Montenegrin problem


Since the truncated Montenegrin parliament voted to join NATO, the geopolitical situation in the Balkans is further  more complex. According to the survey about 80% of the population of Montenegro wanted a referendum on NATO membership and 60%  despite all the pressures were against membership.

The territory of Montenegro has important geo-strategic significance. It has access to the Adriatic Sea, controls the Strait of Otranto. From Montenegro NATO will have an even stronger impact on the Raska region in Serbia, northern Kosovo as well as in eastern Republic of Srpska. But the main gain for NATO will be the surrounding of Serbia and Republic of Srpska. Because now all the countries that surround Serbia and the Republic of Srpska are in NATO: Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia is not in NATO but is surrounded by NATO member states, so it come the same. Serbia and Republic of Srpska are in NATO hoop.

Now the US will be in a much better position to undermine the vital interests of Serbs. What are the plans of the West towards the Serbs was best described by Marti Ahtisaari, in his book "Mission in Belgrade" where, among other things, he concluded: "NATO and US are trying to liquidate Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) as a political factor in Europe ... Yugoslavia is a very powerful country and is oriented toward Russia, she interferes with the plans of NATO in the Balkans" . 

In accordance with that the West forced Milo Djukanovic to go with the separation of Montenegro from Serbia, what has happened on the undemocratic referendum on 21 May  2006 year. In accordance with that policy was the plan of the Government of Montenegro to join NATO. Montenegrin accession to NATO only reinforced chauvinism in Montenegro, in order to assimilate Serbs.

Shortly after the vote for joining NATO fascism got wings in Montenegro. At the meeting of the so-called Montenegrin Movement was asked that: “on the Public Broadcasting Service and other public broadcasters, implement scientific, cultural and political programs that reinforce the Montenegrin state and national identity; that from the Montenegrin public media should be removed contents that promote the interests of foreign states and nations, that are contrary to our national interests; that the Montenegrin language, his jotovana variant, be introduced in equal use in public administration, in the entire state space, and in all public electronic media and public written publications ".

Montenegrin Movement went a step further and also requires that "all public and private entities, political parties, NGOs, religious, cultural and scientific institutions that threaten Montenegrin national integrity and national sovereignty are subjected to legal sanctions and ban them or restrict action, to the extent that does not endanger the constitutional order, peace and order ".

They also ask that "all senior and lower government officials in the administration, educational and government institutions in general, be sanctioned for each act of non-compliance with the state, its symbols and constitutional order." All this demands are aimed against Serbs, which are subject of a fascist pressure, so that they assimilate to be Montenegrins. While US for the Albanians in the region ask for all rights and even much more beyond that, at the same time encourage the shameful discrimination against Serbs in Montenegro.

Djukanovic’s Montenegro renounced historical Montenegro, at the behest of the US and the UK, who are holding Djukanovic in the fist. Thanks to the fake coup d'etat on the day of parliamentary elections Djukanovic's Democratic Party of Socialists won. Who is actually behind the invented  fake coup, is discovered by the Chief Special Prosecutor Milivoje Katnic.

Shortly after the fake coup Katnic "thanked British and US espionage to the assistance in the investigation." Wanting it or not wanting, Montenegrin prosecutor pointed to those who are behind this anti-Russian propaganda campaign.

This "11 anniversary of independence," Montenegro welcomed in poor conditions. Montenegro is a country of 600 000 inhabitants, of which almost 100 000 does not work. Of that number, even 12 000  are university-educated people. The Government of Montenegro boasts servile towards Washington, and instead of representing the interests of its own people, she represents the interests of US. Montenegro is a divided country. In reality, the Serbs are the majority in Montenegro and they are strongly against NATO and they stands for the closest possible relations with Russia. At the local level, Milo Djukanovic’s Democratic Party of Socialists has lost three municipalities, according to the polls the opposition is stronger and at the state level. Because of that Djukanovic does not allow early parliamentary elections. The question that arises is simple, as most of the opposition is pro-Serb, what will happen when the opposition take power? This is primarily related to the security sector, which should cooperate with NATO and to receive and transmit valuable intelligence. Therefore, the US Embassy in Podgorica performs various machinations with the aim to weaken the pro-Serb opposition. Consequently the above it is clear that Montenegro is waiting for turbulent times.