No to NATO, the enemy of Ataturk and Turkey

Youth Union of Turkey against NATO
Youth Union of Turkey against NATO

Cem DİKMEN, Chairman Youth Union of Turkey

As everybody knows, our revolutionist leader, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan were specified as enemies and were targeted in the exercise “Trident Javelin” which was done by NATO in Norway in 16 November. In the simulation of this exercise Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was in the biographies of the enemy leaders.

Some people say that this is a scandal and the others say that this is an isolated event. We as Turkish youth are expressing that this is ignominy.

This event is explicitly a hostile activity. However, we are not surprised at this attack. We know that it did not happen at the first time. Turkey has been the member since it affiliated to NATO in 1952. We face with the same organization as the centre of unsolved murders, bloody coups and activities against Turkish military. The name of this organization is North Atlantic Terrorist Organization. In other words, it is NATO!

One of the biggest attacks of NATO and USA was July 15 traitor coup attempt in recent history. The planes that bombed Grand National Assembly of Turkey refueled in Incirlik Military Base which is utilized by NATO and USA. Some of the military officers who were the member of FETO attended the official meeting of NATO after the coup attempt failed so it shows us who supported the coup attempt.

NATO means American guns that are fired to Turkish soldiers. NATO means to wipe off Ataturk, to collapse republic.

NATO means the trucks full of weapons given to PKK.

NATO means the killer of oppressed nations and innocent people all over the whole world.


It is impossible to remain in NATO after all these things with regards to the future of unity and integrity of our homeland and republic.

In our country and beyond our borders, Turkish military oppressed PKK which is supported by NATO and USA.

On 15 July Turkish Military, with Turkish people, destroyed Fethullah Terrorist Organization that USA brought up.

Turkish military is struggling with the countries in the region against Puppet Kurdistan Plan of NATO
and USA in our area.

On the basis of this data, we intrepidly determined that Turkish Military left NATO with its actions! It is time to save Turkey from NATO. Insisting on NATO will cause heavy price when Turkey with its all power and organizations are fighting against USA. The primary demand of Turkish people, Turkish youth and Turkish soldiers who are struggling at the risk of their lives is to make amends for the hostility to Turkey. The whole military bases of NATO and USA in our country, particularly Incirlik that is home to terror, must be seized and later must be delivered to Turkish military!


We have been carrying out activities as part of “No to NATO Week” in 65 cities and above 150 campuses since the first day of the week. From Batman to Mugla, from Edirne to Adana it is explicit that Turkish youth is united in the quit from NATO. We have completed “No to NATO Week” by declaring our determination in front of Ankara University, Cebeci Campus.

We as Youth Union of Turkey are shouting that Republic of Turkey will live forever. On the other
hand, NATO that attacks to Ataturk and Turkey will burn to ground!