More Double Standards From Liberal Fake News Media

The shocking case of Mateusz Piskorski
The liberal-fascists of the European Union were outraged when a Moscow court last month sentenced opposition leader Alexei Navalny to 30 days in prison for staging an unsanctioned rally in the city. Strangely, however, they are absolutely silent about the case of Mateusz Piskorski, a Polish anti-EU opposition leader, who has now been held in harsh conditions - without even being charged - for more than a year.
It all started with a spectacular arrest on Wilanowa street in Warsaw, where Mr Piskorski was taking his children to school, two cars appeared out of which jumped masked officers with guns in their hands.
Piskorski was arrested and simultaneously the offices of the party Zmiana were broken into and ransacked. Similar attacks were made on the apartments of the party’s leaders. 
Soon after, the media reported that Piskorski had been arrested on charges of spying for Iraq, China, and/or Russia. Yet no evidence for this has been presented and he has not even been charged.
The best the prosecution can come up with as an excuse for holding him, often in cold, solitary confinement without even adequate food, is the claim that  there is a "high probability of the suspect committing a crime.”
For his part, Piskorski has said that the CIA and NATO decide what happens in Poland. He remains defiant, despite the blatant efforts to break him, which are partly aimed at intimidating other Poles into accepting the stationing of US missiles in Poland, which are making the entire country a potential war zone, especially given the NATO first strike doctrine and ongoing attempt to 'encircle' Russia prior to such an attack.
The newspaper Wyborcza has said that the motive of the arrest were plans by Piskorski’s party to protest against the NATO summit in Warsaw. Piskorski was allegedly supposed to meet in Russia with Russian intelligence officers and collect money for organizing anti-NATO protests in Poland.
The newspaper reported that the prosecutor had accused Piskorski of “trying to influence public opinion in Poland,” which turns out is something unacceptable for a politician to do!
 A number of European MPs, from both the 'far-left' and the 'far-right', have written an open letter to Polish authorities demanding Piskorski’s release. The parliamentarians, outraged by Piskorski’s imprisonment, reminded the Polish authorities once again that “Poland as an EU member is obliged to respect the right to freedom of expression which is the basis of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights. This right includes the freedom to hold opinions and receive and disseminate information and ideas without interference by public authorities and regardless of state borders.”
 So far, however, a man is still in prison and he still does not know what for. But the 'liberal' fake news media have eyes only for a slap-on-the-wrist sentence in Russia and turn blind eyes to the scandal in Poland.
In truth, Piskorski is the first political prisoner of the ruling Law and Justice Party. He is being held in solitary confinement because of his views on Polish-Russian relations and strong opposition to Poland’s membership of NATO.
 Unfortunately, that position is not shared by a significant number of Polish patriots, some of whom still see Russia as a bigger threat to Poland than Brussels or Washington or liberalism in general. Political opinions do not, however, really matter here. What matters is freedom and democracy, and both are diminished by the persecution of Mateusz Piskorski.
As you will see from this video, recorded just a few days ago, he remains unbowed. Here he seizes the opportunity to tell supporters what is going on, and how Poland is no longer a truly independent country: