanity.

The postmodern world and its splendor attracts a person to the world of immorality. It infects and destroys the young generation with new values making it slave. The spiritual crisis is engulfing society, and ignorance is gaining ground. Actions are not tested and examined, because they destroy the mind and the mind becomes subservient to the desires and wishes. A new quality of idolatry has emerged, and man worships his lust. For those who understand, the initial signs serve as a lesson, because such societies are always collapsing, and there is no good future for them.

Thus, everything that is existing now is the beginning. The future is the result of everyone's work, the product of human activity. It is necessary for a person to know his mission. Correctly determine the route. There should be a single criterion for progress and development.He shouldn't let the postmodernism greatness drive him, since it leads him to ignorance. For this, man must find himself. It is necessary to change the model of life. A human is capable of doing this.