NGOs pushing Ethno-religious harmony of Bangladesh in to jeopardy

Photo: Wikimedia commons
Photo: Wikimedia commons

NGOs (Non-Governmental Organization) in Bangladesh have long been known for a role model of poverty alleviation, often championed by the Western Media. But their encroachment in to the social spectrum of Bangladesh has been overlooked for long.

The globalist agenda of spreading liberalism and pluralism, and subsequently neo-Nazism by means of NGO is a tested process. The latest test case is the Maidan revolution of Ukraine. There mode of action is similar for all developing countries and the moment of triggering coincides with the possibility of the countries under question being drifted away from unipolar global order.

Since the independence of Bangladesh in 1971, the NGOs have made presence in the country, and actively participated in restructuring the war torn country’s economy. Their presence is seen from rural banking (micro credit), health care, education and even social engineering. They spread their net of activities in to the remotest corners of the country, even before a strong NGO regulating organization from the government was formed. Even after the formation of such authority, many NGOs, with active blessings from Western Governments have gone beyond Bangladesh’s regulation. 

The ethno-religious harmony and identity is being systematically encroached upon, diluted and vilified by some activists, who are either associated with Western government NGOs, or backed by the NGOs through means of legal and/or financial incentives. Often these activists, when felt stigmatized, flee Bangladesh and take permanent asylum in some Western Countries. From there, by means of online propaganda machines, they keep their vilifying movement of Bangladesh’s ethno-religious identity and harmony active, and motivate potential activists in to their path. In the name of free speech, they are tirelessly propagating hate speech, demonizing the traditionally practiced peaceful religious customs with propaganda, targeting the youth of Bangladesh. This dangerous precedence is pitting the countrymen in terms of religious belief against each other, paving the way for the ever evolving “divide and rule” policy of the unipolar globalist empire.

The educational activities conducted to spread education to marginalized and/or rural people of Bangladesh are often unregulated. The study materials distributed by the NGOs are not scrutinized properly, thus preparing a strong base for substituting the unique social identity of Bangladesh with a liberal, neo-fascist/neo Nazi society, thus cementing Bangladesh’s support for the globalist unipolarity when it’s convenient. 

The so-called pro-feminist NGOs have targeted the entire womenfolk of Bangladesh, in the name of giving greater freedom to them; have objectionably attacked the custom of family hood in Bangladesh.  They are actively and tirelessly, with the support of international globalist circuit, encouraging the womenfolk of Bangladesh to become objectified, thus creating a dangerous stereotype for the society. Those NGOs, by means of their loyal activists have even gone far by aggressively criticizing those womenfolk, who refused to submit to the stereotype preached by the NGOs. The reason of loosening of family bonding in an otherwise family friendly society can directly be pointed to those so-called feminist NGOs.  

The globalist network is even covertly sponsoring the NGOs to infiltrate and dilute the values of Bangladeshi people by some specific norms which are highly confrontational in nature with Bangladeshi customs. They are even exerting pressure on the government to accept those norms, a portrayal of typical liberal imperialism. 


The overall attack on the unique ethno-religious identity of Bangladesh, where many religions and ethnic groups co-existed through several centuries in harmony, is simply the formulation of ever evolving “divide and rule” by the unipolar globalist empire in order to disintegrate a harmonic society in a systematic manner. And in this mission, they have found a loyal foot soldier in the NGOs.