Moldova has the mission of becoming a space of confluences between Western Europe and Russia

Culturally and linguistically, Moldova is a region of confluences between Romanian and Russian culture

Inaugurational speech for the International Conference "FROM ATLANTIC TO PACIFIC: FOR A COMMON DESTINY OF THE PEOPLES OF EURASIA"

Chişinău, May 26, 2017

Dear friends,
In the name of the People”s University, the Eurasian Movement and the Jean Parvulesco Comitee, I welcome you all and thank you for the effort that you put in order to be present at this conference.
• We present here are intellectuals from several European countries who share the same spiritual, civilizational and ideological values.
• We are part of the same conservative, christian, traditionalist and continental way of thinking. Our spiritual family represents the resistance to the dominant discourse of liberal ideology and americanocentrist globalism.
• Our revolt against a universalist, plutocratic, individualistic, dissolvent and unjust world is categorical, ferm and irreconcilable.
• In the front of a great malefic power, obsessed with imposing total control over the peoples of the world by cultural, political, economical and military colonization, we assume with dignity the position of target-persons, hunted by the System.
• As human beings gifted with reason, common sense, and reponsability towards God we have the mission of serving our peoples.
• Why is this conference taking place in Chisinau and why is Moldova a good place for the elaboration of a new worldview for our entire continent?
• Moldova is situated on the faultline between the zone of influence of american global empire and its derivates, NATO and EU and the great cotinental power – Russia.
• At the current hour, Moldova is a desovereignised state, an object of the geopolitics of the global West, a state reduced to the role of a vassal of the corporatocracy and atlantist command centres.
• But Moldova needs to reject the position of a region of geopolitical confrontation between a West dominated by the USA and the Russian world.
• Moldova has the mission of becoming a space of confluences between Western Europe and Russia, a factor of balance and regional stability.
• Culturally and linguistically, Moldova is a region of confluences between Romanian and Russian culture, and its vocation is to become a golden bridge betwen them.
• Our collective identity is a bidimensional one, Romanian and Russian.
• The harmony between the cultures of those two peoples, Romanian and Russian, which have contributed decisively to the formation of our identitary profile, is one very easy to comprehend: both are orthodox nations, of a millenary byzantine culture.
• For Moldova, neither Romania nor Russia are „external enemies”.
• More precisely, and Moldova, and Romania, and Russia have the same external enemy: the planetary imperialism of the anglo-saxon atlanticism.
• And the instinct of collective self-preservation of our peoples must manifest through the solidarity in the face of a common threat.
• Being situated between the East and the West, Moldova has assimilated traits and elements from both spaces.
But, regardless of the total agression against our people from the centers of influence from outside, Moldova remains to be part of an oriental, continental and contemplative civilization.
• Today, not one country, even if it is stronger than Moldova, can resist alone in the face of the general aggression of the liberal totalitarianism.
• But in order to be efficient, sustainable and finally victorious, our resistance can’t be just military, political and economical. It needs to be, first of all, ideological.
• And our conference is a wonderful occassion for new conceptual elaborations that can contribute to the crystalization of a new worldview, of a strategy that could permit the solidarization and cooperation of all anti-System forces from our continent and the world.
Thank you for your attention and God bless you!