Mankind lives in a world of conflict. Conflict of interests, conflict of ideas, conflict of values, conflict of minds, which in general leads to conflict, which we call war and falsehood. The war of truth and falsehood takes the form of a war of interests, a war of ideas, a war of values, and especially ignorance. If the essence of life in this world is struggle, then it is without a doubt a struggle between truth and falsehood. Throughout history, many wars have taken place and will continue to do so. However, not all wars are for the sake of justice. Therefore, taking a position on the right path requires great logic and wisdom. When war is justified by moral values ​​and it has a strong logic, it cannot be invasive or usurious. Because the logic and wisdom of the truth do not allow war to be aggressive. A real war can be a war that destroys falsehood on all fronts through truth. A war between peoples, a war between nations is a battle between the minds, but the destruction of people does not kill ideas and truth. Ideas can be destroyed only through ideas.

In today's world, which is called the information society, the issue of information warfare is constantly raised. Countries and groups are trying to avoid losing the information war. But the main concern is what values ​​the political forces are fighting against. They raise the issue of information warfare, but what is the purpose of their war? Most of the political elites of individual countries are trying not to lose the information war. Their main goal is not to protect any values ​​and truths, but to protect power and stay in power. The use of information warfare is to use time to one's advantage, otherwise it makes no sense to stay in power.

The weapon of information warfare is information that is used against the opponent and through the media to capture public opinion. On the surface, the issue is simple and is the daily work of the media. Not every political force involved in the information struggle can win. Victory can be achieved by artificial means, but it is not sustainable. The winner of the information war is the force that is on the right front. There is no other option. Some forces are in a position of falsehood, but they cover themselves with the truth, because falsehood cannot exist by itself.

In today's world, humanity lives in the world of information. People are stuck in an information quagmire and do not know exactly what information is true. As information providers are based on ambition and interest, the accuracy of information is not the only way to achieve goals. True and false information are used in combination to achieve a goal. In this case, people are trapped in the information monopoly and do not have accurate information about world events. They understand the issue in the same way that they were informed. In this way, “artificial truths” are formed, the main mission of which is to mislead people. Mankind is deviating from the path of truth.

There have been few people in the history of mankind who have tried to establish the truth. They sought to make humanity aware of the reality of existence, life and the purpose of man's creation, and to enter and abide in the path of truth. The question arises as to why Moses had a problem with Pharaoh, Jesus Christ had a problem with Caesar Rome, and Muhammad had a problem with the polytheists of his time. The war of these prophets and other monotheistic prophets was to protect the truth and rule it. They had no personal motives. The life of the prophets was an irreconcilable struggle of truth against falsehood. Even in the new conditions, although we do not see such a form of the problem, it is certain that the modern world is a battle of truth and falsehood.

The information war is undoubtedly a war between truth and falsehood. It is a war of the mind, noomahiya. If in the post-industrial society the information struggles have intensified, noomahiya has existed in the form of truth and falsehood from the past. Each country and individual forces struggles with a specific logic, and so do their rivals, but the key question is which force is on the right side.

In the current condition, there is an information war between states and in the form of a separate state between the government and the opposition. By all means, they try to discredit the opponent by various means and show their superiority. There are different methods of influencing public opinion. Groups use these methods to justify themselves and to mislead their opponents. When public opinion is overwhelmed by misinformation, the truth is hidden. This practice is common in modern conditions. The political elites of countries use manipulative means to prolong their rule in order to stay in power, even if they are not in the right position. But falsehood does not last long, sooner or later it will be revealed, because the divine imbalance will make everything clear.

In some countries, the struggle between the opposition and the government is defined by the front of truth and falsehood. Of course, each of them is fighting for power at first glance, but beyond that we see it as a struggle between truth and falsehood. Depending on the logic, the position, the values, the opposition and the government are in a position of right and wrong. Physically destroying an opponent and imprisoning an opponent is a restriction on the truth, because man is the bearer of the truth.

A large number of media outlets and experts will be involved to find a special place in the information war. They try to make everything right and everything wrong. Their main goal is to protect their position and interests. The purpose of the means is to justify, to strengthen the higher thought. But this is a veil of truth.

If the political forces that monopolize the world media and use it to inform the world are right, then what is said in the media is true. Because there is no alternative to such media in the world, and any accurate information is considered misinformation, because it is a rebellion against the murder of the truth.

“Brain control” is implemented through the media, and it is a space for the struggle between truth and falsehood. When brains are usurped by false information, it means that people are under falsehood. In this case, the truth is imprisoned or executed. The modern world is, in a sense, the execution of the truth and the dictatorship of falsehood.

In international relations, according to the realist paradigm, the participants in international relations are considered as states, and now, from the paradigm of truth and falsehood, states as participants in international relations must take a position of truth and falsehood and fight for their values. In geopolitical relations, if the state conquers the whole world, but cannot gain the trust of humanity, it is necessary to once again seize the brains. This is why soil invasion is less important than brain capture. Thus, the political force in the world that is moving in the right direction is successful, and society is following them. The truth is lost by the believer.

The history of the world is the history of the war of truth and falsehood. Wars begin only when the power of truth is lost. Truth and falsehood are mixed together, and society is unable to make a correct diagnosis in order to find the truth. Provocation pervades society. The right eye becomes blind and inevitably tends to use force. But the end of any war is the truth, if the forces can grasp the truth.

The rules of truth and falsehood also prevail on the world stage. Most often, a strong state is justified because it has the ability to influence. But a strong state is not one with the phenomenon of truth. The truth is greater than any powerful state. A strong state needs to adapt itself to the framework of truth, not to conform the truth to its own standards. In the new era, this rule prevails, reconciling the truth with its own interests and ambitions, which is purely false. Man is essentially a measure of the truth and has the consciousness to recognize the truth because he realizes his wrongdoing.

Noomahiya is manifested as a war of truth and falsehood in the form of a “war of sciences”. In the new conditions, a large number of sciences are taught. Their main goal should be to find the truth, but modern science in its highest sense cannot be the truth. Because “modern science” is a means of covering up the truth. When science takes a stand against the truth, it means that it is ilhad and vanity. In this case, ignorance is a “battle of the sciences”. Modern science, which does not study the creation of the universe and man, is undoubtedly blasphemous. Unbelief is the concealment of the truth. Secular doctrine distorts the truth. Once we realize that the “ruling science” in the world is disbelief, then noomahiya exists in the form of a war between the true science(haq) and the false science(ilhad).

The growing influence of "soft power" in the world shows that the conquest of the minds and beliefs of mankind is dominated by logic and information. That is why humanity will one day gain the trust of the world's elites, if their methods and actions are right. Countries are trying to align their actions with the right path, as they lose the trust of the people and their legitimacy diminishes. In big politics, countries take a place in the bloc of truth and the bloc of falsehood, and become the subject of global war. When the truth comes, the falsehood disappears. Truth is the absolute winner.