Myth-busting Pakistan’s Resilient Family

Terrorism has changed the overall socio-politico and military scenario of Pakistan. The kind of civilian cum military war, however, made Pakistani society more resilient. Terrorism, no matter how hard they try, could not shatter patriotism as well as their trust on the ‘State’ of this brave nation. The resilient Pakistani nation has openly disapproved the terrorists and terrorist’s agenda and their human actions. In these difficult times, the Pakistanis have not lost hope and have remained united to face the menace of terrorism with “Unity, Faith and Discipline”.The terrorists must have now realized that the zeal and national fervor embedded in the hearts of Pakistani nation cannot be subdued with violence or threat to their lives. 

Pakistan is battling the war on fear as a noteworthy partner of United States and in doing as such there is an incredible loss of military faculty, citizen lives, decimation of the national foundation and the inner tranquility of the nation. Pakistan is the fundamental casualty of this war on terrorism, as it has influenced the country's solidarity, made substantial harms the national resources and the loss of valuable human lives. Generally speaking this war has incurred extremely profound and mass-scale harms to the nation. It's anything but a regular war; rather, it is to a greater degree a counterinsurgency battle. Other than a couple of different nations that are battling uprisings in their very own properties for some time, Pakistan Army is likewise battling this war on terrorism inside its fringes since 9/11.Terrorists have killed Pakistanis indiscriminately in every nook and corner regardless of religion, ethnicity, caste and creed. They are the enemies of every human being living within the borders of Pakistan. 

Standing with its nation, Pakistan army has rendered enormous sacrifices (over 8000 all ranks laid down their lives in the line of duty) resulting into a marked decline in terrorism related violence in Pakistan. It can be proudly said that Pakistan Army is the only Army in the world today that has defeated terrorism on its soil. Pakistan Army is Muslim Army Commanded by a Muslim General, fully charged with the motivation of Jihad to thwart internal/external threats to its people and territorial boundaries. COAS statement on Operation RaddulFassad shows his commitment of relieving the city from this menace of terrorism. 

Nevertheless, the buoyant nation, facing terrorism continued progression in all fields, especially sports. In last few years, few of the major sports achievements at international competition are as under:-Winner- ICC T20 World Champion in 2009; Bronze Medal- World Street Children Football in 2014; Winner- ICC Champion Trophy Champion in 2017; Winner 19th Asian Junior Squash Champion in 2019; and Winner – Asian Snooker Champion in 2009. Similarly, Pakistan army has achieved many distinctions at the world stage. Pakistan army claimed four consecutive Gold Medals in world’s toughest CambrainPtl Competition held at Wale, UK. Besides, Pakistan army won international military drill competition, second year running, held at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, UK. Its shooters/players in various sports events have played a vital role in raising the national flag higher at international level.

Terrorist have not only failed in this life but also in afterlife. They have forgotten the true essence of Islam. In fact, Islam is a complete code of life and guides its followers on all aspects of human life. Islam, which means peace, has no room for compulsion in religion. Quran says, “Verily, the right path has become distinct from the wrong path.” (Surah Baqara2:256) No doubt, terrorist have lost this war both on physical as well as moral grounds. On the contrary, the way Pakistan Army managed with the fear mongering and attempted to verify the outskirts and keep up interior peace and stability of the nation is really noticeable and in fact surprising. The endeavors were and are being completed in the circumstance, where there exist outrageous political unsteadiness, the indigenous issues like absence of religious amicability, sectarianism, and so forth, yet at the same time to manage the psychological oppressors bunches which resemble some infection, spreading excessively quick, focusing on each spot from mosques to the guard establishments, isn't a simple activity. The job of armed force in this war is major and considerable.