National Military in the Age of Global Bureaucracy

Switch of power happened in Brazil. The new, informal head of state is ‘operational president’, active military officer, General Walter Souza Braga Netto, while actual president Jair Bolsonaro is still president, but only formally – he will not be consulted about state policy any more. Operational president is appointed at official function of Chief of Staff (at Presidency) - in state hierarchy, this is second most important function after the presidential one. Earlier, the new Chief of Staff was Chief of General Staff of Brazilian Armed Forces. Although it is said that many military people are appointed by Bolsonaro, it can not be said they are still on the same track with him. It is also stated that a group of governors, from left to right, turned against Bolsonaro. According to media, there are 2 500 high ranking military officials in various state functions. Brazilian military has long time experience in taking part in government. In this period of cacophony of voices, what it is all about this pandemic, military raised voice over Bolsonaro’s approach to ‘pandemic’. Apart of becoming Chief of Staff, General Braga Netto was also appointed the coordinator of Federal Government’s coronavirus committee.

Coup which is not a coup in the age of pandemic which is not pandemic

The strategy of non-armed coup by armed forces presents an approach of the armed forces in the age of non-conventional wars based on particular treaties, contracts, agreements – publicly or secretly signed. There are some Western puppets governments which do not inform their citizens what they signed on citizens behalf. 
Various experts in various fields may see what they are able to see from the viewpoint of their expertise and they will all find various kinds of causes, reasons and explanations for what is going on – from designed biological war to natural reaction to human wrongdoings on planet. Even if epidemic may be proclaimed in certain parts of the world, informational pressure and fear management over coronavirus is among best advocates of the so called, but non-existing pandemic.
What happened in Brazil might be called an administrative coup. Daily Bolivarian writes that it was not an actual coup since Bolsonaro handed over power voluntarily to General Braga Netto. General switched from uniform to a suit and switched from the post of Chief of General Staff of Armed Forces to the post of Chief of Staff at Presidency. He is now “operational president” as Brazilian media call him - which is informal function, but with formal power. Onyx Lorenzoni, long time Bolsonaro ally and previous Chief of Staff, now in charge of Citizenship Ministry, announced that “country restored its sacred right to self-defence”. Before appointing General Braga Netto to the position of Chief of Staff, Bolsonaro stripped that office of several important duties including projected investment programmes for the privatization of state assets (transferred to the Economy Ministry).
If there are structures in a country, ready to subjugate entire country and people to  global West, it is military which should be the first to confront them, to act and re-establish control over the state apparatus. Although Bolsonaro is retired captain, his approach to politics is different than one of most military personnel. Brazilian military has chosen convenient moment and used the very same administrative-bureaucratic apparatus that is all the time at service of globalist structures. Military demonstrated ability to act in accordance with new kinds of political circumstances and (again) occupied various important positions in civilian part of state administration.
Ongoing biological and informational global war is mounted by Transatlantic gang – this time, it misuses medicine, health services, citizens, states, countries, international organizations and uses entire range of non-military means in order to regain or strengthen power. What happened in Brazil was a coup, but it was not a coup as this corona circus pandemic is pandemic, not really - it is rather something else where opportunity arose from  to “restore sacred right to self-defence”.
State politics moved to military level – it is military personnel, either in uniforms or not, who now deal with high level state issues. Politicians become mere bureaucrats who walk around and pursue someone else’s interests, but not those of their countries. A return to national military administration on highest level may be the first stage in restoring full sovereignty over occupied or kidnapped countries. It is the military which would be able to introduce order, discipline and to rebuild national state institutions which are in total mess. The return to the concept of national state in multipolar world is important in removing globalists’ installations within the state apparatus and period of closed societies may be a good period for such steps. 
But it also appears that, during this pandemic which is not pandemic, military in certain (occupied) countries is part of globalist informational and biological warfare and its role is to serve as assistance to health or administrative sectors which are under the command of some of the structures: Porton Down, big pharma, WHO, Soros, Bill Gates, Harvard or Georgetown University, John Hopkins, Salisbury, their installations in China, etc. 
The ongoing war games are not strictly military, but a patchwork of interlaced conventional and non-conventional weapons, military and non military methods – war games are moved to civilian sector where military serves only as an assistant or as an executive of decisions made by civilian governmental bodies. During state of emergency, power is (formally) transferred to totally different people than during ‘normal days’. There are now people from ‘health sector’ who, beside politicians, formally occupy important positions in ‘emergency teams’. Since health sector in many countries depends on globalist companies, institutions and decisions, it looks like local military, whether it likes it or not, has to work for globalist agenda; in some cases its activity includes also not to do anything and to be excluded from events. In such countries, military’s first task is to serve globalist ideology, not to use weapons to protect the country or to exercise “the sacred right to self-defence”.That means that global machinery, whenever it can, deprives national military of its first duty to protect country by any means. Some local militaries became globalist machinery tools. That is why what happened in Brazil is even more important in strategic level. 

World War III

Unlike the First and Second World War, when the beginnings of war was officially announced and when alliances were well or less known, things with Third World War, that has been going on for some time, went the other way around. Instead of clearly announced beginning of world war, its end is announced, its final battles, coordinated (or not) special operations, spanning the entire planet in different ways in different regions or countries. Actually, this is the first real world war. This is the first time that war really spans entire planet. Armed war with conventional weapons decreased and descended to be a possible helping hand in the phases of unconventional global war. Third World War has been made of series of special operations in various levels and layers in various countries and societies. Special operation is never announced – so it wasn’t the beginning of the  ongoing Third World War.
Comparing to World War 3, WW1 and WW2 were conventional blitzkrieg operations. Ongoing world war started long ago, when Warsaw Pact was dismantled and NATO Pact ceased to be a military alliance and became military-bureaucratic apparatus at service of then emerging global West based on Trans-Atlantic integrations. What globalists call ‘The fall of Berlin Wall’ is actually the beginning of WW3. Where Second War ended, the Third started, but no one mentioned then. The symbolism of destroying the wall announced the new frequent warfare - riots, demolitions, urban clashes, gangs – all of them backed up by globalist structures. Militarization of national police forces has also started then. Military wing, NATO, became scarecrow of the globalist bureaucratic machinery and its financiers. 
It did not take long after the breakup of the Warsaw Pact to start armed war in Europe. First time, after Second world War, NATO decided to military intervene in Europe – in Balkans. It started to use weapons strictly on behalf of globalism. Apart of Europe, NATO maintained other local war areas in many other regions, whether under the name of NATO units, UN units, under the command of US generals or some joint commands which were created according to current needs. 
Entire mechanism of so-called international community, actually consisting of several Western countries, was involved in creation of global supranational institutions, which took control over national or old regional structures or sought to do so in countries and regions where it was not possible by simple colonization. 
By time, opportunity emerged to create one big war out of many small (and different). As wars shifted to unarmed activities, so did characteristics of ‘conquering the terrain’ - they were more those of hybrid, net centric or net war nature, rather than of armed military activity. Special operations zones have been created, conventionally or unconventionally armed - zones where NATO acts as military wing of neo-liberal, global, Trans-Atlantic, Western nations or as vanguard of Trans-Atlantic political wing, EU. That is why NATO also cultivates various groups, within candidate or targeted states, as its proxies - of different kinds, but with the same purpose.
However, NATO is quite incapable of dealing with anything, from conventional to unconventional warfare and it mostly acts on a peacetime-bureaucratic terms. It holds senseless drills, meetings, conferences, round tables, seminars – acting more like multinational pyramidal financial corporation than like military alliance. Based on double- or triple-standards and rules, it enrols new members on whose territories it deploys its equipment and personnel, poses around like in Hollywood and leaves garbage and mess behind – there are well-known complaints from many locals from various cities, areas and villages across Europe where NATO troops are stationed. Wherever NATO soldiers set their feet at any time for whatever reason – they leave mess behind - not war debris, but mess like after music festival.
When it comes to actual military capability of NATO, which is probably its job description, the situation is even worse. NATO becomes less and less capable both for air-to-air and naval combat, while other kinds of war, i.e. ground operations, can not even be discussed. NATO is incapable of launching ground-based offensives unless it has broad support of (non-military) bureaucracy warfare: global and local media, on-duty ideologues and propagators, local administrations, global and local NGO sector, etc. It also counts on support of paramilitary or para police groups (which may be even masked as regular units, using state apparatus) and, why not, terrorist groups – while the question remains whether NATO troops would dare to land, even then, when they have their proxy ‘infantry’ to watch their back. NATO soldiers are not ready for war below 10,000 meters. They can only drop bombs from 10 000 meters or higher and leave. This is how close they dare to approach the enemy. And, that is why NATO wants to conquer Mars, but in reality, it searches for most obscure groups of people in certain areas, who can be easily commanded and whose ideological background is not so important - it is more important that they are capable of opportunistic ideological turns. 
But, NATO's ‘ground troops’ are not trained for war. They are gangs – they already have certain approach to battle and clashes, but this is not one of the military. In certain areas, NATO deploys other kind of ‘ground troops’ in the form of military bureaucrats, not capable to going to war, but very capable of destroying national or regional defence systems by formal bureaucratic decisions. After military bureaucracy, appointed by globalist structures, destroys national military, NATO proxy armed gangs would not even need to go to war. Those gangs/groups also serve as local scarecrows and, if in need, they perform some limited ‘operation’ with various kinds of casualties in order to make social disruptions, followed by network of loyal or appointed media. All small (local) wars of various kinds waged by global West are always in the interest of some of the clans of global West gang. All those wars started with false flag operations, staged events, followed by vigorous global mass media machinery and other civilian structures – which NATO starts to use, by time, as instruments to improve its position. 
By applying Kafkian style bureaucratic methods (referring to some unreadable documents of semi-mystical bureaucratic nature or to ‘non-papers’) and by disrespecting international law, NATO expands its operations to completely delusional levels, bypassing any criteria for reality. NATO globe-trotters,  in a hurry to present and sign bunch of papers with various structures and organizations, look more like a cartoon than military alliance, as it is called. Without support of media or globalist administrative/bureaucratic structures and without suppressing local states’ apparatus, NATO would hardly exist. 

National military in civilian structures

The fact that Brazilian armed forces take big part in civilian political life (again) and that the process of unarmed military activity is going on at high public level, in the midst of ‘pandemic’, may indicate new approach among (non Western) countries which forcibly joined pro-Western bloc. Even people in Western countries may realize what is going on, but all of them are locked in with globalist structures. Events in Brazil show national military taking the central spot on political stage. At present moment, almost half of the Cabinet of Brazilian government comes from military. Many of them were appointed by Bolsonaro. Both left and right parties criticize Bolsonaro, none of them criticizes military activities.
Certain important events: 
in the beginning of April, media write about military siding the Government and opposing Bolsonaro in treating situation with coronavirus.
In March, 2020, Daily Bolivarian writes that Jair Bolsonaro might be tested positive for coronavirus, after having lunch with US president Donald Trump and his staff - that was when US synchronized activities with Brazilian and Colombian political officials against Venezuela. Bolsonaro’s communication secretary was tested positive. Not reported what happened with the members of US delegation. Earlier, Bolsonaro said that virus was “fantasy”. It is not possible to know whether Bolsonaro is coronavirus promoter, among many other highly positioned politicians (in other words, mandatory vaccination promoter as Ursula von der Layen is) or he really got sick. Globalist media announced he was fine.
In early February, former military police captain, Adriano Nóbrega, who has been hiding in Bahia (state of Rio de Janeiro), was killed by police. Nóbrega was close to Jair Bolsonaro’s son, Eduardo. When Eduardo Bolsonaro was state representative in Rio de Janeiro, he awarded then-Captain Nóbrega a medal. Bolsonaro Senior commented killing of Nóbrega as the action of military police in Bahia close to leftist Workers Party (PT). Also, there are accusations of Bolsonaro family being involved in removing Adriano Nóbrega as a kind of man who knew too much. 
In mid-February, Bolsonaro appointed General Braga Netto to the post of Chief of Staff. Later in February, Braga Netto held meeting with all ministers to discuss coronavirus measures and formal President Bolsonaro was not present at the meeting.
It also happened in February that global mainstream media complained about the number of military men in Brazilian government and attributed it to Bolsonaro’s decisions – it is worth mentioning that global media were fans of Bolsonaro, when he was a presidential candidate. Now they are making another switch, trying to attribute military power to Bolsonaro.
Also in February, Reuters writes about the replacement of Onyx Lorenzoni from the post of Chief of Staff. It is said that replacement was awaited, since Lorenzoni did nothing to secure political support for Government’s agenda in Brazilian Congress. During those days, Onyx Lorenzoni spoke about “reclaiming the sacred right to self-defence” and General Braga Netto replaced him at the position of Chief of Staff. 
Also in February this year, certain Leonardo Barreto (Vector Analysis political consultancy) was asked by Reuters to comment then-announced changes in Brazilian government. He said: “This militarization, especially of the inner circle of ministers in the Planalto Palace, reinforces the image Bolsonaro wants to have, that he is not allied to any political group.” - this is how situation is presented by a globalist media agency. On the other hand, Daily Bolivarian and some other sources see things completely differently – Bolsonaro is removed from power, he would keep formal presidential post, but without real power. 
In November 2019, former President of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was freed from prison (where he was unlawfully, of course). A month before that, in October 2019, even Lula’s prosecutors wanted him out of jail, but he had rejected that kind offer, until the process was regularly finished. Bolsonaro did not comment Lula’s release, but his son, congressman, Eduardo Bolsonaro, twitted about Lula’s release, using raw and low life language. It is worth remembering that Lula was a favourite presidential candidate in previous elections, when he was accused of corruption and money laundering and thus removed from presidential run – which was enough to make Bolsonaro a president. 
In February 2018, General Braga Netto became public figure in Brazilian political life. By decree of then-president Temer, General Braga Netto became a commander of the special joint military and police forces for intervention in federal state of Rio de Janeiro – to reinstall law and order, to purge corrupted from police forces and to introduce model of integrated intelligence areas of public security agencies in Rio (federal state). He said then that integration of all defence and security services and unification of command during operation to recover state’s efficiency in Rio de Janeiro “will serve as a laboratory for other federal states”. He also stated that another objective of the Rio intervention was “to deploy Armed Forces' management and logistics expertise”. When asked about changes in police forces, what kind of methods and changes would be applied, he stated: “The rules don't change, but they can be improved.”
In December, 2017, also during the presidency of Michel Temer, retired General Gilberto Pimentel (the president of Rio’s Military Club, often a messenger of officers who are not allowed to speak publicly), when asked about possible ‘collateral effects’ of joint military/police special operation in Rio’s crime ruled favela Salgueiro, said: “We are going to act in communities that are dominated by bandits...” and “…It is very difficult to separate good people from the bandits.” 
Both described cases of military activities from 2018 and 2017 - one to improve and reorganize police forces and state management, another to clean favela from crime – were presented by globalist media as human rights abuse or even war crimes. While presenting the local politician (Temer, Bolsonaro) in positive or at least neutral manner, military activities to recover order or eliminate criminal gangs in certain neighbourhoods were seen as human rights abuse and war crimes.
Globalist media do support their puppet politicians who works on behalf of globalist agenda, no matter left, centre or right, but when it comes to national military, even under command of politicians they support, military is being criticized in cooperation with so called international human rights organizations.
That alliance of globalist media and int’l human rights organizations is always very concerned about human rights of narco-dealers, some obscure groups member or crooked politicians, but not very interested in human, children, religious or any other basic rights abuse, as long as the abuse and mismanagement serve globalist programme. 
It also happened in Philippines that international human rights organization were advocating for human rights of narco-dealers and insisted to prosecute police and military. It happens in Syria, which is, by the way, illegally and criminally attacked, but whose military is charged with assault with chemicals, which actually was done by Western protégés, White Helmets. It happened in Iraq and Libya – mayhem happened in there and it still happens. It happens in Yemen. Not to mention criminal assassination of General Soleimani. Or, Serbia and disgraceful ‘Residual Mechanism in the Hague’. If demolitions and killings are made by Western military or its local stooges - it is fight for freedom, but if something is done by local national army, without evidence or trial – it is publicly proclaimed: human rights abuse and war crimes. Mike Pompeo even threatened the judges of International Criminal Court (and their family members) if they only dare to prosecute any American for Afghanistan or whatever other crime or military misconduct during any kind of operation. 

On Behalf of Multipolar World

Deliberately or not, happenings in Brazil are in favour of multipolar world. Brazilian military has wide experience in political life, both in country and internationally. The period of military rule in Brazil after WW2 (1964-85), globalist historians and media now see as ‘military dictatorship’, although some of their structures actively supported Brazilian military in certain moments. 
Relations between Brazilian military and US administrations (traditionally globalist), were specially dynamic (from good to bad and vice versa) in the second part of 20th century. That may indicate the presence of pro-American wings in Brazilian military or those who would support some delusional ‘South American NATO’ – in that sense, Brazilian military may be compared to the Turkish one to a certain extent. 
But, whatever happens with military next, the events in Brazil present new quality in approaches to regain state control and to confront the structures and networks which serve globalist plans (including wide spread trans-national organized crime supported by global West). It also shows that military personnel trained in politics may become significant in the process of re-establishing sovereignty and removing intruders from state institutions. Even if there is a pro-globalist wing in the military, developments in Brazil may serve as demonstration exercise for possible activities in closed societies or, as blueprint for national militaries to consider and improve ‘Brazilian model’ in order to regain national sovereignty where it is lost. Also to replace crooked politicians – from strategic to political and operational level – or, to act in direct cooperation with civilian groups, bypassing crooked politicians. The developments in Brazil came to the point when both left and right political parties criticize president Bolsonaro, or criticize each other, but non of them criticizes military activities. Global ‘pandemic’ which is not pandemic, served for a coup which was not a coup. 
Even if Western media name current happenings in Brazil ‘the new phase of military dictatorship’, it is not important at all. Those are not media, anyway, they are talking heads of Western structure of power, not news operators. The process of regaining national control over state structures is complex and it is not clear on how many ‘fronts’ it is necessary to operate against globalist networks within society or against local governmental apparatus managed by globalist non-governmental organizations. Many activities are performed simultaneously, but not all of them are at the same levels toward the goal. In such a fluid, but closed society, it is necessary to have inner forces, able to coordinate restoration of country’s “sacred right to self-defence”. 
As Alexandr Dugin says, ongoing period of closed societies and closed state borders will show whether countries are really capable to preserve, consolidate, reclaim or re-establish their sovereignty. Whatever happens or not, new stratifications in societies have occurred, that is irreversible and changes are fundamental - many of them being aligned with national states and multipolar world.