Nonblue UK

The parties that have won the UK general elections have lost it. The ones that lost – now triumph.

The parties that have won the UK general elections have lost it. The ones that lost – now triumph.

Looking at the map of the final House of Commons election results in Scotland I felt Déjà vu mixed with the impression of flying at a small height. Just a few days ago I crossed this country from the East to the West and from the South to the North and I could not get away from the omnipresent (especially in the agricultural districts like Borders, Perth and Dundee and Aberdeenshire) expression of blue. Colour of the Tories, now also visible on every television chart.

"Conservatives" formally won the election, but we are to remember that it has to be a historical victory with (according to the polls the biggest ever-ever advantage in the Westminster (even 100 or at least 80 seats). In fact the Tories lost their majority and it is just question of time when we see the change of the Prime Minister. It has to be the strengthening position of the UK ahead of the Brussels talks on BREXIT – but became... the weakening.  Instead of being new Mrs. Thatcher - Teresa May pushed her own party in the further factional competition expected not only so far between the opponents and supporters of the BREXIT, but also in the ranks of the “Softies” and the “Hardies” about how to leave.

In general, the elections in the UK were not so much the competition between the parties as inside them. Last several weeks, it seems that the main theme of the campaign is not who will be the next Prime Minister – but if Jeremy Corbyn remained at the head of the Labour Party. Some could think that whole election was announced just for the Laborers' decomposition and the repetition of the Continental (especially French) scenario with forming a new liberal group, on a base of a post-Blairits on the “Left”. And then became a miracle. The old socialist and anti-imperialist, at the expense of the strength of his message, but without the betrayal of basic principals and based on the left-wing electoral platform – saved the Labour and missed the Downing Street 10 just by only about 2,300 votes. And – what is the most important think, position of the Prime Minister is still reachable by Mr Corbyn because of the troubles of a formally successful party. If not now – maybe in a year. And one more positive – as a leader of the Her Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition Jeremy Corbyn is able to be still enough radical to criticise e.g. War hawks in the Brittish Government. As a part (nominally – head) of it, Labour leader would not feel so comfortable. Just be realistic, the Western system does not allow any real change so strong and as much honest as possible opposition is all we can count on.

So, we will have “Conservative”-Unionist Government in the UK. Very good! It will be weak, unstable and internally disturbed, especially because of my favourite Scotland. And again, formally, the Scottish National Party remains the largest party in the North, reaching 35 of the 59 Scottish seats in the Westminster, and is still the third party in the whole UK but losing 21 places, including SNP legend Alex Salmond and the Depute Leader Angus Roberston. First Minister of Scotland and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is to answer what went wrong. And do it diligently if do not intend to withdraw from the call for a second referendum on independence, probably in the spring of 2019. After my Scottish pilgrimage - I have straight and simple answer. SNP, the urban intelligentsia and the lower middle class Party - did not fully understand and appreciate how big is the determination of the UK farmers (on both sides of Tweed River) to leave the Common Market, including the extent of the Common Agricultural Policy. I saw that on the Aberdeenshire pasture, it was blue in the fields of Perth and Kinross, from the banners of Tory, with the single slogan "Stop Indyref2" - that is for BREXIT. Well, apart of all it is a little bit fun because the "Scottish" "Conservatives" represent the "soft" option, so they demand from London ... to keep the UK in the Common Market. And that is not all. Head of local Tories, Ruth Davidson, a nasty asexual batch woman - has already sent to the London fake Thatcher (scaring to isolate her part of the Party from the main organisation) other demands as backing "ensuring the protection of the rights of same-sex marriages in Northern Ireland". Well, it is nothing unusual, modern Tories are very pro-gay. But problem makes that the only possible Theresa May's coalition partner - Arlene Foster, leader of the Democratic Unionist Party held the position of the "hard" BREXIT and against gay marriage. And that means that in the event of any government crisis on the one side we will have 10 DUP MPs - but on the other - 12 "Scottish" Tories, demanding something exactly the opposite of their Ulster allies. Under such circumstances, UK simply can not be ruled effectively.

That is why the UK election results are enjoyable. Every instability in the UK weakens the position of the closest vassal US, distracts its attention, forces it to focus on details, relations with Europe, the interests of farmers, and faction games etc. Also very good results of Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland and Plaid Cymru in Wales leave open questions about the struggle to unite the neighbouring great island and the sovereignty of St. David's Land. As well, what I find quite satisfying, even the awkwardly now blue Scotland - will not stop causing London troubles. Before, of course, in the end will not become independent.

So - see ye efter.