New sanctions and.....Novorossiya!

Photo - Public domain pictures
Photo - Public domain pictures

The US congress and senate are preparing new sanctions against Russia, this time maybe against the russian banking sector and currency transactions. It is known for a long time now that sanctions are a favourite toy of the USA. Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and recently Turkey are all nations who, besides Russia, have been targeted by american sanctions. It is obvious that the USA does not like sovreign and independent countries that they cannot controll. How then should Russia respond to any new sanctions, or the threat of them?

First of all the response must be smart, which means that it should be asymetric because the american economy is much bigger than the russian.
Second, the response should be more than symbolic (like just recalling the ambassador).
Third, the response should not hurt Russia herself.
So let us look at some examples of possible responses.

*The russian replacement for SWIFT is ready - it is called the system for transfer of financial messages (SPFS), so time to start using it! This will take away one economic black-mail weapon from the USA.

*The new american sanctions against Iran has hindered that country from buying about 200 Airbus-planes from the EU - so Russia should try to sell them the new Irkut MC21 or Sukhoi Superjet 100 or updated Iliushin 86! This brings money to Russia and help to Iran....and annoyment to USA + discontent in the EU!

*Stop the export of precious metals to the american industry, especially to their planes and submarines -  this countermeasure requires that the USA will not buy the metals from another country or that Russia will sell the metals to another country (see the 3rd point above).

*Stop providing the USA with rocket-engines, yes, the USA has no rocket-engines to reach the ISS (International Space Station)!

*Close Russian air-space to american planes, especially for their occupation-troops in Afghanistan, if that has not been done already, and certainly if they close their air-space for Aeroflot!

*Stop trading in dollars - use rubel, gold, yuan, barter or even euro. And make an official statement that the american gold reserve does not exist any more - everyone knows this fact already anyway.

*Covertly support the taliban in Afghanistan, the Houthi in Yemen, the North Korean government, Venezuela and others, just like the USA supports the Kiev nazi regime! And send some MiG-31 (air-space controll and superiority planes) to the russian bases in Syria and S-300 to Syria and to Iran!

*Create a gas-OPEC with other gas-producing countries, USA would not like that.....

*Invite Turkey and Iran into BRICS - make it a "BRICSTI"! And include both countries in the SCO (at least when Turkey leaves Syria, Iran can be included immediately!)

*Accelerate the building of Turk-stream and North Stream 2, and then stop the transit of gas through "Banderastan" and Poland.

*Stop foreign ships crossing the Kerch-strait because of security concerns beacuse of the threats from the Kiev nazi regime against the Krim-bridge!

But the most important and strong response is to revive the Novorossiya project from its "frozen" condition! Start using the word Novorossiya officially again. Send "vacationers" and arms and curators and respond in kind to any cease-fire violation from the Kiev nazi regime! Target especially the foreign mercenaries in Donbass and the nazi batallions. All land from Charkov to Odessa and east of the Dnepr must be liberated, reach Transdnestria and save that country too in the process! This should be done regardless of any new american sanctions - these are russian lands and not for bargain or nazi occupation! Implement the Tretyakov-plan!

These are some possible counter-measures if the USA introduces new sanctions. All of these measures don`t have to be taken at once, but all of them have their place and should be taken sooner or later. Of course the continuation of gold accumulation and production of the six new weapons from president Putins March-speech as well as Armata, Su-57, Kalibr and new navy ships and submarines will go on regardless. An increase of the russian economy by giving low-interest loans for small and medium  investors to start businessess, and even for consumption would also be good - but only consuption of russian products and services, not anything imported from the west (for example loans to buy new russian-made cars, mobile-phones, TVs and so on).