Next Middle East War

Donald Trump Foto: warfiles
Donald Trump Foto: warfiles

The JCPOA can already be considered dead, and its formal collapse is only a question of time, rather sooner than the latter.  We know this at least since Donald Trump’s election, and his subsequent actions only confirm that for the US administration, Iran has returned to the position of "enemy No. 1", almost as on the times of aggression against Imam Khomeini.

Trump came in July to the Middle East straight to find and mobilize allies against Iran, and that also was a subject dedicated to the Brussels summit.  So, we can be sure the full restoration of sanctions, and even its tightening and joining by other countries.  Even a direct aggression is possible, either in the form of missile and air attacks, or full-scale War, or terrorist threat in Iran itself.  Iranians already had such an example on June 7th.  The Americans, the Zionists and the Saudis will not cease, until destroy the Islamic Republic of Iran, the main hope of all Islam, and the chance for Justice and Peace in the Middle East.

Of course, we can also expect other methods, such as the systematic use of "Soft Power", the propaganda of the "Open Society", the influence of public opinion, not only all over the World, but especially in Iran, by various "Non-Governmental Organizations", which are in fact instruments of American and Israeli intelligence agencies. .Iran remains one of a main targets for George Soros, and we can be sure that another "Colourful Revolution" is prepared to take place in Tehran. That's why my Iranian friends should get ready for the worst.

But why all this seemingly irrational moves happen?  That is simple. First, Israel is and never stop to be the most important factor in American politics.  In each subsequent presidential campaign in the United States, candidates are particularly quarrel for one question- which one of them loves and supports Zionists in Palestine more.  It was also an important element of Donald Trump's electoral campaign, which culminated in pointing role of his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, in creating Foreign, and especially Security and Economic policy of the USA.

We must also remember that Trump was just a candidate of a particular lobby.  This is clearly visible after his international activities. The President of the United States is primarily a salesman of the US Mining and Energy industry. The American hegemon wants to force the subordinate states to buy expensive American gas and even coal, behaving like a gangster using force to eliminate any competitors.  For Trump it is just a business, not a question of sympathy, treaties and agreements.  Iran has oil, Iran has gas, Iran has technology = Iran should be pushed out of the market, and best – to be destroyed.

Trump also represents the arms industry, and this one needs to fuel the conflicts and the atmosphere of War so that they can sell their products.  So, on the one hand there will be wars such as the Syrian ones. On the other, they will just scare of the new possible conflicts, so that demand will not dwindle.  And even if one hesitates, Washington will enforce obedience, e.g. within NATO, reminding of the high limits on military spending.

Finally, the fact is that Iran provides support to the Shiites in Iraq and the legitimate Syrian authorities, and the Iraq and Syria games are about controlling Oil Fields and communication routes, such as those from Iran, and from China, within one of the New Silk variants trail.  That is why the American-Zionist-Saudi coalition first created ISIS, and today it uses the Kurdish issue. And Iran interferes with it ...

Some of Iranian analytics believe that this country can opposite American plans by keeping on cooperation with Western Europe.  But they forget (what happens also in Russia…) that the European Union and its member states are not an independent geopolitical subject.  They are easy to be disciplined by Washington, both due to the dependence of their elites, as well as economic and especially military enslaving.  Of course, there are some minor differences in opinion, some sectors of the American economy compete with especially Germany ones, some companies want to maximize their profits - but in general Europe obeys and follows the United States, and there is no indication that it will change.

And even more, because the Zionist establishment has now another very effective instrument of pressure on Europe, including manipulating the fears of its inhabitants.  Apart from the slogans like "War with Terrorism", today there is created scare and resistance against immigrants and Islamophobia.   It is easier to rule people who are afraid, and it is much faster to induce irrational reactions.  Although many people in Europe understand that American-Zionist-Saudi aggression has been a factor which destabilized the Maghreb and the Middle East, moving the Immigration wave - however, the public is easily mistaken for that cause.  And, consequently, also incline to support other American attacks, just roughly "Kill them all there, let them not come to us!". Europe has so many problems and too many ties with America to gain independence and provide effective support to the JCPOA.

Demonstration of American consistence was Kurdish referendum. After all, there would have been no referendum in the areas controlled by the Kurds without the American permission and Israeli support…  On the one hand, we must remember that the Kurdish state is a kind of necessity, just as it was with the Polish aspirations on the Nineteenth Century, or todays postulate of Catalan and Scottish independence. The subsequent manifestations of these wills ended in spectacular disasters in the past, but generally almost everybody agreed that in one way or another, something with these Poles / Scots / Catalans had to be done. Of course, it is also wrong that we see the Kurdish issue one the opposite, hostile, and aggressive Geopolitical side, while e.g. in the 1980s the Kurds' efforts (especially in Turkey) could be perceived as one of many anti-Western movements.  Paradoxically however, the Kurdish referendum can have positive effects - for example, forcing Ankara to change its policy in the region and to build the necessary cooperation with Russia and above all Iran.

We also understand that the main goal is not an independent Kurdistan, but above all the control under the northern Syria (not inhabited by the Kurds).  Israeli supported the “New State" is also expected to prevent expressing the will of Iraqi citizens- and to be an outpost for a possible attack against Iran.  And what is even more painful that Iran for decades was only one place on Earth where Kurdish minority, everywhere else persecuted, could develop and defend its identity peacefully.

The Kurdish referendum is a proof that we are not dealing with the last war in the Middle East. We will see another ones soon.