Nigel Farage: George Soros and Real International Political Collusion


In November 2017, politician, EU-parliamentarian, and former chairman of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) Nigel Farage held a speech against George Soros in the European Parliament, emphasising that Soros’s recent “donation” to the ‘Open Society Foundation’ of 18 billion dollars was not subject to a legal investigation. “This is real international political collusion”, - the politician emphasised, having called Soros’s influence on Brussels “extraordinary”. He particularly called for the creation of a special committee to investigate this issue. 

Farage explained his opinions of the Soros case in an interview for the Hungarian publication Magyar Hirlap after he had described his vision of Brexit’s chances and the future of Europe.

A nominal Brexit 

According to Farage, the Brexit situation is being dragged out and going very slowly; there is no clear image of the situation nor courage. According to the formal plan, Great Britain’s exit is planned for the 29th of March 2019. 

Extremely unlikely to deliver the sort of Brexit people voted for. It’s because of a weak government, it’s because of an establishment that still wants to be part of the European Union, and a Prime Minister that simply doesn’t believe in what she’s doing»
«Hopefully, we’ll leave on March the 29th next year, – Farage added, -  but it looks like, at best, we’re going to get Brexit in name only at this stage. So there are a lot more battles to be fought.

According to the politician, the current EU leadership will not put Britain, a British company, or British employee first. This would not be useful to the European establishment in any case: a “soft exit” on good terms might become attractive to other countries. 

May is now negotiating with the EU leadership about the “deal’s” conditions. “I say that no deal is better than a bad deal. The idea that without a deal you can’t trade, it’s rubbish! China and America trade with the whole of Europe without any trade deals at all other than the basic , and actually rather good rules of the World Trade Organization”, - Farage emphasised. He mentioned that the subject of the referendum was not economic prognoses, but about becoming an independent, sovereign country. 

Europe and the “right-wing” version of communism: it is impossible to be a democratic state and a member of the European Union at the same time 

Thus, Brussels will resist a “soft Brexit”, Farage says. “Merkel, Macron, Juncker, Verhofstadt – they’re all saying the same thing. They want the United States of Europe, a unitary Europe, not even a federal Europe. In a federal Europe”. He added, that in a federal Europe countries would at least have economic freedom on various elements of taxation.

What is more, Farage added that modern Europe resembles the ‘Brezhnev doctrine’ in a certain way. 

«EU Chief Negotiator Barney has said to me, “This is not a federal Europe. It’s a unified Europe.” I call that a unitary, a centralised Europe. I call that a centralized Europe. And in some ways, it’s just, a slightly more Right-wing version of Communism. The Brezhnev doctrine, after the Prague Spring, of limited sovereignty – this is Europe today. You can argue it’s a good thing. You can argue it’s a bad thing. But please don’t tell me either that it’s not happening or that you can change it – you can’t!. You can stand against it. To some extent, that’s what Mr. Orbán is doing, and the Poles are doing, and the Romanians are doing. But they will not give an inch. They’re bigger than you, and they’re stronger than you. I think at some point, your debate about your future will begin to resemble our debate. It’s a fact: you cannot be a self-governing, independent democratic nation and a member of this European Union».

The future of Europe 

Farage also gave his opinion on the German elections. According to him, big changes are possible. «Traditional socialist parties have been wiped out all over Europe. It’s why Macron had to invent something new. Schulz and Merkel are in big trouble. The AfD have completely changed the electoral landscape in Germany. And that’s part of what is happening everywhere».

And still, according to Farage Europe needs “some kind of joint structure, some logical trade rules, several common standards”. “But all of that can be done through a Council of Europe. The EU is a project that pretends to be about cooperation, but actually is about the assimilation”. 

In its current state the EU has not managed to deal with the migrant crisis, Farage emphasised, and terrorists are “a direct result of bad policy”.  

What is more, Farage noted, that the majority of Germany and France would agree with the harsh anti-immigrant position of the Visegrad Four (Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia). 

Soros as an enemy of Christians 

After his speech against Soros, Farage is being called nothing but an “anti-Semite”. “I’m an anti-Semite now, because I criticized Soros. I’ve been called everything over the last twenty years, I’ve never been called that until I attacked Soros”. 

Farage emphasised, that Soros’s activities are cause for great concern: his last financial injection (Open Society has already had $15 billion channeled into it, and it’s promised another $18 billion) eloquently speaks of his ambitious plans. 

«We’ve never, ever in the world of politics, seen a political pressure campaigning group with this kind of money. They’ve got more money than most governments have got. From what I can see, Soros wants to break down the nation-state, he wants to break down the family unit, he wants to break down all of the norms that we attribute to Western society. I think it’s a very dangerous thing»

According to Farage, the majority does not even understand the influence of Sorosite cells and the amount of money used for his goals. 
Earlier, the so-called ‘Soros list’ of the European Parliament  came to light. This once again drew attention to the declassified external information archive of the ‘Open Society Foundation’ that was published in August 2016 by hackers from DC Leaks. Farage mentioned, that there are no less than 226 of Soros’s friends in the European Parliament. Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban, who is trying to end the banker’s destructive networks in his country, has several days ago called upon the Hungarian security services to evaluate the non-profits that constitute the “Soros empire”. 

“Soros is a real issue, not just for Hungary. The nation-state and the Judeo-Christian culture has a major enemy in Soros”, - Farage concluded. 

Translated by V.A.V. 

Source: Magyar Hirlap